This is the PS5 Controller…

This is the PS5 Controller…

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller for PS5 is…unique. 🙃
Why the PS5 isn’t as powerful as Series X
Hands on with the Xbox Series X

More on the DualSense for PS5:

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77 Responses

  1. Austin Evans says:

    ok I lied the controller has already grown on me

  2. ChefBigDog says:

    It sounds like Asutin was hurt by playstation

  3. jassim javed says:

    The ps5 controller looks so futuristic and beautiful!

  4. poopatroopa says:

    i’m actually in love with this controller

    • Michael Pentchev says:

      Same here

    • A-Voq says:

      ​@ThatStick man2.0 Are you trying to use the usual “Casual COD gamer” insult just because I have an opinion about the controller. And who says COD won’t impliment it. I don’t play play COD anyway. I would never play anything Activision has had their paws on. COD is just another word for Anti-Russian propaganda casino simulator.

      And don’t try to invalidate my opinion by using the usual uncreative COD insult. It doesn’t even work there. Sorry if other people having opinions offends you so much.

    • Lucas Francisco says:

      @A-Voq Someone is salty

    • KvngFasa says:

      AndréY2JSami94 fr

    • Jack Carey says:

      @AndréY2JSami94 because it’s just a rip off xbox controller lol

  5. Иван Степанов says:

    Anyone else has this feeling, like, Austin tries to sell me an Xbox while talking ’bout PS5 controller… *magnificent*

    • Andrew Wilson says:

      Another impartial video, most of the video is a dig at the PS5 hardware and back handed comments how many times was it called ‘unique’ or something similar with nice long pause for effect

    • yonel vitor says:

      @Tr1ckShot you now, its true. At the moment Series X is way better but its not professional how he intends to deliver the information when you get that type of feeling in a PS5 video…

    • Phuc Yu says:

      Bruh this guy is a butt holw

    • Phuc Yu says:

      Bruh this guy is a butt hole

    • Everardo Velasco says:

      I think the controller looks decent, it’s just I dont like where the analog sticks are placed

  6. Lethal Wolf says:

    The light bar on the ds4 was like tracker thing for the Playstation camera, I think 🤔 , correct me if I’m wrong

  7. Michael Leung says:

    I think the Dual Sense looks really sleek. My first thought upon seeing it: Protoss

  8. Electrxity YT says:

    I feel like Sony went with a more ergonomic approach to the controller shape meaning how comfortable it is and overall more than standard use for it. Anyone agree?

  9. Maaz Patel says:

    I liked it the moment i saw it

    Love at first sight

  10. Regicide Videos says:

    The controller looks more comfortable, all I care about don’t know why the internet has made you all this weird.

    • Imraan Omar says:

      yeah the xbox controller, the dual sense and switch pro controller all have a similar design for your hands.
      Xbox was ahead with the design but its great that the controller is better because I’m looking at getting a PS5 sometime next year

  11. 2000 Subscribers With 0 Videos? says:

    It’s like you didn’t even wanna make this video but you were forced or something lol

  12. Chew boii says:

    It looks like they took the model from Detroit become human

  13. Ghassan Radwan says:

    0:36 I really don’t know how you didn’t understand that… this only means they added rumble motors to the triggers

  14. Aarfective says:

    The controller looks sick I’m getting it the second it comes

  15. Daniel Barakat says:

    **Austin making a ps5 info based video**
    Also austin: mentions the XSX more than he mentions the actual ps5 controller 😂

  16. Rolando Colon says:

    Austin: “Does anyone really care about the light bar?” Me: “Does anyone really care about RGB lights on their keyboard? On their Tower PC? Behind their home entertainment system?”

    • Darren Wiseman says:

      Could end up having a light bar attachment for using VR.

    • SirTheOnlyPixel says:

      @[insert Name Here] Referring to peripherals, not the build itself, but even when it comes to the build I’d rather get something functional than a bunch of flashy lights I’ll never pay attention to.

    • Snoozy says:

      hxiderr I could care less of RGB in my pc that’s just more money that I don’t have

    • Hammodi Alshallawee says:

      Shut the fuck up u bastard , nobody cares about fucking PlayStation!!! It’s less powerful than the Xbox series x , in fact it’s rumoured to be 15% faster than the Xbox one x , and the series x is like 60% faster than the one x ….

    • [insert Name Here] says:

      @Darren Wiseman

      To my knowledge there’s no PC VR tech out there that requires a lightbar or any form for spacial awareness via a webcam and lights. If anything, I’d say this is a step forward in making it more “plug & play” than incurring extra money for an intrusive and ugly web cam with unnecessary extra set up steps.

      Then again, I think the PSVR needed an excuse to recycle the camera and PS3 nunchucks tbh. I liked the PSVR aesthetic, but if it means I don’t have to buy a 200 dollar webcam then that suits me fine.

  17. Arthur Moreira says:

    Come on dude, how can you call this “ugly” after saying the New Shield controller is one of the most beautiful and most ergonomic controllers you ever tried?

  18. trahannn says:

    I’m going to assume that the mic will allow more of a convenience for smart feature. “Hey ____ , play Final Fantasy 7.” “Hey _____, turn on Netflix.”

  19. Spud Man says:

    I like how the controller looks. I just want a different color and colored action buttons.

  20. Jay Adam says:

    PS5 new dual sense controller released.
    Austin: “meh”
    Me: “okay, so this is bias review”

    • FriskyNinja says:

      @Jay Adam looks horrible though

    • Finn & Jake says:

      @Jay Adam No…it’s an ugly attempt to fix their terribly shaped controllers by copying Xbox controllers but still keeping the garbage button layout of the side by side analog sticks and side by side D-pad and buttons. That’s why Xbox barely changed their controller because it’s already perfect and the best controller to use with a PC for single player games. Meanwhile Sony is still playing catch-up.

    • Blinkzzaa says:

      I play on ps4 and i think it’s color scheme is very meh. Controller design is also not very pleasing to the eye but i’ll live with it as long as it’s cobfortable and still feels like what i play with now. I think an all black scheme would be better but that’s likely to be sold at shops or online so it’s not a big deal. I don’t disagree with anything he said in the video, eberything he says is definitely valid as i myself share most of if not all the same problems

    • m s says:

      @Jonathan Anaya I’ve NEVER ONCE got 40 hours out of an xbox controller. I’ve used batteries and currently use the official battery packs. It lasts about as long as my dualshock 4 with a full charge. They are both decent controllers and quite Frankly Austin is being biased in this preview and based on his previous videos, seems to have some sort of deal with Microsoft. Either way let’s stop the petty quibbles. Enjoy the console you have. Or if you’re like me buy every game platform you can for the love of the medium. I own everything, I have a pretty powerful gaming PC, all current gen and have most older consoles except for the NEO GEO. Couldn’t justify the £500 price point for a 20 year old console. Play for the love of gaming, not the love of branding

    • Jonathan Anaya says:

      @Jay Adam I do love my Tesla 🙂 I give props to Sony for changing the Dualshock design… I’ve always HATED how small and un-ergonomic it was

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