THIS IS GOODBYE… for now… sort of… just watch the video. It’s important

THIS IS GOODBYE… for now… sort of… just watch the video. It’s important

TFIL IS NOT ENDING. READ THIS! Lots of fun stuff happening that you can be involved in!
The travel-first-person-vlog style is ending though.

Over the next 30 days TFIL is going to be progressing into what will be the first ever NON-PROFIT Youtube channel. Every video made will be to benefit various non-profits around the world to help bring exposure, awareness and of course, donations to their cause. We will be donating 100% of the ad-sense from the videos to their respective charities. These videos will have a slight touch of the old-school TFIL vlog style but heavily intertwined with what you see in a standard documentary. (20 minutes long each, approximately) That will start approximately mid March.

Until then!

Feb 3rd I will start the next 24/7 charity live-stream that will benefit the TREVOR Project & National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Goal is to raise $150,000. I will be locked in a freezer. Yes, a freezer.

Feb 11th – I’m releasing the music video with Simple Plan & Scotty Sire.

The next 3 weekends, I will be releasing a different WORLD RECORD video.

End of January! We are shooting these videos in LA! We will need at least 500 people to join to help us break these records!! Please stay tuned to my Twitter @EltonCastee for full details coming soon.

SUPPORT THE CHANNEL & Grab your SEND IT Society gear! *That’s the absolute best way to help keep this channel going!!

SAM, COLBY & COREY ARE BACK IN TFIL! This is Part 6 of 9 for our Australia series!!! Don’t miss a single video! Subscribe, notifs, all of it! Do it!


ELTON CASTEE – IG @EltonCastee

SAM GOLBACH – IG @SamGolbach

COLBY BOCK – @ColbyBrock

COREY SCHERER – IG @CoreyScherer


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67 Responses

  1. TFIL says:

    Please read vid description! TFIL is sticking around with lots of awesome things coming up in 2019!! @EltonCastee on Twitter for all updates!!

  2. Cla zrma says:

    Everyone go like the TFIL bowling video so we can still see them together!!!

  3. Quad— Z says:

    I just want to know if you guys will ever be in a video with each other again. Because I don’t want you guys to never see each other again. Elton please reply. You have been the only channel that makes me happy and willing to do crazy stuff. I will never stop watching you ????

    • Ace Gonzalez says:

      They’re planning to make an overnight channel where it’s going to only have Elton, Colby, Sam and Corey and they’ll only be doing overnight videos on that channel

    • Linda B says:

      +Ace Gonzalez Lets hope they get the 300,000 likes so they serious contemplate doing that.

    • The Under Dogs says:

      Quad— Z and the beginning of this video they said there not going to in a video together on this channel

    • Ace Gonzalez says:

      Linda B a lot of people have been begging them, leaving comments on their twitter and Instagram even on here on almost every video ever since they’ve mentioned they might make the channel so hopefully they do

  4. Lil Yang says:

    Yoooo! Look at 10:24


  5. Katharina L. says:


    • the god of the fish 123 says:

      I cried for 20 something hours i will miss them they were the best youtubes EVER i will love them forever they will always have a spot in my hart i know i can see them their own channals but the group will live on in mine and everybodys hart #TFIL

  6. Ashton Golbrock says:


    Me: *clicks*

    Also me:*the first thing i see is sam trying to eat coreys ass*

  7. Morgan Harding says:

    I honestly hate how everyone has to move out of the house that started it all it’s like your moving away from good memories I will always still watch every single one of your videos if only I could meet you guys that would make my life better see you guys helped me get through depression anxiety, you helped me by posting the videos I watch from all of you make me smile laugh and maybe some times cry depending situation you guys were a true hero well at least your my hero thank you guys so much can’t wait to watch your new channel!!!! ?? I am also gonna sponsor so go follow these guys on twitter @SamGolbach @Eltoncastee @ColbyBrock @CoreySchere you guys are all amazing (fans if u agree like this)

  8. JustMaddie • says:

    Tfil won’t be the same without all 4 of the boys messing around

  9. Tara Waits says:

    Reads title… It’s cool… I’m not gonna cry… I’m good…I’m NOT gonna cry…. *SOMEBODY GET ME MY DAMN TISSUES* ….???

  10. Michael Arauz says:

    So no more Ashley happy birthdays ?? if you know you know

  11. Tara Waits says:

    AND THAT FINAL CLIP, of just the one person looking out at the water.. All alone…. Yea I lost my shit at that point…???

  12. Yliana Mendoza says:

    I died when Corey said o2l!

  13. Zoe-Rose Mouton says:

    Who else cried during this video???WE LOVE ALL OF YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Claudia Clark says:

    awhhh, TFIL isnt gonna be funny anymore without Corey, Sam, and Colby.

  15. Taleigha Bohler says:

    Were lucky to have people like you in the the world

  16. emily russell says:

    Wow! I really don’t want this group to come to an end. To see how far you guys have come from the first ever TFIL video to now is absolutely incredible. And insane. You guys have had such a positive impact on my life and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for showing us all of your adventures that you guys have been on. You guys are an UNSTOPPABLE group. This group will be dearly missed. These videos made me happy when I was sad. And I couldn’t ask for anything else. Keep up the amazing work. Although this is very heartbreaking, we all have these videos to look back on. Thank you for everything guys. And I hope you all have a very successful life. This group will never be forgotten. These videos will live on forever. And I will never stop watching them. I love you all so freakin much and wouldn’t trade anything for the countless hours I have spent watching your videos. Also wouldn’t trade the countless hours of laughter you guys have given me. P.S. I cried. BYE!

  17. Rosa Hernandez says:

    Try not to cry fr??❤️i love u guys an TFIL❤️

  18. Grace McGrath says:

    I will miss this group so damn much, i started watching TFIL in mid 2017, so i subbed about when the last New Zealand videos were uploaded, but the first video i watched was staying overnight in suicide forest. great start i know, but thats how i knew Uncle Elton, Brennen, Jay and Colby therefore found Sam, then Corey etc, i started watching all of their channels and would rewatch these everyday. My fav channel was TFIL, so i just wanted to say… thank you, Sam, Colby, Corey and especially Uncle Elton, for keeping me entertained throughout 2017 and 2018 and i know you will continue to do so, by what I’ve about how TFIL is changing, i think the channel will change for great cause, well done Uncle Elton for all the hard work you put into filming and editing these videos. i love you guys and you will always hold a special place in my heart. again, thank you. <3

  19. Its AJ • Chan says:

    I’m just happy the channel is not ending but I will miss Sam Colby and Cory all in the same vid ❤️?

  20. My_left_toe_ __ says:

    tfil has impacted me so much, thank you all for this. We all love you more then you could imagine. ♥️☀️ thank you all

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