“This Is An Insult To Italy” | Kitchen Nightmares

“This Is An Insult To Italy” | Kitchen Nightmares

“Our food is good”- Famous last words.

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100 Responses

  1. Emperor E18930 says:

    Another Kitchen Nightmares video, another Nino comment.

    Ok, bye.

  2. Musical Train Spotter says:

    Not just Italy, Nino as well!

  3. Carissa Chavez says:


  4. Akuorkor A. says:

    Nino would never insult Italy. Then he would take pictures of himself not insulting Italy as proof.

  5. E.C.C Legend 777 says:

    *”Our food is… Great!”*

    *Literally what every single owner says about their food but ends up tasting like utter garbage*

    • Anast says:

      Ramsay just exagerates all the time that it’s disgusting, awful, etc. For most of us this food will be great. Many people can’t even cook comfort food and most of us can’t go to Ramsay’s restaurant.

    • kip drordy says:

      +Anast no it wouldn’t be great.. There’s a reason these restaurants are having bad business lol

    • kentang menjengkelkan says:

      You just read Gordon Ramsay’s mind.

    • Tyler James says:

      Their food doesn’t taste good they know it. Just goes to show that denial and failing to adapt is the Achilles heel to failing businesses

    • laser325 says:

      The presentation of each dish was awful.
      Every one looked like the leavings of several meals scraped onto one plate.

  6. _ mbisaf _ says:

    *Mussolini has left the chat*

  7. Jesse Torres says:

    Rule #1: You can’t store cooked meat and raw meat next to each other.
    Rule #2: You’re supposed to serve cooked meat, not raw meat.

  8. Admiral Ackbar says:

    *The biggest misteak of his life.*

  9. Shreyas says:

    “I know my food is good!!”
    “I know it’s good”
    “I know it’s ehh…pretty good”

  10. Monika says:

    “The food is disgusting”
    “I disagree with that that’s your opinion”

    Yeah an opinion from an actual experienced chef.

    • Sam says:

      +Grchman Wow really? I’ve worked in a few successful fancy restaurants and they are usually extremely clean and very well run and organized top to bottom. Obviously he could pick out a few little things anywhere, but why do you think he would demolish your place so bad?

    • the savage says:

      yeah there’s a thing called denial people, realize when you’re in it.

    • Grchman says:

      +Sam it’s got nothing to do with being organized or clean, we’re pretty good there.
      He’ll pick out things like
      “you are using penne in the mac and cheese” “why would you blacken that fish?” there are a ton of those instances. He is also a stickler for temp. Something my guys can struggle with at times.

    • Sam says:

      +Grchman Huh, I guess I’ve just never seen him be that picky in the show. Whenever I watch he is always yelling about why their fridge has 20 moldy fish in it or he’s finding actual live cockroaches on the premises. I think I’d actually enjoy the show more if he was that specific more often.

    • Grchman says:

      +Sam there are clips on this channel where he questions the chef’s methods. Ultimately he blames upper management, not the cooks. Chef Ramsay knows that the cooks do what they can with what they’re provided.

      Edit : he even does it in this clip..
      “The one thing you don’t do with an NY strip is stuff it”

  11. ShycoWar says:

    I’ll never understand why some chefs and/or owners still believe that as long as THEY like the food, everything’s okay.

    The _customers_ are the ones who need to like it. That’s how you make your business work. How is that not the most obvious thing?

  12. Daily Ben says:

    You know what this is missing…*PERLAAAAA*

  13. Dimentio, Master of Dimensions says:

    How can you mistake crayfish with lobster?

  14. Project 101 says:

    I have really good food

    Empty Restaurant

  15. The FBI says:

    I’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with this channel.

  16. matthewburanich says:

    Why does everyone always argue with a world known, classically trained chef? Your food is good for a homemaker, not a restaurant.

  17. Supra Alpha says:

    Kitchen Nightmares (2007) s05e16: Chiarella’s

  18. Nickypoo 92 says:

    *”It’s absolute utter madness!”*
    “i StiLl sTaNd bY mY FoOd”

  19. rdpcl says:

    – You’re in denial
    – I’m not in denial

    Every Kitchen Nightmares episode

  20. Adrian Chavez says:

    Every episode of Kitchen Nightmares

    “There’s nothing wrong with this place”
    “I’m not wrong, you’re wrong”
    “You’re right, things need to change”
    “I can’t believe our restaurant use to be so bad”

    • Kevin Bui says:

      “I didn’t know the kitchen was that dirty.”
      “Gordon Ramsay is the only one to help us. He will tell us what’s wrong with the place.”
      “Food isn’t seasoned, raw, dry, crap, etc.”
      “My food is delicious, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”
      and some other stuff.

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