This is $1,000,000 in Food

This is $1,000,000 in Food

This video took months of planning and over $1,000,000. I genuinely hope you enjoy it 🙂

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60 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    This was one of the biggest and most impactful videos we have ever done and I’m very happy with it :))))))

  2. 1000 subs with no videos says:

    This guy is literally the opposite arrogant egotistical millionaire. Instead of flexing what he has, he helps out people in need. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this man’s work. Thank you Jimmy, you made us proud.

  3. Living Paint says:

    Morgz: *sweats profusely*

  4. 1000 subs before 2021 says:

    food shelter: “how much food did we get today?”

    food bank: “well..”

  5. Probroskillz_3213 says:

    “How much of a hero do you wanna be?”

    MrBeast: yes

  6. FlamingMasterHass17 says:

    Ok this is cool, but for real, where does he get his money from?

  7. Fo4m says:


    Coronavirus: we in the Mf endgame

  8. Kenneth kenly says:


    Mr beast: here just take this, we don’t need it.

  9. SauCiiX_RL says:

    Me: if only someone could feed the whole world
    Jimmy: *hold my chandler and my money*

  10. Llama Lord25 says:

    Scientists: “Money can’t buy happiness”

    MrBeast: *Bet.*

  11. Hot Dogs says:

    Homeless people: I don’t have an foo-
    Mrbeast: Respectfully shut up and eat, here’s a couple thousand dollars

  12. Jovfen says:

    Mr Beast: “We literally have a truck full of meat” and smiles

    everyone else: Hrmmmmmmm

  13. IDoDisney says:

    Humans: exist
    MrBeast: I’m about to help this mans whole careers

  14. SauCiiX_RL says:

    Jimmy: *spends 1M on food for people*
    Morgz: **Sweats profusely**

  15. 1 sub before 2025? says:

    Only OG’s remember:

    “Does Chris Moisturize?”

  16. Jawad Wardak says:

    Coronavirus happening….
    Everyone: Buys everything
    Jimmy: Gives every thing

  17. 5K Subscribers Challenge says:

    Everyone: *Panic Buying*

    MrBeast: *Panic Giving*

  18. 5K Subscribers Challenge says:

    *MrBeast doesn’t care about his money, he cares for everyone’s sakes*

  19. Tap ME!! And SEE MY SEXXY VIDEO!! says:

    The depressing day when Mr Beast dies, the world will corrode by 40%.

  20. Lilmazz126 says:

    Go to a hospital and pay for someone’s medical bills.

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