This Homeless Man had ONE WISH.. And I Made it COME TRUE!!

This Homeless Man had ONE WISH.. And I Made it COME TRUE!!

This was amazing.
So my good friend Mike had one wish since I met him, and I had to make it come true for him. It was truly emotional.

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If you read this far down the description I love you

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57 Responses

  1. FaZe Rug says:

    I had to do this for Mike.. It’s all he ever wanted!! I’m so happy I was capable of doing this, this was one of the best days of my life!

  2. RUIZGONZALEZ13 says:

    Faze Rug should make a go-fund-me account for mike so he could get an little apartment!!💙💜❤💖💕💞🙏 LIKE SO FAZE COULD SEE THIS

    • Mohit Pandher says:

      I don’t think he wants to do that because fans say they wanna donate. Right after that they gonna say he is taking money for himself. As a YouTube you don’t want that. Not only that but Josh Paler Lin a YouTuber who once made a donation for a homeless man, it was found that he was stealing it. I know Rug wouldn’t but he would be accused of doing so

    • lol Sofie dossi fan lol Sofie dossi fan says:

      RUIZGONZALEZ13 yes

  3. Adrian Vital Vlogs says:

    Can l have 2 subscribers

  4. Esaul Arteaga says:

    i Love a mike vid

  5. craft ninja says:

    1like-for mike

  6. rafath chowdury says:

    Why doesn’t his daughter take him in

  7. Papi Champú says:

    Why doesn’t she get her father off the streets

  8. delfina Paris says:

    What I don’t really get is that , if he got a daughter that loves him why doesn’t he take him to live with her 🤷‍♀️

  9. Julian Ruiz says:

    She looks like a ninja turtle

  10. TheYeezy750Pizza says:

    I don’t get why you don’t try to search him a job, apartment and get him back on his feet so he can become independent. I do know it’s hard to live in San Diego and Cali but still at least try cos the zoos and hotel rooms don’t last forever

  11. Mamaofthreee says:

    You have a pure heart of gold rug, what about a go fund me so we can help you, help him. Enough people help he could easily get started in a cheap apartment or at least a long term stay at a hotel. 🙂 or possibly a used electric scooter since he’s been so sick to help him get around.

  12. Ravi _ says:

    Just got home in bed clicked on video then sleep afterwords 😊❤❤ love u rug bro

  13. Nathan Hoosier says:

    Why do you keep putting homeless Manning the title you know his name so stop putting homeless man put mike like if you agree

  14. bellabieber09 says:

    Brian, u got a heart of gold😭❤️

  15. WeirdGirlKeri says:


  16. Awak3n-_-VoLtz says:


  17. Maira Sanchez says:

    Yess 1 on trending💯💯💯😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Max Meiling says:

    Rug this is so Inspirational I want you to do more videos about this. I love you and I’m a try to do this do people love I subbed followed you on Twitter ,insta. I subbed and hit like button and have the bell on.

  19. Maira Sanchez says:

    I wanna buy merch😭😭😭😭but my parents don’t let me even tho if I have three hundred dollars

  20. Fatima Garcia says:

    Ur sooo kind ❤❤😭😭

  21. Tonya Eden says:

    Hi my name is Tonya Eden. You all mite have Hurd the last name Eden resintly. Because my husband is out innorman or cashion Oklahoma. Yes we’ve been apart for a year now,. And I miss him alot. He’s my life. We had a hard time here in New Hampshire and we went to Tennessee. I had to come back to New Hampshire for court then I wAs gonna meet up with him I. Norman . I was sending money to him and talken to my husband and 9ne day we had a shipment. And I haven’t Hurd from him. I do t onowifhes ok. Or not all’s Ido is cry.. I’ve been in and out of the hosp here doto my ❤️.ive had 2 heart attaches sence he’s been gone. I’ve lost ourson. He’s heart wasn’t stro genough. I can’t even tell him thateither. All’s I have is a female who keeps asking me and telling me mean this GS about my husband. Her name is either Marcy or Darcey hall. She says she’s a reporter?? I don’t now she has tryedto get me to send her money and she’d give me my house usbands address and we’re abouts. She told me she has been with my husband. And all’s I want to do is fine abletohearhesvoiceand toknowhes ok, I don’t know if any of uknow a guy who’s nickname is Indian. My husband was hangen with himalso and he was staying with a guychris and a nother guy they are younger then my husband they are in collage I guess and lieve in a trailer. My husband is veryskinnylong black hairwithflames onhes rt forarm and has the on hesletf hand in between he’s thum and pointy. He also has a bolt like lighting. On he’s left side of he’s kneck it’s allone color greenish black has skulls on the other arm . Please if any of uknowhimor see him please give him this number and tell him it’s he’s wife. 603 832 8947.thank you all God bless you all. TonyaEden

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