This Is How I Talk – SNL

This Is How I Talk – SNL

After getting caught imitating his boss (Leslie Jones), a new employee (Louis C.K.) must play off the impression as his real talking voice in order to not get fired.

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20 Responses

  1. CHEETAH69 says:

    “ol Jabba The Hut-looking white BITCH!” hahaha. Kill me.

  2. pas84av2 says:

    “…where’d ya get dose nails did? They on fleek!” LMFAO

  3. TheTrippleTKA says:

    Stop saying fleek!

  4. LuneyTune72 says:

    Had they never read the lines before this? They’re so obviously reading the
    script off-screen.

  5. ajthekid1992 says:

    Bitch I knew you was fake!!!!

  6. Emmie M says:

    I like how a black woman is the punch line yet again. This pisses me off so
    fucking much.

  7. Camilla Floyd says:

    Keep that job boo….

  8. johnny boswell says:

    Too dam funny !!! I was rolling on the floor on this skit.

  9. Mark Weissglass says:

    Leslie did not ruin this sketch. It’s live, and she literally caused 1
    second of slight confusion, that still ended up being funny. She was
    entertaining for the entire video, and she’s a truly funny person. Stop
    giving her shit for being a human being.

    • SugaryCoyote says:

      +Mark Weissglass All she had to do was continue with the scene and nobody
      would have really noticed. She said “I’m sorry” out loud which is very
      unprofessional to do.

  10. AussieOzborne says:

    Man I’m sorry but Leslie has got to go. She just keeps fucking up and
    making everything awkward.

  11. nomorecakes says:

    Man is this what TV shows are like now? Half funny sketches with actors who
    dont know their lines and blatantly look at the prompter? I use to love SNL
    but this cast is just… ugh

  12. Nathaniel Carroll says:


  13. thetrashman says:

    trashy ck on trashurday night live

  14. blain johnson says:


  15. blain johnson says:


  16. trey trey says:

    LMAO!!! Funny. I love Louis C.K. and I can’t wait to was Leslie Jones in
    the new Ghostbusters movie.

  17. Theouranotaku says:

    Love this

  18. paik170 says:

    I didn’t realize that 0:43 was a mistake until I read the comments, so I
    guess it wasn’t that bad?