This is a real gas station toilet. Seriously.

Ridiculous toilet.


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18 Responses

  1. Pringle Lays says:

    Holy shit just reading reddit comments makes my eyes bleed

  2. starclaws says:

    If its in the Philippines… I wonder if there’s toilet paper. Maybe
    people complained and he outdid himself and made it fancy. Cause Filipino
    bathrooms lack toilet paper.

  3. Mamma Kate says:

    Son. Don’t be teasing us with no nice gas station toilet without puttin’ up
    the locale. If you want us to check it out, at least give us a hint as to
    where it is.Shame on you!

  4. Quilliam Attari says:

    So which country is this?

  5. Nikita Lagda says:


  6. 623SmokeBreeze . says:


  7. seraphxl18 says:

    very nice place to get your dick sucked by a 3 dollar male prostitute,,

  8. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    Nice try buttwipe but we see right through your marketing/promotional
    bullshit. Shell more like Sheep.

  9. War Area says:

    تعال شوف حمامات طريق الرياض الشرقيه و الله ان تصير مخلل خايس و انت تصور 

  10. Pathanin K says:

    With hidden cameras.

  11. TheBundychick82 says:

    wow a crazy but cool toliet in a shell station in the phillipenes trust me
    no man would ever want to get out of that toliet maybe the female could be
    simular with womens things that is the coolest toilet i seen at a gas we
    call them petrol stations in Australia ty

  12. Darknd Dayz says:

    U look like mats hummels 

  13. Veggieburger says:

    Yeah and then comes an 8 your old kid spraying his water gun on both sides
    of the urinal and dripping on the floor. Looks nice but doesnt look
    functional. It just looks like they got a nice room with cupboards and
    stuff and decided to shove a urina and wash basin in.

  14. HideNZeke says:

    im out of the loop here, why redditors wear fedoras and be snobby bitches
    all the time

  15. Erionne Baltrip says:

    where is this shell station?

  16. Max1m00ch says:

    That toilet room might be worth more than the gas station it self

  17. Branden Smith says:

    62 people would rather take a shit in a portable toilet

  18. HHS1500 says:

    Not what i was expecting