This Diagram Explains Trump’s Response To Orlando

This Diagram Explains Trump’s Response To Orlando

Donald Trump used our latest national tragedy to score political points. But why? Stephen tries to connect the dots.

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20 Responses

  1. GingerGamingandStuff says:

    This was the best Trump diss I’ve ever seen!!

  2. Charles Surber says:

    Ya make light of the Islamic faith.ya because three hundred million extreme
    muslims is you know small potatoes.

  3. JayDozy says:

    cherry picking. literally showed the full tweet, but selectively qouted “i
    called it.

  4. jake yagami says:

    if trump wins we are gonna have another jfk assassination I CALLED IT

  5. Hartleyfan2 says:

    Aladdins a documentary,lol,wow,my childhood memory is different now,lol.

  6. Paul Allen says:

    Oh yes there are the expressions of compassion, the prayers, calls not to
    succumb to hate or fear, the condemning. Then comes another attack. Then
    another. In the end people are jaded, they don’t even bother, even to hate,
    they know it’s useless and a waste of time.

    I live in France. 10% of muslims. Yesterday a man who pledged allegiance to
    the islamic state broke into a home and murdered a man and a woman in front
    of their son. The little guy was found in what they call a “state of
    bewilderment”. It’s basically an instinctive survival process : the brain
    shut down, leaving the person speechless, even motionless.
    The weapon of the crimes : a knife. That’s it, a knife. Him too was known
    by the police, but left alone despite his dangerous ideas because, you
    know, human rights. They say attacks are planned here and in Belgium
    because this is ramadan fast, basically ISIS open season, and we are the

    So you have this celebrity. Trump. From here, for most of us he looks like
    a reality show buffoon. And yet he doesn’t want you to have +10% muslims.
    On the other side there is someone we know better, we know she has
    experience, but she has no intention of impeding miuslim immigration. So
    compationate, so politically correct. She reminds us of Angela Merkel.

  7. PrinceOfAsia says:

    That was brilliantly brutal but I have to disagree.
    I respect Colbert for his intelligence.
    But I also respect Trump for his honesty.
    How many more Americans have to die at the hands of Islam before the
    Liberals wake up?

  8. Mike Mcneill says:

    this guy is such a fag , still riding trumps nutts

  9. Polio Nine says:

    Why is Colbert still a host? Rich privileged White male.

  10. I am secretly a bar of soap says:

    See when a Muslim comes of age (13) they get hooked into the Muslim network
    where they can find out who is a terrorist, it’s a nice thing to not say
    who is though, it’s being a tattle tale, and they don’t like that.

  11. xXToXiC FuSiOnXx says:

    and a Failed Comedian

  12. dog bone says:

    I stand with Hitler.

  13. Brick Tamland says:

    i hope they upload a shorter clip of this because the first 4mins are kinda
    lame XD

  14. Waltham1892 says:

    “No lie or humbug can withstand the tide of laughter…”

    Mark Twain

  15. Crush the Street says:

    Hillary rigged the primary with election fraud, bought herself 500 super
    delegates, an army of online trolls to attack Bernie and Trump supporters,
    the FBI / DOJ to avoid an indictment, 90% of establishment media and NOW

  16. Haider Mir says:

    LMFAO this was amazing

  17. Raskolnikov says:

    From the video description “Donald Trump used our latest national tragedy
    to score political points.”

    Excuse me, but isn’t it always Obama and the lefties that try to score
    points with shootings? Fuck this propaganda. Late Night Leftist with
    Stephen Colbert.

  18. Kyle Vernon says:

    Is it bad to want a little more compassion from our president when a bad
    thing happens. Also and yes, all muslims. Muslim ideology from the middel
    east and africa, and sharia law is not compatable with western civilization
    and a temporary ban on all muslims from those countries until we have a
    better way to vet these people is much better than letting hundreds of
    thousands of them at a time. It is constitutional, and logical.

  19. Kri Kri says:

    I don’t admire Trump, but I loved his speech, so F*CK you, and F*CK Hillary

  20. David G says:

    Should we follow the great FDR Colbert fans? Ostensibly issued in the
    interest of national security, Proclamation No. 2537 permitted the arrest,
    detention and internment of enemy aliens who violated restricted areas,
    such as ports, water treatment plants or even areas prone to brush fires,
    for the duration of the war. A month later, a reluctant but resigned
    Roosevelt signed the War Department’s blanket Executive Order 9066, which
    authorized the physical removal of all Japanese Americans into internment