This food costs HOW MUCH? #shorts

This food costs HOW MUCH? #shorts

This guy memes. 🧑‍🍳

(source vid is by TikTok/@mitchthird )

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27 Responses

  1. Dan Rolf says:

    “That’s not salt bae, That’s Paprika bae” got me rollin🤣

  2. Flvffy_Sw3et says:

    “Dam this taste like steak!”

    Just buy ur normal steak and leave hon. 😔

  3. Matty says:

    Ray: That’s not Salt Bae!
    *That’s his counterpart, Sodium chloride infant!*

  4. UrGaeDad says:

    Legend says that salt is still falling from his hand.

  5. Aamodini says:

    I’d sign a life contract to working at Kermit’s tea shop.

  6. Mariam Dayang Taha says:

    “When you pay 31k to see salt bae”
    Ah yes I can totally relate to this. This happens to me everyday

  7. daily memes says:

    I really enjoyed paying my father $2 to do this such a great experience 😆

  8. Unicorn Frappuccino says:

    “Hired lookalikes-”
    Okay I’m done.

  9. Kai Jo says:

    What’s worse is that Saltbae is accused for underpaying his Chefs and Waiters while Overpricing his food. Absolute scammer

  10. CookingUpGaming says:

    As a chef, seeing this guy be successful is like seeing a kindergarten student teaching advanced art.

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