THIS IS CRAZY!! 100 BATH BOMBS Experiment!!

THIS IS CRAZY!! 100 BATH BOMBS Experiment!!

Yesterdays Vlog –

Today was pretty awesome! We got to hang out with Brittneys side of the family for her Moms 50th Birthday. Played games and trashed on my big RC truck for bit with the dogs. We also tested to see what would happen if you dump 100 Bath Bombs into a bathtub.


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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20 Responses

  1. taparker says:

    your kid is so cute, okay

  2. Fox - Previews de Skins says:

    Why the fuck is this in my recomended videos?

  3. Travis McFarland says:

    where is the other dog

  4. rogelio Martinez says:

    roman forgot of 4th july

  5. Jermany Ashton says:

    can you shout out my birthday its on the 25 of july please thank you :)

  6. Katelynn N says:

    His firework was awesome lol??

  7. Connor Richardson says:

    We’r was cane

  8. Kim Mirer says:

    leik if you love your parents…p.s pls dont read more!

    now sub or a demon will haunt you tonight!

  9. KickStarterPlus says:

    Holy hell she’s pregnant

  10. necro bro says:

    big ones pls

  11. Dilraj kahlon says:

    How old is Zeus???

  12. Jojosiwadances says:

    Can I get 1 like and 1 reply pls ??

  13. Paul Carter says:

    Great vlog bro!!

  14. Sil3ntFoxx says:

    do the big ones in a pool

  15. Corey Micheals says:

    Disney world?

  16. Kyle Sanderson says:


  17. sierra peterson says:

    @DarTro shut the f up and this family is cool so f off

  18. Cynics Gaming says:

    @RomanAtwoodVlogs hey Roman I saw you requested for a dog ramp. If you go
    to your local petstore they should have a ramp depending on the size of
    your dog they have trifolds and ramp

  19. Julie Dee says:


  20. Linda Jeronimo says:

    So cool