this CURSED Lego video will TRIGGER you

this CURSED Lego video will TRIGGER you

this CURSED Lego video will TRIGGER you…

In this video I show off 21 of the most Triggering lego things. Most of you LEGO fans can probably relate with many of these and if you do COMMENT down below the most triggering!

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Camera: Nikon d3300/iPhone13
Tripod: Magnus vt-300
Mic: hyper x quadcast
Editor: Final Cut Pro X

If your wondering what this is, its jumbled up keywords:

This is a LEGO Time-Lapse Speed Build showcase.Not LEGO Spider-Man Vs Doctor Octopus Bridge Battle No Way Home, Lego Spiderman, lego youtube shorts, lego Spiderman shorts, youtube shorts, LEGO Spiderman MOC, LEGO Spiderman 2, LEGO The amazing Spiderman vs rhino. A massive LEGO Star Wars Timelapse MOC is not the same thing. This is also not A LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion or a LEGO Avengers Stop Motion, or a LEGO Cobra Kai Fight Stop Motion. LEGO Tutorials are great but this is a Custom MOC Showcase from Cobra Kai and is not a custom showcase from LEGO Super Mario Custom Expansion Pass, Massive LEGO Star Wars Hoth MOC, Massive LEGO City MOC Timelapse or anything else, LEGO Spider-Man Vs Doctor Octopus Bridge Battle No Way Home, lego,lego moc,lego Spiderman into the spider verse,lego into the spider verse,Miles Morales VS Kingpin LEGO!,Lego Sam Rami Spiderman,LEGo Tom Holland Spiderman,LEGO Andrew Garfield Spiderman,LEGO Tobey Maguire Spiderman,LEGO Dok Ock,LEGO Kingping,Lego Miles Morales,LEGO Into the Spider Verse 2,LEGO Into the spider verse lego moc,Lego moc Spiderman into the spiderverse,Spider-Man into the SpiderVerse lego,LEGo Spiderman,LEGO Spiderman No Way Home,LEGO Batman, doctor strange and the multiverse of madness, lego spiderman the lizard, lego spiderman rhino, lego spiderman sandman, lego spiderman dr ock, lego spiderman kraven the hunter, lego spiderman kingpin, lego spiderman green goblin

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36 Responses

  1. SacredBricks says:

    Comment below which one is the most triggering in your opinion!! I see every comment.

    • Alexander Roguski says:

      Quick tip for separating tiles: turn a brick separator upside down, place the tip at the corner of the row of tiles with a slight angle to the brick separator, and run it along the row of tiles with a low pressure!

    • megnjk says:

      #16 5:54

    • Dani Villatoro says:

      ALL OF THEM!!!!!
      ITS SOO ANNOYING trying to find a Lego piece separating 1X2 stepping on Lego having Lego having when your 5 years old and expensive Legos on your side then realizing that you BROKE THEM ALL!!!!!!

    • Le Bulbizarre du Québec says:

      When you have a helmet or some piece that covers the head entirely and a head is stuck inside it takes years to get the head out

  2. Generic Stud says:

    Having to use the forbidden teeth technique to seperate plates is elite

  3. robo says:

    “how many builds do you want to sacrifice for this video?”
    SacredBricks: YES

  4. Cashmere The Doggie says:

    Let’s all appreciate what this guy has done for us

  5. TD BRICKS says:

    Sacred is a great youtuber to watch while eating

  6. Jensen Goodrich says:

    But one thing that triggered me the most when I used to play with legos I lost all of them now but I’m getting the backs slowly It’s when I took hours of my life building the millennium Falcon out of lego and then a 5 year old stepped on it and shattered all the pieces and I just gave up at that point worst day of my life

  7. boba sauce says:

    “Ever try to show your mom your lego build but it plummets to the ground taking it there?” Right off the bat it’s a super relatable thing. This is gonna be a great video!!!

  8. EGGO says:

    idk if it was intentional but at 7:56 the “and this and this and this” transitions beautifully into “and the skeletons” so it sounds the same, love it

  9. ULTA Edits says:

    Some of them felt so hard, like the one to show a build and let it fall.

    One that happened to me was when I was going to show builds like small vending machines (lever mechanism) and the moment when everyone was seeing it would just not work right for some reason

  10. Gringat The Repugnant says:

    I have a couple of tricks that help with a couple of these; if a minifig head is stuck, rotate it as you pull off. For the two small plates stuck together, attach two brick separators (one to the top studs and one to the bottom antistuds) and then squeeze the handles together.

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