This is the $399 iPhone SE 2! (2020)

This is the $399 iPhone SE 2! (2020)

The iPhone SE 2020 / 2nd Generation / SE 2 is official. It packs the same iPhone 11 Pro internals in an iPhone 8 Body and most importantly starts at $399. Subscribe for my iPhone SE 2 Unboxing + review!

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65 Responses

  1. Jonathan Morrison says:

    iPhone SE 2 looks incredible for $399. Definitely Subscribe for the full review!

    • Tek King says:

      Is it just me or do you look a bit tired?

    • SleekFX says:

      Peter Veer you do know that the reason the iPhone 11 has such great battery life is not because of the capacity but because of the power efficiency right? If an iPhone SE were to be used side-by-side to a Samsung galaxy S6 The iPhone would crush it lol

    • Sasirekha P says:

      Pls focus on these when you do unboxing review.. camera(ultrawide,astrophotography,clarity),
      battery(does it have heating problems like those occurred in XR? And how much time does it stand till?),
      heard it doesn’t have Animoji and emoji is it true?

    • X Boii says:

      freakin click bait

    • C0SM0S says:

      @Danimicry TM i would say since last christmas ! 😆

  2. Mifdhal Akif says:

    1:32 Gloves: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  3. Basim Arif says:

    Apple: iPhone SE 2 comes out.
    My Brain: Does SE stand for Sexual Evidence?

  4. SleekFX says:

    Can’t wait for Unbox Therapy to call it “depressing “

    • Katowice LoL says:

      not to mention the sony imx686 48mp main camera with 8k capability, 13mp ultrawide, 5mp telephoto, and 2mp depth sensor

      oh and a headphone jack

    • UltraJeed says:

      Katowice LoL That’s all very impressive specs but you have to remember, if you don’t have strong, reliable, long lasting software with great customer support, the value of the phone diminishes very quickly for customers.

    • CocoREMA says:

      Derek Lin But powerfuller and nice

    • Scott Chiste says:

      Maxis Imagine a Samsung galaxy note 10+ losing to a $400 iPhone 😉

    • Derek Escalante says:

      @Derek Lin thank you for saying that, most people have an iPhone just cause they’re a bandwagon and do what everyone else does.

  5. Francis John Paul Daluro says:

    iPhone SE: Second Edition 😅

  6. Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️ says:

    An Iphone that I can buy it immediately without hesistation.😅
    A good step-up for People who are budget conscious or not into high end phones.

  7. Rudra Ditya says:

    OnePlus: We could not include wireless charging and an IP rating on the OnePlus 8 because we’d have to hike the price even more.

    Apple: Wireless charging and an IP rating are standard on the SE.

    • Izzat Ismadi says:

      Stop comparing ios and android bruh theyre different.. I do own both and i like the android customisation but with iOS performance

    • Rudra Ditya says:

      Checkout my channel as well

    • scorpion199227 says:

      Lol you must be stupid to think this is better than a OnePlus 8 in anyway

    • Tim R. says:

      @H A OnePlus pushed everything? What did they pushed? They released phones with good specs for a low price and what happened? Nothing. OnePlus is pushing absolutely nothing…

    • Orange Circle says:

      Derek Lin you’re comparing apples (no pun intended) to oranges. The SE has always been intended for the casual user market. The average person doesn’t care about refresh rates, probably doesn’t know what AMOLED is, and would never use any of the customization options that android has. The average consumer just wants a cheap, worry free device, which Apple provides. Not everyone is a smartphone enthusiast, and I can assure you that top specs don’t mean anything if the user experience isn’t super streamlined. That’s what Apple does well, and that’s why they’re so successful. Marketing just reinforces that.

  8. Aban Don Roby says:

    Apple launches iPhone SE

    MKBHD: “I’ve been using this for 2 weeks now…!!!!”

  9. AKSHAYE VAID says:

    I love the phone…. this is what I needed my se is about to die out on me !

  10. A.S.B says:

    wearing mask messes with face ID but wearing gloves messed with touch ID. I’d say they’re on par with each other

  11. lukeboxes says:

    Finally, an up-to-date iPhone I can afford

  12. Sapphire Axel says:

    The ONLY apple product that i care about. I love my iPhone SE and glad that it got an update!!

  13. Jayy says:

    This is a perfect device for teenagers getting their first phone.

  14. Kang Ph says:

    MKBHD: “So i have been using the iPhone SE 2 weeks since then and here are my thoughts”

  15. john lee says:

    *FINALLY, I don’t have to sell my kidneys!!*

  16. Pepperoni Pizza Gaming says:

    Finally apple released something affordable.
    Kudos to apple for this masterpiece.

  17. NIT Creations says:

    Other Tech Youtubers: Oneplus 8 Pro Review
    Jonathan: Let’s talk about iPhone SE that i don’t have

  18. OrionTheWaffle says:

    man. Your thumbnail is such a click bait… Instead of having the device, you’re just talking about something that you don’t have. Then when you actually have it, there’s gonna be another video. Look, It’s totally cool if you wanna have your own thoughts and opinions on it but don’t try to deceive us with a clickbaitey thumbnail.

  19. Benzinewagen says:

    OMG, I’m almost fainting.
    Have been looking forward to this form-factor, soooo eagerly.
    After all these years of the venerable, but hooky iPhone 5, it was time for a drastic reform.
    And Apple did it. Again !
    It really took its time piloting this design (in iPhone 6…8) to ensure that it would truly work – to be sure that the SE 2020 would not just be another lame/turk frame taken from the warehouses, but a classical reform. A definite statement that took Apple every possible effort and talent remaining in its Design department – with herds of talented designers left unmanaged after Joni’s demise – to painstakingly retrace that meticulously well-crafted iPhone 6.
    So finally here it is…the one and classical Joni phone / Jo-phony
    The form-factor that made Tim a Big Tim – and the Definite One as not a single soul on the streets will evade it (and why would he…)
    And even with an cpu upgrade to silence all possible mourners and whiners around. Tim is The Greatest.

  20. ADLG says:

    “64GB which isn’t the best”
    *Cries in 16GB with 50MB left*

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