This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How He Did It)

This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How He Did It)

Danny decided to try to hide from his boss all day. There’s one catch: he had to be in plain sight the entire time. Can he do it?
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65 Responses

  1. Sam the Straight guy says:

    You are quite awesome channel.

  2. jammy boy says:

    2 uploads in 2 days wow

  3. rijk herweijer says:

    It looks so fun to work there

  4. Moises Ramirez says:

    Disguise LVL100

  5. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    Just don’t show up to work

  6. Chloe Rundle says:

    The title and thumbnail ??

  7. Jon Stamm says:

    This was one of my favorite videos we’ve ever made. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Did you guess where Danny was hiding before Jamie did?

  8. Anessa Wong says:

    Who loves Vat19?

  9. therobloxunicorn says:

    idk why but i clicked cuz there was a cute guy?

  10. PahLun says:

    Plot twist: The boss is Danny

  11. Thunder Chicken says:

    I’m commenting before I finish the vid and I think He is disguised as the camera man.

    Edit: I’m Wrong. But it still would be smart to disguise as the camera man

  12. WrecklessEating says:

    I’d hide from my boss but at some point I gotta look in a mirror 😛

  13. ACoolSephiroth RGMT says:

    Okay i notice those walking dead names in those carts, is it just me who noticed that?

  14. Lachlan Gaming says:

    Has anybody noticed that the carts in the warehouse are all named after a walking dead character

  15. Cow King says:

    3:33 _why did i agree to do this_

  16. X4nn Gaming says:

    Real life prop hunt where the seeker doesnt die

  17. Mohammad Ali says:

    2:18 Jamie had the intent to kill Danny

  18. Teeth Gaming says:

    I always watch their videos but I don’t buy anything cause it’s a bit expensive

  19. Minimum Cinnamon says:

    You should do hide and seek in the building and everybody has a go pro

  20. I Do Shout Outs For Free says:

    Basically we watch ads and enjoy it.
    This is beyond science.

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