This clip made me look like I was hacking… #shorts

This clip made me look like I was hacking… #shorts

did this clip look like I was hacking?!
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23 Responses

  1. Tyler Vanheck says:

    “What was that mark?”🤔

  2. Driver-1000 says:

    I was mesmerized by the the gun it looks like it has borderlands graphics

  3. SSJ Eleven says:

    He didn’t miss a single shot…

  4. phengooo says:

    Sometimes you do be like “Wait I just did that, I got that kill.”

  5. Booby Egg says:

    Alternate title: sometimes you get kills that reveal your hacks

  6. Nick. says:

    Lol, one time in Cold War I had my sniper in killed like 4 people far away from each other. It turned out being the best play, a guy said on my team, “This mans a hacker, he got aimbot.” I died laughing 😂

  7. Johnson says:

    I like how his friend saids what was that mark 🤣

  8. ZippY says:

    This is just basic tracking it wasn’t an insane flick shot to his head with a sniper and you shot him across the map, it’s sad what people call hacking nowadays

  9. Alex Honicutt says:

    This is not close to be called “oh my god im so good I look like I’m hacking” just regular shooting

  10. Bob Bob the Simp Hunter says:

    Saying “I looked like I was hacking” makes the scene way less cool looking

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