This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?

This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?

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Mighty Mug –

The Mighty mug uses some interesting tech to sit still even when knocked from the side.

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20 Responses

  1. BMoney8600 says:

    Dude use force. In the video where the guy revealed these mugs a woman
    knocked right over.

  2. richcampoverde says:

    pointless long intro saying whats up guys and hehaving like a general
    retard you deserve no fans you didnt even hit the glass you showed nothing
    apart from your own stupidity

  3. MawiFPS says:

    every time I knock over a glass, I smack it hard. this Shit won’t work in
    everyday life

  4. drdoodleloops //adub says:


  5. TheMasterpiecePD says:

    You’re not funny or charistmatic, stop trying to pretend to be either. Just
    show us the fucking mug and shut your stupid fucking mouth

  6. Teo Phillips says:

    I don’t get this video you act crazy when you nudge a mug but in a case
    where you’re not at a desk it wouldn’t be any better than some other mug

  7. rik0904 says:

    you slap like 3 year kid

  8. yingda wang says:

    Its a cup with a rubber oval bottom that acts like a suction cup and a
    pivot on the top to make it more elastic to torque. Period
    Its science, not magic.
    Now stop acting like a hobo who never attend college and start thinking
    with your head instead of your rear.

  9. The Owlborn says:

    slap it like a fucking man, i can breathe harder than that

  10. Cosmo TheChemist says:

    i hate this dude wtf is this cringy bullshit

  11. L says:

    Unspillable? Try pouring more liquid than it can hold.

  12. Seismik Riley says:

    Overreacting a little bit bud

  13. Samuel Renteria says:

    It was like when the cave men discovered fire.

  14. Fergal O'Neill says:

    bet you any money i could put that fucker on the ground :)

  15. FUTEZOEIRA says:

    Why this video was in my recommendations? This video sucks..

  16. Nonnof Yobiznes says:

    You’ve become a master of clickbaits son of gun. Get to the point because
    you’re getting boring AF too.

  17. Eduardo Carmona says:

    We need this at restaurants ….sincerely your waiter

  18. Manny Ramirez says:

    thats dope
    coke on america ✌

  19. NextInLine008 says:

    Why wouldn’t Brock Lesnar be able to knock the glass over?

    Missed the punch

  20. Ziad Kabbani says:

    I saw this mug a few months ago for the first time. I think Lou is kinds
    late. Also it barely take us any force to tip over, u could knock it down
    with ur arm without even trying