This is the Dumbest Product I’ve Ever Reviewed

This is the Dumbest Product I’ve Ever Reviewed

This thing blows

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38 Responses

  1. Doctor Mike says:

    Glad we were able to team up on this one 😂 Well done sir!

    • R Subedi says:

      Glad we got your input on this. It was definitely needed to get a further understanding of why the product is flawed. 🫡

    • Neel B says:

      W Mike

    • Peanut - INTP says:

      Oh, hey, you’re that guy from the YouTubes (who I don’t follow because a little too zany but have learned several things from here and there) 👍

    • Genghisnico13 says:

      Nice theory about masks, unfortunately in real RCTs even in trained individuals they offer no significant protection against viruses.

  2. EXCESSORIZE ME. says:

    If the fans cooled my ears, I’d be enticed.

    • T2112 says:

      Wait till you find out about air and wind

    • Lil Cancer says:

      ​@T2112 I think he means while wearing the headphones because they cover your ears and honestly make your ears warm after a while

    • PseudoEmpathy says:

      Seems like an easy enough mod. You can see light through the ear cup, all you would have to do is block the vent hole, perforate the chamber between the fans and the earcups and remove the filters for extra airflow. Filter not needed cause ears don’t breathe.

    • Mariano Vidal Melendez says:

      Keep that idea to yourself, you could easily become a billionaire

    • Gabriel Alcala says:

      @Mariano Vidal Melendez I just patented this!

  3. Jack Maclain says:

    Dr Mike hit the physics on the head, great explanation of filter efficiency.

    • Mehdi Zaidi says:

      Filter efficacy~

    • Decoy says:

      And doesn’t even have to get to the part that there’s no way the airflow on this keeps up with the rate you inhale, making you get a big chunk of the surrounding air with every breath, and all the air it’s putting out when you exhale just gets pushed out and goes to waste

  4. Asmar Muhammad says:

    This wasn’tjust a video, this was a mini documentary. Hats off to him for putting in so much work into his vids.

  5. Darius Scott says:

    My boy turned a product review into a business lesson😂 well played

  6. Setup One says:

    I guess Dyson never googled “Respirator Masks” 😀 Not only do they actually save lives by working properly but some of them even look hella cool when worn.

    • Smirk says:

      Respirator Masks might actually be the inspiration behind this product because of their earcups-looking filters.

    • Joy L says:

      My doctor suggested I get one from Respro for allergies, and they look really sci-fi. But they were our of my budget so I went with Vogmask, which is also one a lot of doctors suggest. They are to smells what noise cancelling headphones are to sound. I can walk through stores without getting migraines from scented products, and that means it’s a good seal.

    • M Faj says:

      Basically u got Active Smell Cancellation Mask😅

    • takanara7 says:

      @Joy L I don’t know if this thing, like, actually works – but the problem with something that actually sits on your face is it’ll get dirty/gross after a while.

  7. RobM says:

    They also did a washing machine, well in the UK at least. Instead of one drum rotating, it was split in half which went in opposite directions. In principal, it would wash much better but in practice, components failed constantly and it chewed clothes. Definitely a miss!

    • plaktow says:

      At least those customers know for sure where their socks went

    • p0r5ch3911 says:

      I hope the washig machine had at least a nice carrying bag and extra two colored coiled cables and filtered the air while washing.

  8. Blackrider6702 says:

    Was not expecting a Doctor Mike colab, but I’m all for it.

  9. Ryan Greenaway says:

    16:14, a moment to appreciate how happy your air purifying headphones look when laid out like that.

  10. AdamK says:

    So if it were coming with a sealing silicone face mask I would be intrigued. I dabble in carpentry sometimes and a nice noise cancelling headphone that plays nice with proper masks is nice.

    • Attila TheHUN says:

      Those filters would be clogged in a matter of hours in an environment with wood dust.

    • rkan2 says:

      ​@Attila TheHUNIs why you have replaceable filters…?

    • CMLAFLAMME says:

      As a contractor.. you’re not going to want anything unnecessarily heavy on your head. Also, many jobs require hard hats. Honestly there are many reasons this type headphone would be bad for construction. Just wear the standard mask and ear buds if you want music.

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