This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED…

This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED…

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When 8th gen Intel Core launched, the need for a new chipset was in doubt from the outset. ONDA certainly doubted it… But did they stop to ask if they should?

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75 Responses

  1. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    “DDR3 is for peasants” – Intel

  2. Cohesive Hesive says:

    I have a 7700k running with ddr3 and its just fine

  3. Andrew Hunt says:

    I’m not too surprised. Chinese manufacturers made a gaming motherboard that uses Socket G34 (AMD Opteron server CPUs).

  4. Robbin Milatz says:

    Because we need Chinese Motherboard manufacturers to tell us that Intel lies to us.

  5. SkyeX26 says:

    More Anthony videos please.

  6. d1zguy says:

    Your buddy there should do more tests and reviews on his own. He knows his stuff and has a great voice for it for example he also knows plugging in the hdmi cable in the right spot.

    • ToolofSociety says:

      +Benjamin Smith I don’t care about his other videos. I was only interested in this motherboard and he completely sucked at inspecting it or even talking about it.

      Anyone with a passing familiarity on this subject already knew that it was possible. What you call “irrelevant” is the whole reason I clicked to watch the video when Youtube suggested it.

      His other videos cover basic concepts and thanks to this video I know to not waste my time with them.

      EDIT : If you enjoy this then all the power to you. I am just lamenting the wasted opportunities in this video.

      The first impression of Linus for me was obviously less than stellar. I’m sure he doesn’t care and he’ll still rake in his fat stack$ regardless.

    • Mike Wilson says:

      Big Matt Damon is why I watch this channel.

    • WhiteHawk says:

      ToolofSociety he has his place I suppose, but he is totally over rated and can be very ignorant, this is the first I’ve watch for a while because of that.

    • Alex Frost says:

      +ToolofSociety I would not agree that you only need a “passing familiarity” on this subject to know this was possible.

  7. shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle? says:

    Every time Linus stabs a screen with his fingers I die a little inside

  8. Brett Prior says:

    The DDR3 isn’t what’s limiting your scores there, think the proof is in the 1333-1866 pudding.. that jump shows a tangible variance when applicable, this is not one of those moments, and its something else entirely that is “applicable” here… DDR3 is actually quite capable, dropping off where DDR4 starts, and overclocking into the mid range of DDR4 with a decent set. With it being priced exponentially lesser than DDR4, it isn’t at all a bad thing, unless your a twat of course. Furthermore, the entire reasoning intel gave in regards to the chipset/motherboard limitation on 9th gen, etc… was voltage delivery, and phases of. With the new CPU having more dedicated and utilized delivery pins. HOWEVER, it has already been HEAVILY debunked via numerous sources, namely that chap Steve over at GN often references… forget his name, think he uses a number in it, because that’s neat. ehhh…. Anyway, he went on to tape off the new phases of V-in on the CPU, limiting it phase by phase, I think until it was literally down to one phase. Oh, and it was overclocked to 5Ghz the entire time, with 100% load. So intel going on to say it REQUIRES these new phases to function, is very much so a lie. There is no limitation other than that of a sales one.

  9. Bryan A. says:

    Linus is here pulling computer parts out of thin air and i’m still here with my crappy laptop.

  10. PureBanshee says:

    Wait is he really getting mad at 50 bucks?

    • Esuerre says:

      +youtubasoarus I love Linus but he’s a bit weird about money/prices/worth sometimes.

    • Number Two says:

      I think he got mad because it’s from China.

    • RWoody1995 says:

      +Esuerre it’s not weird he said it right in the video the reason he thinks its not a great deal is that you lose half the features of boards that cost 10 or 20 more… it’s not about not being as good as the 300 dollar board that’s just a test bench, its about what that board competes with…

    • Joe no says:

      I’m sure Linus hasn’t had to buy much normal computer hardware in awhile so he’s probably very behind on the market. Motherboards have gotten a lot more expensive in the last few years especially.

  11. Fa11 says:

    Intel Intel
    Yes papa?
    Misinforming consumers?
    No papa!
    Telling lies?
    No papa!
    Use the Chinese Motherboard.
    Ha ha ha!

  12. Hiago Abreu says:

    I just fukken love these weird Chinese hardware videos. It’s nothing short of magic how the hell these things work.

  13. Noah Ferrari says:

    More weird Chinese tech, this is like crack to me.

    • Ghost Scope says:

      Yea I love experimental shit

    • Paris qian sen says:

      Aliexpress have become the source of inspirations

    • Von says:

      crack is like crack to me.

    • Fuert Neigt says:

      The US government is making up lies that Chinese phone companies have spychips and banned its sale in North America, yet they refuse to provide proof that the phones have spy chips secretly built in them, meanwhile, wikileaks provided proof that the US was spying on its citizens illegally and spied on allied countries illegally, and recently a US Marine was caught spying in Russia, but you don’t hear any of that on the front page of the news everyday.

  14. Just Pelé says:

    Cool, something I can buy to recycle my 16GB DDR3 DIMMs. Looks like a great board for my HTPC.

  15. Rod Munch says:

    I went from a 3930k (6-core) to a 7700k (4-core) like a couple of years ago, and I hated it. While the 7700k had faster single core performance and really helped with VR stuff, I hated losing those 2 cores because my desktop experience just felt sluggish. It wasn’t much, but when you get a new processor after almost 5-years you expect an upgrade, and at best it was a lateral move. So once the 8700k was announced, I was there, the same single core performance as the 7700k, but with 6 cores. So anywho I have this nice, nearly new top of the line 270x motherboard only to have the $@@# at Intel say that’s not good enough, I need the 370x motherboard, you know, cause… Well I sold off the old stuff, bought the new stuff, only ended up costing me about $100 to upgrade, but still I was really annoyed. Anywho I always knew it was BS, and I’ve openly rooted for AMD to release something so the next time I upgrade I don’t have to go with Intel. Now AMD is on the verge of doing that and I can’t wait to not buy Intel, hopefully AMD will keep it up since I’d love to never buy another Intel product again.

    • Richard Griffiths says:

      You can modify the Z270 bios and bridge two CPU contacts on the 8th/9th gen chips with pencil or conductive ink – Z170/270 are more than capable of running 8th/9th gen, they have excellent power delivery. Intel are carpet-bagging.

    • The Schwarsztz says:

      I had a similar experience when I finally upgraded from an i7 920 to the 6600k and those were fake cores.

    • Richard Griffiths says:

      oh and I’m still on my E5-1650, which is a 3930k with ECC and VTx support, I’ve got a mild overclock of 4.2ghz and it’s still more than enough for my needs – including gaming with a GTX 1070. I may consider making the move to AMD if there is a substantial enough increase in IPC and if the 12 core on AM4 is for real.

    • Ray R says:

      Go look at

      Not only does Intel lie, you can basically get rid of 70 pins and the damned things will still work just fine
      I use a Ryzen 5 1600 and I’m perfectly happy with it. And when 3rd gen Ryzen comes out I can still use my B350 board with it no problem

  16. 翼王 says:

    The limitation is not DDR3, 8700K on this board is limited by power (up to 65W maby). 6C cpu can’t get full turbo boost on it , you need XTU to remove that limitation (newer bios may also works). If you put an 8100 on it, the performance will be very very close .

  17. DeSinc says:

    your initial test was running on a mobo with factory overclocks. for comparison an all core 5Ghz overclock will get about 1650. it was performing quite normally in the $50 mobo

  18. shank says:

    You know someone’s getting exposed when Anthony walks in

  19. Webbie says:

    linus complains he spent 50 dollars on a motherboard in a video he knows will pay for that cost 50x over.

    • Exiled Enemy says:

      Average is around $100 per 1000 views for a “premium partner” like Linus. He’s already around a million views, so this video alone could have generated UP TO $100,000 (assuming people watched the ads etc). So that’s more like 2000x the price of the board

    • Steven Baker says:

      +Exiled Enemy Really they get about $0.10/view? Show me

    • Angry Barbarian -Clash of Clans and Clash Royale says:

      +Steven Baker They have sponsorship deals as well. Big YTers earn more than you think

    • Ángel Gaytan says:

      Linus need buy another 8k camera :C so he cut the expenses

  20. Alex says:

    Intel wants to know your location.

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