This Hurricane Is About To Go Nuts…

This Hurricane Is About To Go Nuts…

In this video we are talking about Hurricane Idalia and it’s upcoming rapid intensification.

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39 Responses

  1. Gabriel Chewy says:

    My wife is in the navy and is stationed in Pensacola Florida, I want to thank you for helping me to keep her informed and prepared!

  2. M Ramey says:

    My son and his crew were shipped out to Tampa Florida from southeast Tennessee this morning for the hurricane. They work for a tree trimming company and cut trees and limbs off of power lines. Please pray for their safety. My son has a little 2 year old daughter.

    • Karen Wheeler says:

      We will watch out for them , we send ours to places too, much respect for them always.

    • plz savethebeez says:

      They will cut quick and move inland no doubt! Praying for his safety! That’s hero work!

    • Chester Finecat says:

      Bet he sees a lot of Pileated Peckers trimming those trees and people say how lucky they are.

    • Marko Ponjavic says:

      Line clearance tree trimmer here too. Hope he’s safe there, I was in Florida for Irma in 2017 a lot can go badly if you aren’t careful so my thoughts and prayers for your son to leave as he went in one piece, safe and healthy.

    • Lynn Schantz says:

      Yes prayers to the tree trimmers and all of the linesmen restoring the electricity. Father god hear our prayers, keep all the citizens, first responders, tree trimmers, linesmen and all else in the hurricanes path safe and from harm, amen.

  3. Phyllis Baker Coffman says:

    Thank you so very much, Ryan ❤. Will everyone please pray for my dear friend, Sherrie, who lives at Crystal River ❤. Thank you so very much. Prayers for everyone in the path of Idalia ✝️🙏🏻❤️

  4. Erin B says:

    Cannot tell you how much I, and so many others, appreciate you, Ryan. I have family right in the direct path of this and they’ve evacuated because of your videos. Local Mets were still downplaying the possibility of this being such a big storm, but your video yesterday and warnings this could get worse spurred them to evacuate with all of their animals. Thank you, so much <3

  5. Amy Davis says:

    Life-saving Tips: If you are evacuating, drive carefully and have a couple different routes available (if possible) just in case there are accidents that you can’t go around. If you are NOT evacuating, but in the storm’s projected path – plan for the WORST possible scenerio, not the best. If you have horses (or other livestock) please don’t leave them inside a barn – turn them out if at all possible without them going onto the road and getting hit, or impeding traffic flow of other evacuees. There may come a time where you want to change your mind about staying, but it might be too late and you’ll need to shelter in place – remember that EMS services may not be available for medical emergencies during the worst of the storm. If floods push you into the attic – **take an axe or crowbar** up there with you for emergency exit **through** your roof. In either case, whether you stay or go, **turn off your gas** – if you need help, call your gas company or ask a neighbor. Any medications for you **or your pets** should be stored in a HIGH AND DRY place, but still accessible (in the dark). Have several flashlights available! Again, make any plans for the WORST case scenerio; not the best case. **DON’T BE SCARED; BE PREPARED!** We love you all, and pray for your safety! 🙏🏽💜

    • mtnrunner516 says:

      Hope for the best – prepare for the worst.

    • Chester Finecat says:

      Clean the bird nest out of your snorkel. Fill your floaties. Check the airboat. Keep your tinder dry.

    • Bella Drapeau says:

      yrs ago my aunt was in one flooding her house from basement to her first floor but her lost was minor she had totes with all she wanted to save she filled the totes them used heavy construction bags waited down with bricks and tied to a pipe when she got back those items were dryed and safe maybe it could help others to tote and bag and tie ?? hopefully all are safe

    • Manuel Roca says:

      Thank you!

    • Lorna perryman says:

      Thank you! Totally forgot about dog meds.

  6. The1_ Grammy says:

    Ryan, for a very young man, you are so very impressive and I can’t thank you and your team enough for keeping us weather aware.

    • Saul Speaks says:

      Is he a good meteorologist? Absolutely! But what makes him so dead-on accurate is that he uses all the systems available. Your local TV meteorologist is only allowed to use one, because their station is under a contract. If every meteorologist was allowed to use all of the available systems, most of them would be as accurate as Ryan 🤷‍♂️

    • Somebody says:

      How old is he?

  7. Disco J says:

    Thanks for mentioning that the hurricane is not just inside of the cone. So many people misunderstand the forecast cone and think they are safe because they are outside it.

    This is a major problem with hurricane reporting, since the cone is the most prominent image people see.

    And in case anyone reading this doesn’t know, the cone shows the most likely paths of the CENTER of the hurricane. Hurricanes are way larger, and sometimes unpredictable.

  8. Darnell W says:

    Currently on hurricane security relief deployment at Daytona, Fl. Surrounded by great people ready to help, everyone stay safe!

  9. Miles M says:

    Your livestream helped me with the Tornado in Little Rock. My house was hit by me, and my son were able to avoid being hit while in rush hour traffic by listening to you. You do great work; keep it up.

  10. April Milliner says:

    I am on the SW Coast of Florida and survived Ian with my 90 yr old mom, I was so Greatful to all weather updates. Thank you Ryan for all you do.

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