This Is What Caffeine Withdrawal Looks Like.

This Is What Caffeine Withdrawal Looks Like.

No caffeine of any type for a week. Never again.

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66 Responses

  1. Gabbie Hanna says:

    lol the day i filmed the “talk” portion of this i didn’t have coffee, and by the end of the day i had an unstoppable migraine and couldn’t sleep. already addicted again i guess.

    • Deleted Account says:

      Gabbie Hanna I had the worst brain fog that lasted a month… I wanted to die I couldn’t think and forgot stuff. I was always sleepy and had headaches. I felt like I was going crazy

    • Erika Martinez says:

      Gabbie Hanna Omg I just turned 17 and whenever I don’t have any coffee I cry, complain, get mad at anything literally anything and I don’t pay attention at all to anything I would sometimes take Advil or Tylenol and it doesn’t even help. I feel your pain

    • Kayla Sherwood says:

      Oh my god that’s so crazy I drink coffee all the time but if I don’t have some for a while, literally does not affect me and I like to stay away in the summer as a student and do a cleanse lol

    • Amanda Love Animals says:

      I have a question I am thinking about getting to nose pierced soon and I want to know if it hurt or not 1-10???

    • Tmm88 Fft says:

      Gabbie Hanna jesus why is this tard still on yt, or even relevant?

  2. Miranda Mallery says:

    The caffeine withdrawals are nothing compared to opiate withdrawals. Don’t get me wrong I give you credit for doing this and showing how horrible it can be. I will have 5 years clean from opiates in September. I have chronic migraines I get Botox for and a caffeine addiction. If I don’t have caffeine I get the worst migraines. But I’m glad you did this because it shows that everyone has their vice. So everyone can stop the stigma on recovering addicts we are people and usually hate ourselves more than you can. (Not you Gabbie just in general) love you.

  3. Have a magical day says:

    Apples makes me more hungry than I was before eating it

  4. Addison Brandau says:

    Gabbie has a better relationship with her coffee pot than a boyfriend 😂
    Love you Gabbie 💜 💜 💜

  5. Amanda Aguilar says:

    I actually noticed that coffee gives me bad anxiety so I stopped in May and only have tea if I need a boost! I did get some side effects too!

  6. Copper Creek Cuts says:

    I dropped caffeine after a decade and a half so of use. The first week was horrible, a constant headache. After that it was better but still had phantom headaches randomly for the next three weeks until I finally kicked it!

    • yentl says:

      Copper Creek Cuts i stopped completely and ive never had this much energy in my entire life!!!!!!!! (after the withdrawal ofcourse)

  7. Madelyn is Awkward says:

    I find it so weird when people say foods/ drinks give them energy because nothing like that does anything to me, not sugar, not caffeine, so weird (I still drink coffee though but it’s just because I like the taste, I don’t need it)

  8. ? meh says:

    Ive tried quitting energy drinks 5 times and its so fucking difficult and having a mood disorder on top of that but when u DO quit you feel FANTASTIC
    Like on top of the fuckimg world and u sleep so well and ur mood gets better and u feel better all day long and have more energy but its just h a r d

    U gotta quit slowly, like take 2 cups instead of 3, then 1 instead of 2, then drink black tea instead
    Then youre like…fine

  9. Nicholas Scala says:

    Now do heroin withdrawal

  10. Alyssia Carter says:

    Gabbie: “ I don’t drink that much, between one to three cups a day” 😂 girl that’s a lot. One to three cups a week is a little. No judging her, most people drink more than her. I don’t drink coffee but duh, yes…it is addictive.

  11. Tozzey8 says:


  12. rafa says:

    i dont drink coffee and this just made me make SURE that i wont ever drink coffee

  13. Victoria Duran says:

    coffee doesn’t do much for me, just makes me poop

  14. Christina says:

    did anyone with misophonia cringe when hearing her slurp her coffee 😩

  15. Maddie Carney says:

    I’ve uhh… never had coffee

  16. yourlocalartgabby says:

    The withdrawals are what I feel like most days and I don’t usually drink coffee like ever

  17. brave says:

    i love iced coffee! one summer i drank it almost everyday and i really started CRAVING when i stopped drinking it that often. it was bad. but atleast i didn’t have withdrawals like you did, because, i’m guessing i drank it only for three months? i don’t like coffee tho 😂 just iced

  18. Abby Bunny says:

    my everyday life is how you were with withdrawals… should i start drinking coffee??

    • Nina N says:

      What you should do is see a doctor. I had a deficiency that finally over the time made me so exhausted I couldn’t go 2 hours without laying down and my mind got so weird.

    • Nicole Miller says:

      Abby Bunny my thoughts too!!

    • Alisha Hunter says:

      coffee isnt the only thing with caffeine in, u can get caffeine in fizzy pop and other drinks !! but the best thing for you is probably caffeine tablets ! maybe try them, as they have the correct dose in it ( as u can sometimes have too much ) hope this helps xxxx

    • Atalanta Olbrechts says:


    • IfYouDontThinkMyDogIsCuteWeHaveAnIssue says:

      Do you have a chronic illness? Because that’s me. Ice packs help my migraines (or severe headaches) a lot.. and I drink tea more because it gives me energy but I don’t feel shaky or sick. Try chai tea latte. Its perfect for me. And ibuprofen helps my pain much more than Tylenol. If you have kidney problems avoid it though.

  19. Lexi Marie says:

    I wanna see Alisha Marie try this challenge.

  20. Elizabeth Qammaniq says:

    I will never stop drinking coffee. It’s the love of my life 😂

    • Lovina Fahrues says:

      Elizabeth Qammaniq it might be good your brain to take a break for a while & do a tolerance break. Coffee too frequently can make your sleep quality horrible and affect your overall health

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