This is it…

This is it…

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JackSepticEye and I have teamed up to bring you CLOAK!! This is our very own clothing brand made specifically with you in mind. We set out to make clothes that we would want to wear every single day and I’m so happy to say that we’ve smashed our goals. Head to and Pre-Order today!

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79 Responses

  1. Markiplier says:

    Hey gang! Thanks so much for an awesome launch day. It went better than we could have ever hoped for and we only have you guys to thank for believing in what we’re doing.

    This is only the beginning. I know you guys want a bigger selection with more to offer, and trust me we want that too, but we have to start at the very beginning and take baby steps to make sure things are done right. This is the foundation that will build something incredible and you guys are helping to fuel the future of this dream we have. And as we steadily grow the catalogue out into a brand to be proud of, I can’t wait to look back at you all who took these first steps with us.

    So thank you for your patience and your support! I can’t thank you guys enough for what you’ve shown us!

  2. Juliet Gardener says:

    I usually don’t comment, like anyone is going to care but why clothing? When clicking the video i expected you would talk about a new movie you were making. This is in my opinion extremely unnecessary and personally i don’t even like them stylistically. They are expensive and nothing i would ever wear. When i visited the tour i bought every clothing item with the you’re welcome brand on it because it was unique, this however is just so bland and generic. I get that that is the point but then on top of that are they also expensive. Also why clothing? This is really unexpected. I still love you and this is just my opinion though.

  3. Troy LeMoine says:

    “Designer brand clothing without the designer brand, but with the designer brand pricetag….. for everyone.”

  4. lil tweek says:

    If I lived In the U. S, or where your clothing brand ships from I’d might get the hoodie.

    But if I’d have to import it to Norway it would cost me $80 for the hoodie probably 10$ for shipping and 20 for toll customs. That’s $110 usd 🙁

    So I’m sorry to tell you this mark, but I and a lot other of ur viewers cannot afford these clothes.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Thanos Murderer says:

    Did I just purposely watch an ad

  6. Juliana Atteberry says:

    I just want to say a couple of things.
    1. You can still love and support people by telling them they need to make better choices – supporting bad choices doesn’t always mean you are supporting them. People need to learn and grow. Mark and Jack probably did work very hard on these, and we do love them but, I think these have a ways to go before this idea works.
    2. These are too expensive.
    3. The fabric choice is rather questionable – especially for such a price.
    4. Minimal branding is cool, minimal design/impact is not – that being said I could buy something that looks just like these and just as comfortable for a fraction of the price but I’d be willing to spend more if the quality was worth it (best pockets and hoods ever or good fabric or cool colors/design or some of the proceeds go to charity, etc.) but that – as far as I am aware – is not the case here. I find them so dull and I would not want to spend that much money on something I’m not even intending to wear anywhere even semi fancy. I would love to support you more financially but it doesn’t seem like you need it so my will to buy it for that reason isn’t there as well.
    5. I would love to learn more about the origin of the product. It is the 21st century and I believe it is important to know if this was ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, etc.
    6. I also want to know where on earth the demand for this came from and why you have such a strong, and kind of random, attachment/interest in ‘fashion’.
    Mark, we love you but, this is making selling pet rocks with you symbol on them look less funny and more like you really just want more $$$ from ppl with minimal effort. (Especially since it kind of seems like you’re recording your Twitch videos and reposting them on YouTube, which I get, that’s smart but doesn’t help your case here.)

    Edit: Also as a gamer – because that was who this was ‘marketed’ towards – I would honestly want to spend $80 on so many other things to either improve my game, how I can enjoy it, save up for the next console, Comic-Con, master pack of my new favorite game, GAMES, etc. So that demand isn’t there for me.

    I honest to God do love Mark and Sean they have changed my life for the better over the past years. What I would honestly love to see are the old fashions that said Markiplier’s heroes or had the pink mustache on the pajama pants, seriously bring back the pajama pants, I knew that some of those proceedings went to charity as well. I was always willing to open my wallet for that. They were unique, affordable, cute, comfy, had such personality while being personable, supported a cause, and reminded me of important people in my life that insipre me to be better, even if they don’t know me. I don’t know what you guys are wearing but I’m totally in my pajamas 90% of the time I’m gaming 😀 – bring that stuff back. I still use the Markiplier journal and pen today!

    Thank you for listening <3

    • Jacob Lee says:

      I agree. Mark is a great guy and a bit of a hero to a lot of people but I think isn’t a good thing to blindly support him. Constructive criticism is important, especially for a new company like this and the people spewing nothing but praises may not actually be helping.

    • Jade Rodriguez says:

      Totally agree there’s no transparency or disclosure here it’s all buzzwords and closed ears. It’s really destroyed my opinion of both of them. It just screams greed from two guys who go on about pma, inclusiveness, and treating people with respect. The fact that neither has addressed this is very disappointing and the fact that they will likely make ham over fist with this regardless is legitimately depressing. I thought they were a I’ve exploiting their audience especially after he tried to sell rocks with a sticker slapped on

    • Flare Runner says:

      Yall do know it’s a pre order though…. right?

    • MFanForever says:

      @Flare Runner Then what is the added incentive to entice me to pre-order the product?

    • Not Juliana says:


  7. LightBulb says:

    80$, for real? Sorry Mark, been a subscriber for 3 years now, I loved each and every of your ideas, but this is kinda overpriced, i mean for 80$ you could buy razer electra v2 which are pretty good quality headphones.

    • Navi Valdez says:

      +GD Fast Quality clothes? Read the materials. Cotton is not unicorn hair. I have a black hoodie for 20 dollars, and it feels great.

      Granted, they are just starting off and I’m sure it feels better then my own hoodie but it’s still not worth 80 dollars. That’s some supreme trash.

      Hopefully they’ll learn how to be..a company.

    • Push_Flick says:

      The quality doesn’t make them expensive, it’s production cost. Clothes aren’t made out of thin air, you have to but the materials from a manufacturer, pay for the workers who are making the products, and pay for factory itself. When the company grows more than it currently is, their prices will lower. If they don’t, they are simply just increasing the price on them. Once the prices are low, that’s when it’s a brand for everyone.

    • Flare Runner says:

      Pre-order man. just wait a few months.

    • Springy 619 says:

      +Ilyich Dzhugashvili He probably has a job but I wouldnt spend $80 on plain clothing when you could go to Kohl’s and buy a sweatshirt for about $30

    • MFanForever says:

      @GD Fast I’m paying for the Sketchers brand if I buy their shoes because Sketchers has established itself well enough to warrant that price. Cloak, as of yet, probably isn’t even worth $80 in value.

  8. Drevorous says:

    If these products really are high quality, can we have some evidence of this? $80 for a Rayon hoodie is a lot when we only have your word and the word of Faceless Designer Man A.

    Stress Test them against high-street alternatives. Easy content for you, reassurance for us.

    • CyanLink says:

      That would put my mind at ease, when I spend high dollars on an item the manufacturer shows the quality. triple reinforced seems, abrasion resistance, so on and so forth.
      Everything about this screams cash grab. The “This is Your Brand” on the site’s main page gives me a MK Ultra, 1984, Winter Soldier brainwashing vibe. The lack of info besides Mark’s assurance that it’s “high quality” and “ethically sourced”.
      Business 101 teaches you to expect any new business to lose some money the first year as it gains traction and you solidify production. Mark and Sean HAVE money to lose and don’t need to worry about slowly gaining traction due to their fame.

    • Lueeify says:

      if you need that much evidence to buy a hoodie even if you like it, I suggest going to see a therapist.

    • Pianist Drew says:

      Lueeify he’s simply asking for a test or acknowledgment of the actual creator. Intelligence on this is key for good investment

    • Johnny Two Hands says:


    • Drevorous says:

      +Johnny Two Hands Huh? The $80 hoodie is 75% Rayon, 20% Polyester, 5% Spandex. It’s entirely synthetic.

  9. MQ says:

    Nobody is mad about the concept, but as of now the product does not match up with the message you are saying here. Maybe it will become that way, but right now it looks like a cash grab, which is disheartening to watch. That’s how I feel like most of feel. A little disappointed, going from the video to the site (which looks smooth btw). There are fans calling us haters, but if this many people agree, maybe there is something to it. I appreciate the fans defending you, but this is probably not the hill to die on.

    Super Smash Bros Brawl being a better game than Melee, now THAT’S a hill to die on

    • Jade Rodriguez says:

      Yes. The issue isn’t whether or not people can afford it. It’s that the prices are directly counter to not only their sites motto but counter to the message of inclusiveness they keep championing. It comes off as deluded and being out of touch with those if us who aren’t incredibly successful YouTubers with bills to pay

    • Quinton B says:

      MQ hol up what was that lie you said about smash

    • Maad Alchemist says:

      The difficulty and problem here is that they are trying to sell it to their YouTube audiences. These clothes are clearly not for them. It would be stupid to not announce it on YouTube at all, but these cloths are high quality, brand clothing. They aren’t/shouldn’t be for the group of people who watch their channels, they should be advertised as quality brand clothing. But their advertising campaign puts it as clothing for “you”. Their needs to be separation between their YouTube careers and their clothing brand careers.

  10. puggy says:

    People need to understand that is isn’t just merch. This an actual clothing line that as just launched. Paying for high qualitly raw materials and workers isn’t cheap, and the business has just started so of course the prices are going to be higher than usual. I understand that the prices are high now but please take to consideration the production value that goes into making these clothes.

    And keep in mind that constuctive critisism is not the same as mere hating on the product.

    • Poke.unCOMmon says:

      I felt rlly bad for liking this since the likes were at 669 and I just kinda ruined it.

    • Willow Whiteraven says:

      There are really big flaws in their marketing. They are creating a new brand which is in no way related to their already existed brands (Markiplier and Jacksepticeye), so people are really confused (this brand doesn’t reflect the characters they created, no bright colors, no goofy things, etc.). With a price tag of 80$ for a hoodie and 35$ for a tee shirt, their target audience only cover a small percentage of their fan base, which are the primary buyers because they are not known outside the internet and Youtube (you don’t see them on TV for example). They claim their clothes are made of really good materials, but you still see a lot of synthetic fibers like rayon and polyester which don’t age well. They don’t really address the high price of their clothes, if they are ethically sourced, made in the USA or else.

      In the end, if they talked about this project earlier, without hiding it, and asking people what they wanted to see and buy, this would not have happened. When you start a brand, you always do some research on what people really want and what will reach the majority of them.

    • Christian Dean says:

      While that is true, rather than just starting said clothing line, he could have asked for a $2 donation from his fan base. That would provide him $40 million dollars with ease. That would be more than sufficient funds to start a clothing line. Even after the proper taxes get taken out. However, I believe it is too late for that now. I wouldn’t give him a dime to invest due to him already having it set up.

    • Gamer Girl says:

      +Alex Youngblut I could go to Wal-Mart and buy 8 hoodies for that price and they’ll last me 5+ years. It’s just the brand that makes it fucking expensive

    • Format Lux says:

      People need to understand that is isn’t just merch. This an actual clothing line that as just launched. Paying for high qualitly raw materials and workers isn’t cheap, and the business has just started so of course the prices are going to be higher than usual. I understand that the prices are high now but please take to consideration the production value that goes into making these clothes.

  11. TheCoffeeCup says:

    Because we got tired of plain white tshirts with red boxes with the words “supreme” So they made this

  12. Perihan Gamze says:

    Yeah got it, it doesn’t have a specific popular richy brand but they are more expensive than those brands. Like 80$ for a sweatshirt, man I can buy it for 30$ at H&M

  13. Billy Magada says:

    That better be the most comfortable hoodie ever. I mean like make me feel like I’m being gently hugged by the great hoodie spirit.

    I know it’s a lot of criticism, but you gotta understand why. I’m sure the clothing is great, but what you would pay with even a pricey clothing company is usually because of the brand. Shirts I won’t argue because I’ve seen some expensive ass shirts, but mostly people want hoodies for comfort and warmth and usually not a fashion statement which you seem to not be trying to do, but pricing like that’s exactly what you’re trying to do. You guys seemed to have priced as if you are already a brand name, but are advertising as if you are the anti-brand name. I hope it works out well though, just understand it’s not everyone against what you’re trying, it’s how you seem to be describing it.

  14. Linkin Aryan says:

    hey mark, hopefully you are reading this, i have never before bought any merch online from another country (i live in india), but i really wanted to buy this. but it seems i won’t be able to as the prices are just too high.
    my parents usually don’t allow me to buy cloths above 1000Rs (13 dollars), but they have allowed me to buy a hoodie worth 2000Rs max. (27 dollars), but man! this too expensive !
    it is not “for everyone” if we get a hoodie (which looks supercool and i’m damn sure must be made of great material) worth 80$ (8000 Rs approx).
    which when shipped to india becomes 100$!
    i hope you consider this request to put a discount or something.
    im not asking for you to drop it down to 27$ (lol), it would be great it it could drop to like 50 or something.
    Thank you for reading this!

    • Necromant says:

      Boi, India is a very poor country of course people like you will have a hard time getting this. Compare it to european countries or the US people even there complain and say they won’t buy it

  15. •kalie• says:

    The clothes are nice and everything but a sisters broke

  16. Isotopic Prune says:

    Dunno if it is an American thing but 80 dollars for a hoodie is ludicrous, even if it it made from good materials. Never spent over £25 on a hoodie and so far all have lasted me 5+ years while maintaining good quality and comfort so you can imagine that 35 dollars for a T-shirt is out there too. For £61 (80ish dollars) you can bet that if I were to buy one, then I wouldn’t buy anything else from the brand as it’s too much of an investment where other brands offer likely equivalent products or products of acceptably less quality for cheaper.

    If Mark did study engineering for a time then he should grasp that making a product from premium materials isn’t typically sustainable in the long term. You need to be more cost effective especially if trying to produce multiple products to a lrage target audience.

    This comment is trying to serve as a critque that the strategy in place isn’t a very good business decision (imo) for a new brand, unless you were relying on the mindless support of your fans which would come across as predatory (to me). My plan would be to start humble and grow from there, include the lower end in your price range then a few more higher end items to maintain your stance of “it is for you” because at the moment the statement that comes up right as you enter the site isn’t reflected by the products and I definitley feel that it isn’t “for me”.

    I hope this comment is taken on board because for the moment you haven’t convinced me as a customer that it is worth investing in. Everyone already has clothes so what makes your brand different from what I have apart from it’s quality? Which is not a big selling point because the price reflects the increase in material quality which cancels out a lot of the appeal. Everyone wants high quality for a reasonable or low price which isn’t sustainable for a buisness but the customer often doesn’t care as they aren’t buying the product for the buisness.

    I hope this critque helps in some way to understand the perspective that some will have when approaching this new brand. In my honest opinion it seems like you are feeding off the popularity of yours and jacks channel to maximise sales which is only bad if the products aren’t to the quality people feel they should be for the price, which we won’t know until they ship.

    I hope you deliver a good product and you succeed in your buisness ventures but I am not interested as it currently stands.

    • DangerousCutey says:

      Dude. They literally just started the business. Of course the prices would be high. Plus think about the workers man they don’t want to end the day with a dollar or two.

    • Isotopic Prune says:

      +Fanta Soft Drinks I’m not saying they won’t last, just that there are cheaper ones that probably last just as well if not better. I hope their brand can deliver for the price.

    • Isotopic Prune says:

      +SuperAnuar1234 Never seen it 😛

    • MFanForever says:

      @DangerousCutey You don’t establish yourself as a brand by charging Nike-type prices from the getgo because no one is going to buy clothes from a brand that just began if they charge exuberant​ prices. It’s best to build yourself up as a credible, trustworthy brand first.

    • Lilli Anne says:

      Isotopic Prune Even in America, 80$ is terrible

  17. Megan Bethea says:

    So… I’ll be back next year when the prices drop or I hit the lotto or my kids decide to stop eating and growing out of their clothes.

    *chuckles* “Accessible”

  18. mantazzo says:

    Sorry, Mark, but no. Just no.
    The prices may be good for those who drop hundreds of $$$ in superchats.
    For me, who would give a max of 5$ in a superchat (if it would even work in this country, same as sponsor) (and also because I just don’t have more) – these prices are ridiculously too high.For comparison, I bought a simple jacket in my local store yesterday (no brands, no anything, just a simple one-colored jacket) for 9€. Yes, 9€. I can buy boots for 20€ which I’ll happily wear for the next 2-3 years with some care. 35$ for a simple t-shirt is just WAY too high for me.
    Sorry, these prices are just not “for everyone”, as you said. I may be interested if the prices drop 20% or more someday.

  19. Ilyich Dzhugashvili says:

    Mark: *visits Korea*
    Couple weeks later: *opens clothing line*

  20. Kay Styles says:

    I understand that the clothes are a bit expensive. But like, can we talk about how good the website and brand itself is? I rarely see multiple body types used in modeling the clothes and as for representation, it’s usually one person of color and a bunch of white people. It was more diverse than I expected and that made me really happy. And they’ve already sold out on one product! And the clothes are pretty cute, I really would like to buy the deep space hoodie. Not to mention how sleek and professional the website looks. Like, it looks so good. Y’all have to understand that yes it’s gonna be expensive in the beginning, but the prices are very likely to drop. It has to be expensive in the beginning because to make a comfortable piece of clothing that isn’t gonna fall apart on you takes A LOT. But once things kick off, they’ll be able to drop prices and make things a lot more affordable.

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