“This is one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” says Prime Minister on mosque shooting

“This is one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” says Prime Minister on mosque shooting

Police in New Zealand say multiple people have been killed in shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

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62 Responses

  1. bathsheba says:

    Can’t believe this could happen in New Zealand.

  2. Blue Wave 2018 says:

    Guns are illegal in New Zealand.
    Guns are illegal in Chicago.
    Gun bans do not stop gun violence.

  3. Rizky Agung Windiarto says:

    Why don’t he fight against ISIS in middle east? Oh i bet he’s a coward.

    • Rizky Agung Windiarto says:

      +Hyper Diper i know, my country fight against them since 2016. No easy when you going to church on sunday morning, and bom blasted in front of your eyes. Three times on different church in the same time and same city. Another day, local police station as a target. Hate? Yes, but we believe terrorist has no religion at all.

    • Hyper Diper says:

      +Rizky Agung Windiarto In my country, ISIS don’t care about your religion, despite if you’re Christian or a Muslim or Jew.
      What do you call capturing a bunch of people and decapitating them for no reason except making Muslims look bad.
      I believe that the entire purpose of ISIS is making Islam and the Middle east look and sound worse than it already is, and stealing and taking over of what’s left in the areas that they invaded.

    • strider says:

      >implying that isis doesn’t attack civilians


    • Hyper Diper says:

      @UCKml-GGUorOK2P_mVjw9R_g We don’t have hidden scriptures, or secrets or any plans like that.
      You clearly have no idea what true Islam is and what’s the purpose of it.
      And don’t tell me look around you, the only way to find the truth is if you jumped right into the core of the thing.
      Don’t judge the religion from the people, the people aren’t forced to do anything…they do things by choice…they have free will just like you and me, and Islam doesn’t magically force any human being to do anything.
      And the people don’t follow the commands of the religion most of the time and a lot of them just explain the rules exactly how they want them to be.
      But Islam came to Arabs because they were drunk monsters who rape women and kill children and little girls.
      After Islam, they had to stop the alcohol and all the rape and killing to be on the right road.
      Correct your thoughts before you end up like that terrorist who jumped on a bunch of an armed people and shot them to death.

    • Hyper Diper says:

      +strider for the 1000 times i repeat, ISIS are a bunch of non Muslims terrorists that have no problems in killing everyone whether you’re a Muslim or not.
      And i thought these people are open minded….

  4. tillallareoneluv says:

    People have lost there decency. Celebrating murder because they don’t like someone’s religion. I thought we tried the whole kill everybody thing in the 20th century?

    • Salmon says:

      @jordan fisher drink bleach

    • Draude P. says:

      What do you think this is? Disneyland? The world has improve but they’re 7 billion people on earth, Obviously some of them are gonna be dickheads. stop being a snowflake and grow up

    • Asher says:

      Two words Daniel pearl

    • 8Inch Donkey says:

      +Harmony Alexandria this man’s actions aren’t a product of some resentment in an ethnic hierarchical struggle. His manifesto was pure gibberish and wasn’t representing of anything whites hold value in. Nothing this man did was *Eco-Fascistic* yet he claims to be one. He mentions The 14 Words yet this man did nothing to secure our existence our people. Your claims are doing nothing but pushing a false narrative that are based solely on your bais opinion.

  5. Toni Olson says:

    It’s not much comfort yet you are in my prayers. I’m so sorry.

  6. cody bellinger says:

    Just despicable. All love from the US?

    • arthur karim says:

      +8Inch Donkey how sad and pathetic is your life?

    • shaz says:

      +8Inch Donkey Why are ur negative comments everywhere, get urself out of that room and get a life…atleast get to know people who u call muzzies

    • Asad Jarwar says:

      +8Inch Donkey | Why Do You Wish That?

    • Kevin Davidson says:

      Eh, the man had radical ideals and claims to have done these things with our second amendment rights and Trump being an influence according to reports. The second amendment rights claim has been confirmed with the Trump claim being reported multiple times as well. I don’t think we should be sending our prayers since we kinda have an influence on this nut job

    • 8Inch Donkey says:

      +Asad Jarwar because you people have no place in the west.

  7. Noahscopedyou _ says:

    New Zealand: *crying*

    America: First time?

    • Asher says:

      That’s actually how many classrooms function the best way to make the class behave is to make it so they are all punished if one is bad means the goods ones will be more likely to add on to the punishment of be bads ones

    • Stevis says:

      I bet 99% of the people making these jokes haven’t watched the video.

    • Timesweeper 9 says:

      +Meme Slayer Don’t apply logic to someone who lacks it.

    • Timesweeper 9 says:

      +Agent Deception I’ve seen worse

    • ObjectDefiance says:

      +Asher So now we must punish everyone from all around the world? that’s how we get all of them revolting against us

  8. E-MAN says:

    Considering what the internet is usually like this is a pretty tame comment section

  9. Joehua Elwood says:

    This has come as a big shock here in new Zealand our police don’t even carry gun on them I’ve driven passed both mosques 1000s of times

  10. ImUhhCaptain says:

    This kind of just tells you that nowhere is safe nowadays. Look out for each other, so that you, or other people do not fall into this sick pit.

  11. adnan raza says:

    My deepest condolences for the families who lost their love ones.

  12. Merchant Ivory says:

    The shooter wore a go pro cam…while the shooting as been removed you can see him go to his trunk and walk up to the building, its so so sad as the poor souls in side have no idea whats about to happen. Having suffered from loss myself all I can say to the ones who lost someone, take it 1 hour at a time. Do what ever you can to make it through the next hour, and i promise in time you can heal.

  13. Anthony Lemkendorf says:

    What politicians generally suggest after terrorist attacks:
    1.Don’t hate the the group terrorist say they represent.
    2.don’t give into fear
    3. Trust the authorities
    4. Go shopping

  14. Tech God360 says:

    Now no one calls terrorists, huh?!

  15. Ahmed Tahsin says:

    R.I.P 49 people killed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Pray for their soul, family & children.

  16. Saifuu says:

    People aren’t even safe in their places of worship. This is just cowardice.

    • 8Inch Donkey says:

      No its a clear sign that Muslims aren’t wanted in western nations. These people need to go back to their native lands and be amongst their own kind.

    • Element says:

      8Inch Donkey why are western nations attacking the Middle East? They are not welcomed there

    • shaz says:

      +8Inch Donkey Amongst their own kind? Aren’t they humans too? They have full rights to live anywhere on this planet earth.

    • Saifuu says:

      8Inch Donkey What about the innocents that were killed in the Las Vegas shooting? Were they not wanted here as well?

    • Haleema says:

      8Inch Donkey the ignorance in your comment is outstanding

  17. Sefkan911 says:

    It is NOT AN ACT OF VIOLENCE it is clearly A TERRORISM

  18. Anis South says:

    Prayer for those effected an inalillah for the 49 who lost theirs lives especial the children during that terror attack

  19. Daniel Warren says:

    Shoutout to my grandpa because that’s the only way he can hear

  20. Shahran Hussain says:

    How come he post his manifesto and evil plans on social media and yet, he wasn’t on the watchlist?

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