This is why mom doesn’t F@cking love you!

This is why mom doesn’t F@cking love you!

Redneck pranks gone wrong at the Jackman house.
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20 Responses

  1. Mariusz Gil says:

    Americans are so stupid…

  2. Agent Ham says:

    The shirt is perfect…

  3. Meow Your mom (Dare Devil Cat) says:

    woah wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jamie Wagner says:

    funny shit!

  5. Jamie Wagner says:

    dad loves you!

  6. Robert Loomis says:

    So many dumb asses. Doesn’t everyone know about blanks, I guess not but
    then again these are the people that think guns kill people…

  7. martthesling says:

    +Marcus Beauchamp It was a real gun but with a dud round.

  8. Gabe Riddick says:

    Was that gun real 

  9. Muffin' Wrangler says:

    +KnivesOfTheRound And your one of them?

  10. Muffin' Wrangler says:

    +Muffin’ Wrangler From google.

  11. Arno Betts says:

    No, she doesn’t love him because he films in portrait.

  12. Mike Dutch says:

    This ish got 1,000,000 views in one day

  13. FirestormPunk says:

    Lol that response. What next? ” I’m going to shit in your sandwich “? 

  14. Brent Bertke says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:


  15. jonnyx749 says:


  16. Kaden Stewart says:

    Sooooo FUNNY

  17. Commander of Freedom says:

    Atleast his shirt said sorry

  18. Zeus Amuun says:

    This is why mom doesn’t fucking love you

  19. vip3r says:

    lmfao sooooo hard omg

  20. WhiteRanger62 says: