This is Amanda’s Channel Now

This is Amanda’s Channel Now

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In today’s video, Amanda explains Neopets to me, I explain Runescape to her, and we take a trip back to the crafting table to try and recreate the world’s most useless bowl.

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Please comment something nice about our cat she’s very self-conscious.

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49 Responses

  1. dwayne the ROCK johnson says:

    This is sucks

  2. ChillMoogle says:

    Me someone who has no idea what Neo pets is: So just Animal crossing with Gambling

  3. Snow says:

    Drew: *throwing a ball down the stairs for his cat*
    The cat: what are you doing Drew? go get the ball.

  4. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I enjoyed the neopets nostalgia. I appreciate that Amanda is holding that whole website down.

  5. Sarah Garrod says:

    Drew while dissociating into the ocean realm: My whole life I’ve dreamt of water. Not just being in it, or swimming in it, but living it. Breathing it. Tasting it. Loving it.

  6. Man Cleave says:

    “Amanda is the shizznitt” – Snoop Dogg probably, also me

  7. lovelysimple _ says:

    I’m crying literally no one has ever understood my love of neopets so much. I’ve had my account a little more then 15 years now and I still log in every day lmao. I prefer dailyneopets dailies page tho.

  8. Pencil Princess says:

    me: haha, neopets? who would play a game about pretend animals, especially when you still need pretend money to have any fun with your pretend animals???
    also me: heehoo animal crossing time

  9. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    “Amanda is allergic but we still keep her” he means Amanda

  10. BoomBomBam says:

    Not gonna lie there’s still too much drew. Make it the “Amanda Show”. You can have that one for free you can even trade mark it if you want

  11. Eric Chavez says:

    Amanda: neopets is still fun there’s gambling, betting, *S T O N K S*

  12. The Sleepy Cyclops says:

    Runescape: nah, boomer shirt
    Neopets: may bees
    Club penguin: Correct answer

  13. sebby rose says:

    “the spring break that no one asked for” the sad thing is I dont even get a forced spring break because I go to an online school, therefore i am still in school

  14. random name says:

    Amanda went for what we call the the ‘intellectual, yet fun loving turtleneck, paired with the practical and stylish glasses creating an intelligent overall appearance.’

    Drew went for the Pepsi billboard.

  15. Chloe g says:

    The problem with giving in to the requests for more Amanda content is that every time we see a video with Amanda in it, it just increases our need for Amanda-centric content.

  16. KT Wapenyi says:

    Drew: Amanda and I are in quarantine


  17. The Queen says:

    Me: getting a little annoyed with drew at his cut scenes because I was actually listening to Amanda explain her game but Drew was showing me the ocean

    Ps.Love you Drew and Amanda

    • Vic H says:

      I really wish she would make her own channel where she talks about games she plays and maybe makes videos where she plays animal crossing. That would be so adorable

  18. HarleQueen says:

    The reason Amanda hasn’t spoken about her job is cause she went rogue in Afghanistan and can’t tell anyone about it.

  19. Stefan Meinicke says:

    “Did you gonna say something?”
    – “Is Roomscape?”

    This exchange perfectly encapsulates our ability to have a normal conversation 2+ weeks into the quarantine.

  20. Katzuma says:

    Who’s that girl with you?

    The one with the Pepsi shirt

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