This Is Bad!!! We Have The Biggest Snow Job Tomorrow

This Is Bad!!! We Have The Biggest Snow Job Tomorrow

So I got a build project on the snowcat and I better get it done in one day.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recovery!

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27 Responses

  1. Trevor Torrens says:

    Hey Matt and crew I know cutting that stock spindle off and welding the trailer spindle on was an emergency repair but I wanted to point out that the stock spindle looks like a 2,000 pound capacity trailer spindle. You may be able to directly swap trailer hubs onto the other ones in the future rather than modifying them all. The hub you used is for a 3500 pound axle. It has a L44649 outer bearing which has a 1.063” inner diameter. Check the stock spindles to see what size they are. If they are 1” exact you can use L44643 bearing they are 1.00” ID. I am only 2:43 into the video so maybe you get into this more an I haven’t seen lol. Also that arm you’re welding the spindle to looks like a UFP torsion spindle arm so you might be able to get another one if you don’t have a source for it already. It also kinda looks like it could be a tie down engineering part too. All trailer stuff. I’m gonna finish the video. Good luck fellas. I hope you see this and it’s useful

    • Derek Schulte says:

      I love how many people gave this an upvote “yea…that sounds about right, thumbs up from this viewer!”

    • Chris Alden in Alaska says:

      I am sure there are parts for these available. They hardly changed anything on these vehicles over the years. There are a lot of these still in service up here with some of them being used commercially hauling freight up frozen rivers this time of year. They deliver many things including cabin materials to remote places.

    • sanddan52 says:

      I am sure he used that spindle because it was in a pile of junk somewhere on the compound. Why would he get the correct fitting part? That’s too easy, Come On Man…….

    • JP Conkwright says:

      Agreed Trevor. If he wants to find bearings that work they are likely available. Need an IBI bearing interchange book to find them by dimension. @Matt I’d be happy to help if you need all the cross referencing done. I’m betting we could find bearings that make the trailer hubs go on the factory spindles and you could convert the rest of the vehicle with no cut/weld.

  2. John Sizemore says:

    One thing (of many) that impresses me about Matt is he is like a great football coach. He delegates when necessary but no matter how desperate the situation he never seems to get rattled and stays on a level plane.

  3. rn reajr says:

    Matt: There’s an old saying: “If it isn’t broke, break it!” It means that if something breaks, you can feel bad about breaking it, or you can help identify a weakness in the design. That is definitely a part of this channel. Good job! Next step, put the cab on air bags! And, if you want a 50 gallon spare fuel tank (to use as aux fuel, or to refuel your other vehicles at the job site, let me know. I’ve got one for you if you want it in Lehi.

  4. Montana Snowman says:

    Hey Matt
    When you’re welding a spindle of that size pre heat it to 350 and bevel the flange/spindle so you can get some penetration. It’s tough to get good melt with might on thick quality steel like what that spindle I’d made of.

  5. Anthony Pizzuto says:

    Trevor is the man!!! His dry sense of humor and dead pan answers are awesome. Also thank you for your service Trevor!

  6. Doug Heinen says:

    Matt’s procrastination on servicing the SnowCat led to much greater damage and more hard work. Great team of people to work so hard so late and get her running again! Great video as always. Can’t wait to see the ‘epic’ recovery of the next day!

    • Dave Bagley says:

      Matt’s forecast “If We Just Wait For A Catastrophic Failure Up In The Mountains” came terrifyingly true.

  7. Kevin Eargle says:

    Loved this video. You can tell nobody is thrilled with the amount of work that needs to be done but they all kept a great attitude and just got to work. Thanks for bringing us along.

  8. Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics says:

    Nothing like the pressure of fixing your own equipment before heading out and having to fix other people’s problems. Can’t wait to see how the repair holds up!!

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics says:

      @mar lu I tried welding a hardened spear for haybales back together, and it broke again shortly after the repair right next to the weld! Must have been heat treated, and the heat from the weld affected the nearby area, making the metal more brittle 🙁

    • GrafRucola says:

      Nothing like the pressure in the tire he was wealding on xD

    • G C says:

      They should’ve just replaced the whole thing with a Sherp.

    • Tumbleweed says:

      I’m a little concerned about welding those spindles. If I tried welding flat surface to flat surface without grinding a gap to the center it wouldn’t hold but I don’t have the derby car touch that Matt has. -:))

    • Stéphane Gauthier says:

      @G C about the same price …

  9. Chris Alvarez says:

    “Its going to be easy to get half an inch… its just going to be alot of work is all…” @19:20 This is why I watch Matt, because of the “things my dad says” reality of it all!!! You guys are the absolute best!

  10. Rick Martin says:

    I’m a broadcast engineer. To keep radio stations on the air, we have to solve our own problems, often working late into the night and making the tools we need to fix the problem. Even though the technology is different, I can REALLY appreciate you guys having what it takes to get the job done. There is a sense of pride that comes from that.

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