This Is Us – Your Very First Look at Season 2! (Digital Exclusive)

This Is Us – Your Very First Look at Season 2! (Digital Exclusive)

In this exclusive excerpt from the Season 2 premiere of This Is Us, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) surprises Randall (Sterling K. Brown) with some frank, motherly advice. This Is Us returns to NBC on Tuesday, September 26 at 9/8c.
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This Is Us follows a unique ensemble, some of whom share the same birthday, as their paths cross and lives intertwine.

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Sometimes life will surprise you. Starring Mandy Moore (“A Walk to Remember”) and Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes,” “Gilmore Girls”), this refreshingly honest and provocative series follows a unique ensemble. And as their paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways, we find that several of them share the same birthday – and so much more than anyone would expect. From the writer and directors of Crazy, Stupid, Love comes a smart, modern dramedy that will challenge your everyday presumptions about the people you think you know.

This Is Us – Your Very First Look at Season 2! (Digital Exclusive)

This Is Us

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20 Responses

  1. aKolkaa says:

    I remember watching the pilot of this show. And after I watched it, I told myself: “this is the best thing I’ve ever witnessed, there is no any other tv show that can beat the pilot of this is us” and believe me, I watch a lot of tv. Every scene, every episode is like an emotional roller coaster. Somehow you feel connected. I want to thank the creators and writers for such beautiful piece of art. Can’t wait for Season 2 to come back!

  2. Whitney Pyant says:

    NBC is killing me with this show. I cry every week. I’m going to need a lot of tissues when they reveal Jack’s death,

  3. Salman Ghori says:

    This show is a part of my fabric now…I will know things now as before and after #ThisIsUs My heart and my mind are so freaking ready for this ❤️

  4. Bryan Sudfield says:

    Not ready for this to come back, fam.

  5. ainsworth anderson says:


  6. sharavan ke says:

    Sterling k. Brown wat an actor 😃 His expressions 😍😭

  7. Anny Lane says:

    i cant wait to cry every week again, so simple, heartwarming, beautiful show, makes you believe in humanity and love again. <3

  8. Mabelis Herrera says:

    wonderful scene and as always with the ability to bring us to thoughtful tear 😢

  9. Port Novella says:

    There’s an art to telling the truth.

  10. Scott Ball says:

    Whats the song name?

  11. lilian makori says:

    OMG you guys I’m so excited for season 2!!! 😭💕

  12. Joseph Dutra says:


  13. Adriana Avila says:

    P.S and by the way… Mandy Moore should have gotten a freaking Emmy nomination!!! Much of the cast did, including lots of the actors. I am upset and disappointed. She does a hell of a lot of work for this show and in the story telling. Love you Mandy, I’m a huge fan of yours. First got into this show because I saw you in the trailer and wanted to peek into your upcoming project.

  14. Stop says:

    *Ummm … can I just say*


  15. Danish Ahmed says:

    This is only 3 mins and i m already getting the bumps. Best show!

  16. Rosemary Shin says:

    I AM SO EXCITED. My favorite show

  17. This Is Who I Am says:

    I can’t wait i can’t wait i CAN’T WAIT !! Love this show !!

  18. Joe Lee says:

    WOWW… This is a part of their story I didn’t know I wanted… THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS IS US!!!!!!

  19. Gina Chan says:

    Why you gotta make me cry trailer? 😢

  20. Alan Sáenz says:

    I’m already crying God dang it 😭😩

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