This guy was dancing in my alley to nothing so I gave him a soundtrack.

This guy was dancing in my alley to nothing so I gave him a soundtrack.

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20 Responses

  1. Music Lover Peace Forever says:

    That’s so nice!!!

  2. R DULA says:

    Herowin is more like it!!

  3. Victor medina says:

    The struggle

  4. Yo Platano™ says:

    when you’ve had a good day catching Pokémon and right when you were gonna
    wrap it up because of a low battery you see and catch a mewtwo.

  5. мαнid ! says:

    This black man was shot by a white police officer.

    Reason for Death?… (Dancing)

  6. Please muthafucka says:

    Fair play to ya big lad, get it outa ya!

  7. Calvin S says:

    Give him a lifetime supply of soundtracks

  8. Ben H says:

    If you are emotionally fragile enough to let comments piss you off just
    don’t scroll down… or just realize that the people who leave the comments
    are not the deep thinkers whose words bare any weight.

  9. Yung Sav says:

    so y’all are watching this and crack head wasn’t your first thought?

  10. Glenda saavedra says:

    I read alittle what is wrong with half of you….Let him have fun he’s
    doing a damn good job.their is a lot of assholes on here.

  11. Allmyfrens areHeathens says:

    He can dance better than me..

  12. 5tay Tuned says:

    that move at :34 is something that cannot be taught gotta be born wit those
    type of moves

  13. J.I.G says:

    Ecstasy is an beutiful hell of a drug

  14. Inri osmani says:

    In b4 he goes to Ellen and gets a lifetime supply of soundtracks

  15. Hobo Bobo says:

    Someone can upload a video of a black person just sitting down at a
    restaurant eating dinner, and the comments will still turn into a racial

  16. Evan Michael Hardin says:

    Now that’s what I call making a glass of lemonade life gives you a lemon.

  17. Hiral Patel says:

    How i react on every Friday night after office…..

  18. stiimuli says:

    So that’s what Bill Cosby is doin these days.

  19. Nurin Qistina says:

    For some reason, this made me so happy :’)

  20. JasonTM _ says:

    He gets closer and closer to the road. That’s a suicide dance