This is a phone.

This is a phone.

We all know what a phone looks like… or do we?
On 03.29.2017 #UnboxYourPhone

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20 Responses

  1. MC Xavi says:


    You never failed to amaze us!

    We’ll wait for Daddy S8.

  2. Shubham Machhi says:

    They’re making us wait too long

  3. Kyle Pineda says:

    Calling it, The S8 will be THE best smartphone of 2017.

  4. Chinese Riicee says:

    R.I.P Iphone

  5. rectro56 says:

    I have suddenly become rather excited

  6. Great personality u ever met in ur life says:

    29th March is way too long cmon i cant wait so hyped about s8 ..

  7. Can Konuk says:

    S8 AT 03.29.17

  8. HowIt'sDone says:

    uh oh.. rip apple.. we got a ass kicker on the way..

  9. Wasim Rahman says:

    Argh this video sucks. I thought we were getting a proper look at the Galaxy S8

  10. AdmiralSupreme says:

    Who just came from the live stream???

  11. Raphael Hodjaev says:

    Its going to be the best phone of the year until the note 8

  12. TVCH LORD says:

    its going to be a long month

  13. shazan shiny says:

    1 like= samsung is the best
    1 sub= get free Samsung Galaxy s8

  14. Martin Eugeniev says:

    Oh men i expected more to be shown of the teaser!!! Now i can’t wait to 29.03!!!!!

  15. Dani Plays says:

    Who came after the stream?

  16. Angela- G says:

    Samsung Fans where are you at?
    ?Samsung 4 Life!?

  17. Derpku says:

    IT WAS A PHONE. Until it exploded #RIP Note 7

  18. Felipe Augusto says:

    C’mon people, those explosion jokes totally got old already…

  19. HowIt'sDone says:

    when apple watch this.. (heart start pumping) ?

  20. Indranil Majumder says:

    LG G6 is now officially dead

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