THIS Is How You Make Cotton Candy!

THIS Is How You Make Cotton Candy!

In today’s video we’re testing out an at-home cotton candy machine, seeing what types of candy work with it, and making some glowing cotton candy!

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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35 Responses

  1. Motts Henderson says:

    i love the video but i have a request for a video here it is you should go out in to the wild and do a 24 hour survival challenge with nothing but things that you made in prevous videos please

  2. momo_jr 159 says:

    I have a cotton candy machine and we put the cone vertically instead of horizontal and move it in circles and it seems to work fine
    This one time my sister dropped the sugar in the heat source and it caught on fire 🔥
    Congrats on 10 million
    Hope u go to a 100

  3. noname20 says:

    You should definitely try doing cotton candy with potassium nitrate!
    And obviously lighting it up

  4. Akiel Henry says:

    Can u build your own cotton candy machine please?

  5. Ryan Bower says:

    Can you freeze cotton candy in liquid nitrogen

  6. Byad says:

    A DIY cotton candy machine?

  7. Bryce Huennekens says:

    Can you make it with cough drops to make “coughing candy”?🤭🤒😷👑

  8. KageDarkMage says:

    Do you think the hard candies are thicker becaus the powder might not be as fine as the cotton candy powder.

  9. Muhammad ahmed says:

    Make smoke grenades that glow in the dark (use the dome)

  10. Klevis Neziri says:

    Can you try line x spray vs hydralic press??

  11. Aryanzrule says:


  12. MineceptionDoesStuff says:

    diy cotton candy machine please

  13. sherhzad shiraz says:

    Could u make a glowing slime and put in a vacume chamber or in liquid nitrogen! : )

  14. Thunder says:

    What happens if you throw strait up dirt into a furnace will it melt? will it get hot? Nobody knows

  15. RebelKing says:

    can you make cotton candy with jello powder?

  16. Don Che says:

    Try it with PopRocks

  17. Zack Shuldberg says:

    Could you put poprocks through the cotton candy machine to try to make popping cotton candy?

  18. mido ahmed says:

    What Will happen if you poured lava in liquid oxygen

  19. super sipme says:

    You should have tried a really sour candie like warheads

    • Sizzlik says:

      Dont think that it would be sour, since warheads themself are sweet..its just the tiny bit of malic acid coating that is sour.

    • Dami Nooki says:

      do you forget that the malic acid dissolves into molten sugar? it’d work just fine, aslong as it was crushed up right.

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