This is the iPhone SE 2

This is the iPhone SE 2

Is the iPhone SE 2 a new iPhone or an old iPhone? You decide.

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53 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    Let’s play a game… Is this a new iPhone or an old iPhone? You can’t say both.

  2. Randy Powers says:

    “I look at the bank account and it’s not looking good”. Finally someone I relate to

  3. Ben Zeltser says:

    Apple: Wow we have so much factory peices left NoneUsed.


  4. THE HILL says:

    totally agree with lew, me still with the iphone 7 love the size, dont care about bbezels, needed faster specs. Apple did it. in a low price. love it.

  5. Leo Lungu says:

    Me with an iPhone 6: nothing
    Everyone: WOW IS THAT AN IPHONE SE2?

  6. Gweny says:

    well, i have a nokia 3310 and an iPod shuffle since 3 weeks and i’m living my best life

  7. Tamás Csukly says:

    The phone I would recommend to every mom who owns the original SE. Like mine.

  8. * Imperior says:

    5:07 one thing that did change was that the logo moved up

    Me: really neega

  9. Patrick Peoples says:

    See I’m considering moving from my X to the “new” SE because I miss the smaller form-factor. That said, what I WANTED when I said (to no one apparently) I wanted a modern interpretation of the SE is I wanted the Original 5S shell with an edge to edge display and an in-screen fingerprint reader. I don’t think that’s a lot given offerings from many other companies. I think this phone is exactly what It looks like, a total recycle of existing hardware and chassis.

  10. Av says:

    8:55 me trying to remember my topic in the middle of my presentation

  11. EzY VEWz says:

    iPhone Stimulus Edition
    All jokes aside, it’s a iPhone 11 in a iPhone 8 frame. I imagine it’s going to be pretty powerful with it only having to power a smaller screen.

  12. Sanketh Bennur says:

    It not being the flagship and having great specs for a $399 price actually makes it a good phone imo.

    PS: I have always been an android user.

  13. eddy says:

    The whole time I’m confused if he’s holding an 8 or the SE

  14. D # says:

    I never look at anyone and say, “hey cool phone.” I don’t expect anyone else to either.

    • Giosuè Bottoni says:

      Exactly, people need to stop criticizing investment choices. It feels like they wish everyone had their same phone, I bet if that was the case they would criticize the phone because it was “too popular” and start listing all of its issues as an excuse.

    • NazmusLabs says:

      Unless they have a Nokia 3330 brick phone, then you definitely will. 😉

    • smol joonie says:

      nothings wrong with complimenting someone’s phone if you like it

    • Fake Nigger says:

      @NazmusLabs so funny.

    • achintya sagar says:

      I got that quite alot back then when I used to own a Nokia e7…that time people mostly had brick phones finding a phone that was touch operated and slid the screen to unveil a full QWERTY keyboard was really cool even for today’s standards

  15. llemenll says:

    I love this guy talking about the iPhone 8 like it’s a flipping god

  16. Willy 177 says:

    I want a new iphone and stick to the old, because i cant afford a new, thats the reason why people stick to their devices, the new are to expensive😅👍🏻

  17. Karlisjoo says:

    It’s funny how I still walk around with a iPhone 6S lmao.

  18. Sandeep Preetam says:

    Dude I miss MKBHD, feel like I’m settling for so much less when I watch UnboxTherapy

  19. B A B A J i says:

    Yo man , you’re top 10 trending in India .

  20. x247365 says:

    Search in YouTube KD729K they doing it only today!

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