This is how I woke up my wife on her birthday

This is how I woke up my wife on her birthday

waking up my wife to a string section of our favorite show!

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20 Responses

  1. Ernesto Lopez says:

    Currently in school

  2. Jackson Ramirez says:

    Bobby is honesty the realest in the game and that’s facts ?

  3. The Nightly Trend says:

    G O A L S A F

  4. Mr. Someone says:

    ahhh logic this is soo romantic..

  5. vqpwr says:

    I hope to be a husband like you, you really do treat your wife right

  6. Adrian Alfaro says:

    I’m watching this in class ?? #notification #rattpack logic you are honestly such a good person I respect that about you

  7. High Flown says:

    This nigga said, “I got a flute!” hahaha

  8. Caroline Garcia says:

    *He loves her so much. It’s so amazing.*

  9. Jayy Sherm says:


  10. Ashonn Laws says:

    Logic is too real for this. So many Rappers think you suppose to treat women like hoes. You don’t find too many doing shit like this ?

  11. Flawz Murk says:

    I wake up to the smell of dog shit

  12. Babar Rashid says:

    It’s official Logic only got one shirt

  13. It's Marzzy says:

    he’s gonna get some nasty head after this

  14. Penny Stealer says:

    Logic dances awkwardly better than your favorite rapper

  15. TheXKL1NEx says:

    He ain’t ashamed of his beautiful Mexican wife as a matter of fact.

  16. Luke Scott says:

    i feel like he enjoyed this more than she did

  17. Noah Niesen says:

    You actually can’t hate Logic

  18. Final SHOOTER says:

    Logic hardly uplodes but when he does it always lit

  19. J M A C says:

    Logic’s two shirts

    At home: Seinfeld t-shirt

    Preforming: FILA shirt

  20. fusionshortgamer says:

    logic is going going to be the best father not like kanye West

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