This Is Going To Completely Change Our Weather…

This Is Going To Completely Change Our Weather…

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In this video we are talking about an omega block pattern setting up & what that could mean for temperatures & potential big storms this May.

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31 Responses

  1. Jack Wyatt says:

    You know you’re in the right place when the weather is described as a big blue blob.

  2. L P says:

    Ryan, I LOVE the way you report. You are so easy to listen to for hours, which is sometimes necessary when you’re tracking a storm that is coming my way. Thank you for your gentle and informed persona!👏

    • DavidJoseph7 says:

      I agree and that added to the fact that he gave a weather prediction that didn’t match what was in my iPhone and also seemed unlikely but his reasons for it seemed well enough so I decided to wait and see what happened… it happened just like he said so that earned a like and subscribe, this is only my second video.

  3. Toni Leigh says:

    I live in Michigan and to say that I am extremely sick of this cold, wet weather is a big understatement. Seems we’re having another year of going from an extended winter right into summer. If summer ever gets here.

    • TR_NW says:

      Was a painful COLD March and April in Western Canada, now FINALLY that has moved off and we’re under that warm heat dome, I sure hope some rain slips through though !!

    • Tsunami the Seawing says:

      I really like the cold.

    • Taras Svirgun (YouTube Channel) says:

      @JavaCat Ohio is weird (I don’t hate Ohio)

    • JavaCat says:

      Ohioan here…I feel your pain.

    • L A says:

      It seems to me May is always a crapshoot. Sometimes we have nice weather in May. It just makes me want to plant stuff too early then. I think this weather is more normal. It’s not as hard for the kids to stay in school this way! 😄

  4. CovertAce1 says:

    As a truck driver i appreciate what you do for us.

  5. Michael says:

    Being able to know whats going on in a well informed method is why you are so successful. I hope the best for the crew. Y’all do hero work. Don’t stop. If the listeners are able to truly help, please do. My area got hit by an EF4 and I can say confidently, this coverage and the disaster funds raised helped significantly.

  6. TimeBucks says:

    Prayers for everyone that is caught in these awful storms.

  7. Autumn_Melody says:

    As a person who lives in central Oklahoma, being out of the red area is a relief for my storm anxiety. I want to personally thank Ryan and team for helping me be more confident during the spring months. ❤

  8. The Living Miracle says:

    I had this idea of Ryan converting a school bus into a custom weather studio. It would allow Ryan to go live on the road and provide real-time weather updates from various locations.

    • Tinkers Trade says:

      @Chords of Gratitude Yes to some extent, but there will be back up vehicles, including the chase cars and trucks. All the Response Bus needs is to make it to a parking lot of some centralized location. A place with battery powered lights, serving coffee and donuts to survivors and rescuers alike. They can even equip locals with chain saws and gasoline to go rescue others.

      Not only is the bus a rolling Disaster Response Mobile Base Unit, it’s a big yellow substantial, reassuring “presence” itself. (These rigs could easily pull a pickup along behind if that were needed.)

    • Chords of Gratitude says:

      A bus is to large to drive around, however a 4×4, 4 wheel – off road equipped SUV van like a Toyota CRV, Sienna, Tacoma, etc. that’s been modified with a toilet/shower/kitchenette and bed(s) would be awesome

    • Tinkers Trade says:

      @The Living Miracle I’ll bet some school that is buying new busses here in Tornado Country would donate an old bus or two. They seldom bring too much because the cost of a conversion can easily run into the $1000s and a lot of semi-skilled labor that can be all of a buyer’s free time for a year.

      And the busses are by no means wore out. They’ve had good maintenance right up to the end, and are really only being sold because most schools have a milage termination point of some kind, not because they don’t run.

      About $5-6K out to buy a really well maintained diesel powered 72 passenger bus. (A big one!) Which would be way cheaper than buying 3 diesel crewcab pickups with comparable miles. And for this type of work, the buses would be ten times more useful.

      (Side note: put a top rack on these rigs, for small boats, odd shaped items, and misc. stuff. But also, extend it a couple of feet forward of the drivers area. That will almost always save you a broken windshield in hailstorms.)

    • The Living Miracle says:

      @Tinkers Trade If you find it for the right price, Ryan could add 2 more. One as full on kitchen and the other storage for essential items

    • Tinkers Trade says:

      I understand how a schoolbus could look odd for the job, but it has enormous advantages, especially for disaster situations.

      It’s big and heavy, so stormy conditions are safer. Modern schoolbuses are designed to channel air across the top so as to avoid windshear when meeting tractor trailer rigs at highway speeds. A bus driven into a 2 foot trench or ditch, would require a direct hit with an F-3 to dislodge.

      Which brings up safety. The schoolboard doesn’t care about gas milage, because parents will pay it, so they’re built solidly. No wood or fiberglass in them. No particle board flooring. A solid metal box, except the windows. Even a complete rollover shouldn’t crush the interior space, as the window frames double as a steel support for the steel roof.

      There’s plenty of room for not only a work/sleeping space, there’s also enough area to carry a lot of disaster supplies like water, chainsaws, tarps, hand tools, and such immediate needs.

      And food, because a PBJ and a glass of milk is comfort food for all ages. The nutrients will show up with the Red Cross and churches and formal recovery operations. But when it all goes down, “The Y’allers” are the shock troops meeting the first tears and fears of the survivors.

      Oh, and keep it yellow, for the kids. Something they find familiar and safe coming through the debris.👍

  9. Sapphire Lane says:

    This is the first tornado season in decades where we haven’t had to break out the storm gear even once! I’m sorry for those who have had their first introductions to true tornado seasons. Thanks for taking one for the team!😅

  10. Alycia Windingland says:

    As a Minnesotan today was the sunniest day I think we’ve had all year and it was simply wonderful. Now if the wind could die down, it would be absolutely gorgeous out☀️

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