this is my 5,000th video

this is my 5,000th video

I can’t believe I’ve uploaded 5,000 videos to this channel.
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25 Responses

  1. jacksepticeye says:

    Who let me upload 5,000 videos to this platform?

  2. C 123 says:

    Jack couldn’t decide what to make for his 5000th video, so he tried to make several types of videos at once in little bursts.

  3. Nia says:

    I love how he knows that we both miss him when he’s gone, and we support him taking breaks and only uploading when he feels like it. It makes me very glad that he knows how we feel, and that he’s not giving himself anxiety about disappointing us. It says a lot when a youtuber this big can be so aware of his fanbase. We missed you man, and we’re so proud of you! So excited to celebrate your 5000’th video with you!

  4. GibdeSpeak says:

    This is giving Bo Burnham’s Inside vibes with the same Jacksepticeye twist we all love. Thanks for 5000 videos! Looking forward to the Chase content!

  5. PureDepression says:

    I’ve never seen someone as talented as Sean, he some how made a NordVPN ad entertaining. Love this man

  6. vangogh yes says:

    don’t you apologise sean. you’ve saved lives and that’s something that not everyone can say. you so deserved this break after 5000 videos ! that’s a lot of videos. i’ve been watching you since i was 7 and i’m 15 now. you’re a big part of my childhood and you’ve never failed to make me happy, keep up the good work and don’t overwork yourself. we’re all so proud! <3

  7. Batersky says:

    this is the most jacksepticeye milestone video that could have ever happened

    and thats why its beautiful

  8. Spencer Kane says:

    This really radiates INSIDE vibes and I’m not complaining at all, amazing work and thank you for all the memories growing up Sean❤ You’ll go down in history

  9. J says:

    You’ve touched and saved many lives jack. So many times for so many people. And one of those was me. Thank you for just being you, making us laugh and giggle and forget the sorrows we have despite that of course you also have your own sorrows as well.

    Hence, I’m bringing this quote back for jack and everyone who needs it.

    “A lot of stuff in your life is not in your control. The stuff that’s not in your control? Just let that go. And anything that is in your control, focus on that.”

    We mostly focus on what is expected of us that we tend to forget what we really wanted to do or why we have done stuff in the first place. Be yourself. Do not let yourself be brought down of what people will think about you (unless you’ve done a morally evil thing against the law lol).

    You don’t have control of what they think. But also they don’t have control on what you should be or who you should be either. Be you and live life, do stuff, the way you wanted to. Have a great day. Thank you for attending my TedTalk. Lmao 🙂

  10. Marcie says:

    I….have….never been so happy . First the bo burnham inspo, then slap chop and then finally my baby chase and a new big cinematic project. Thank you sean, you delivered way more than we ever expected. I love you man

    • Text me + ①③②⓪②⓪⓪④③⓪③ says:

      🔝🔝Thanks for watching and commenting on this channel….. congratulations my selected winner’s JIM ME ABOVE TO CLAIM 🧑‍💻.

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