This Is Why The Homeless Crisis May Never End in The United States…

This Is Why The Homeless Crisis May Never End in The United States…

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94 Responses

  1. harleyhoobers says:

    I’ve struggled with homelessness after the loss of my youngest child and the its extremely hard to find help. I couldn’t even stay in the Safe Parking Program because I didn’t have car insurance! I ended up finding help through a private Christian woman’s program. I only found out about them by word of mouth, so I was very lucky and the help they provided was so much more than expected. Vine Maple Place if you’re in King County WA!

    • Jan Enns says:

      Praise God for your life ! God is good !

    • Caitlin says:

      Im so glad you were able to find help!

    • Anime NPC says:

      Definite upvote that thank you for spreading the word to help others

    • lifewuzonceezr says:

      Been depressed lately..I was homeless and your words just made me shake my head and remember what I’ve lost shouldn’t be what I focus on, I have to see what I’ve gained! I have a lovely apartment, groceries, heat, water, power And cable and Internet (my Christmas present to me). K, getting up off my arse, going to clean and cook with loud music! Thanks! I needed that reminder! <3! XooX

    • jasin biggs says:

      Hahaha. No sympathy for the homeless. The homeless are worse than illegal immigrants. I hate illegals but i hate homeless way more. Atleast the illegals work. The homeless though are subhuman garbage that refuse to work even though they have all there documents

  2. Leon says:

    I like how everyone is just talking shit because this story is using skid row in California as an example, but I bet none of you have even researched nor care about the homeless in your own communities/states. At least there are people here who are trying to find a solution to the problem. Ask yourself, is your state/city doing anything to help the vulnerable people where you live?

    • Jordan G. K. says:

      Funny, California does the absolute most for their homelessness and yet they have the fastest growing rate

      Your little rant seems to have some flaws

    • Atomicneko says:

      Leon I live in riverside and I can tell you people here hold up signs essentially saying they’re too lazy to work. I’ve talked with homeless in my area and it’s crazy because they look 50+ but so many will be in their 20s. It’s because of drugs. You can’t pay your rent money to drugs and pay rent

    • Brandon Chip Baggett says:

      +Ferlynn Thanks

    • Ferlynn says:

      Brandon Chip Baggett Most welcome.

    • Leon says:

      +Atomicneko I’ve been to riverside. And you’re right about the fact that many are addicted. But that’s not usually the way they ended up that way, it’s more so a direct result of homelessness. Would you want to be sober if you had nowhere to live, no food, or hope for that matter? Probably not. There just aren’t enough resources to help people get clean and on their feet. It’s more than just a homeless problem it’s a mental health problem and education. We put things that should be basic necessities out of reach and then complain about all the people who fall through those gaps. We don’t care about our people here in the United States. It’s all sink or swim. The haves and the have nots.

  3. Edna Von Bock says:

    Where I work there is a lot of homelessness and crime. And the vibe is just insane. Thing will be bustling. Children will run around playing in the lobby and adults chattering. But a homeless guy will walk in, as for water, the bathroom, maybe a burger and it will all stop. It’s sad that just because of that hes treated as a danger. Mothers going “timmy stay away from him” right where he can hear. I straight up kicked out 3 teens once. Poor dude was just trying to escape the rain and they sat there harassing him. Fuck you!

    • KangaMagic says:

      I mean, a homeless guy literally walked up to my table at starbucks, asked for change, and when I didn’t give him any he took my drink, grabbed a straw, and started drinking out of it. He then walked off with my drink.

    • Richard T says:

      That’s because homeless can be dangerous, drug addicted people. That is a danger that is more clear to see than the guy next to you who looks just fine. That’s all I think that is.

    • Edna Von Bock says:

      +Jk channel … it had less to do with policy and more to do with demographics. Cities have more homeless people anywhere you go and also tend to have more Democrats.

      Considering roosevelt era tax policy is what pulled us out of the great depression and sliced homelessness numbers like butter I dont see your argumenr

    • Joshua Alyea says:

      Maybe those parents value their children’s lives more than some stranger’s feelings.

    • Ashley m says:

      thoughtlesskills this is why I have no friends to be honest

  4. TheSpacecraftX says:

    You didn’t try to answer the question in the title. Why might it never end?

    • Corms 2 says:

      TheSpacecraftX republicans and capitalism is the answer. Notice that all of the people in the Venice town hall meeting were white and middle-class or higher? They see homeless people as a problem for THEM not a problem for the homeless

    • Narune Watercrest says:

      I believe the group of people shown at the end demonizing the homeless is why. People are afraid of things they don’t understand and often don’t care to address the issue if it does bot directly affect them.

    • prodigygod1 says:

      +Narune Watercrest we have our lives to live.. having yours become worse cuz some people who dont want to work but instead leech and cause problems cause you problems isnt something id want to deal with. not all homeless people are like this. but the ones who arent eventually get out. the majority that is still homeless like being homeless. they dont want to work.

    • Narune Watercrest says:

      I wouldn’t go around declaring that the majority of homeless people like being treated like trash and actively looked down upon in society, it just doesn’t sound right and I’ve seen nothing to prove it is true.+prodigygod1

    • Brando says:

      +Merry GoGirl

      “Most of society” or “most of California”? Plenty of places are trying to help them and NOT through government cash handout alone.

      It won’t end because you are a capitalist nation with a free economy and in order to have something to strive FOR, there logically needs to be something to strive AWAY from. Government handouts create a population of dependence. It does not create independent, free thinking, progress hungry individuals.

      Handouts create complacency in individuals. The poor exist because they have to, in order for everyone to have that drive. HOWEVER, the key is not to try and “remove homelessness” through cash handouts, it is to try and raise the current status quo of poverty, via proper education and parenting.

      That way the “poor” of tomorrow can be less “poor” in relation to the “poor” of 50 or 100 years ago. We can be jealous and envious of everyone all the time, or we can be happy trying to help each other out.

  5. TheScottybob says:

    As a former homeless person. People should realize, there are a lot of homeless out there that choose to be that way. I am not special. I worked hard to get out of my situation. Many people I met on the streets only want free food, free housing and free money to maintain their housing. If they have to put effort into maintaining they just give up. A free home for everyone who is homeless will do nothing in the long run. You have to motivate a person to want the change for themself. Like the woman complaining about how the volunteers are mean and making excuses why she didn’t take advantage of the help. It’s sad the excuses and stories I heard on the streets.

    • prodigygod1 says:

      i agree.. most ive met openly admit they like being homeless and happily take any free services. they dont want to work. a lot of this money is just wasting away.

    • Hayden Miller says:

      No because of the recent tax cuts, the shrinking of the middle class, the increasingly unstable stock market because of dangerous financial practices, and the belief that if you hard enough in life you can make it. But the ones who did not make it would give up or worse commit suicide because of that person belief he/she failed being as that person! Might as well make new term: toxic capitalism.


      +john johnson Citation Needed(Got it) it’s rather interesting how that works

    • Trippy Gudakesa says:

      As another former homeless person, I find it sad that you think that just because people like me and you bettered our situation doesnt mean all services will help everyone. Some people are used to being homeless and have other problems such as ptsd, depression and substance abuse that may make them seem like they arnt trying. Not everyone has the same opportunities as you or me.

    • prodigygod1 says:

      +Hayden Miller so they arent to blame for their laziness? lots of homeless out there. some got unlucky and struggle to get back to a normal life. most others are just lazy. the system that helps them helps them all but most of the moneys wasted.

  6. PKTEK says:

    When my parents moved to San Diego in the 80s as immigrants they found a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment (the one I more or less grew up in) for about $500 a month.

    This allowed my mom to stay home and take care of my sister and I while my dad worked full time. It was perfect for us.

    Now? A 2 bedroom 2 bath (the SAME APARTMENT COMPLEX!) Is around $1500. Three times the price.

    The cost of living increase has been insane.

  7. NepNep says:

    I sometimes forget that this channel isn’t anymore just “a guy talking about news” but pretty much an actual news channel and I love it. Keep it up!

    • kurisu7885 says:

      It has been for a couples years now I think, I never miss one these days.

    • Sesshomaru474 says:

      I’m pretty sure it still is, talks about something newsworthy or tabloid then gives his opinion usually liberal then asks for the audience opinion. That I know of he doesn’t come back and mention any arguments for either side, not even one.

    • 100% Drunk says:

      NepNep I think that “voice” needs to be on camera. Phil needs to delegate more. We need an international news team. I have no other news source.
      Perhaps have a more commercial channel name or even sub channel, where you can grow your content.
      And how about youtube/internet specific video each week? Please. ?

    • NepNep says:

      +Sesshomaru474 ​ Dude… Like
      here says; He has pretty much his own news network now. And as for not arguing either side? What other side was he suppose to take? It is a report on an issue, he outlines it and the situation around it. What more do you want?

    • Rob Murphy says:

      It’s refreshing. Tv media tries to make you feel how they feel Phil is just like “hey this is going on, here’s what one side says here’s the other you decide how ya feel”

  8. David Cobb says:

    A part of the city of mostly homeless *puts vote online*

    • turshin says:

      +Cup of Kudos nope. Helping the homeless doesnt make money especially when you’re trying to get rid of them for future infrastructure projects.

    • Olivier Faure says:

      Note that PDS’s reporting is inaccurate and is contradicted even by the screenshot of the article they’re quoting. The vote wasn’t online-only, it was online _and_ offline (which, arguably, is still unfair to the homeless population with less online access).

    • Ashley m says:

      turshin how can you get rid of them if you don’t help them? ITS IMPOSSIBLE

    • turshin says:

      +Ashley m move them.

    • Loreaver says:

      Should they be moved to another state and let them handle it or should we spend money and help them

  9. J K says:

    It blows my mind that lowering property taxes and lowering state income taxes to make the cost of living has never been an option in LA. It’s funny how the solution is always to raise taxes and raise the cost of living.

  10. M Lord says:

    As a shelter manager, I have to say that homelessness is a lot more complex than simply unemployment. You have to also look at substance abuse,addiction, and mental illness.

    • M Lord says:

      Rifle Shooter Channel only a small minority.

    • Bri Belcourt says:

      I think it’s easy for most people to look at the homeless with the same lens we address the general population. We’re looking to donate a quick meal or an hour of time, because that’s what would help us if we had no money. We don’t really look at the homeless as people, and most passersby don’t think about what the actual root of the problem is. Whether it’s related to mental health, financial insolvency, substance abuse, child care or affordable housing, there are so many aspects that can effect the ability to work on a regular schedule. There are months of work, therapy, remedial/upgrading classes to really help these people break the cycle of homelessness, but the money to pay for the treatment, housing, food and supplies has to come from somewhere. And most of us aren’t willing to give up more of our taxes to a group that has been demonized as “lazy”, “useless” and “an eyesore” by society.

    • Rifle Shooter Channel says:

      M Lord More like 95%

    • Jades Golds says:

      The only true to this is all these stupid authorities on this planet will make homeless for using drugs. Jades for moNies ☮️☮️☮️

    • Firstname Lastname says:

      +Milad Chow Inflation isn’t increasing. The US year over year inflation rate is fairly steady at ~2%.

      The declining inflation adjusted wages isn’t due to out of control inflation, it’s that wage growth isn’t keeping up with inflation – the same pattern events that has been going on since the 80s.

      More people might be working, but the rich assholes running everything refuse to pay their workers a fair wage. And before some idiot comments that the workers aren’t being forced to work at those wages, just because the worker agreed to the wage doesn’t mean it wasn’t negotiated without duress – starving because you don’t get the job is a pretty big source of duress.

      Capitalism doesn’t pay people based on how much they contribute, how hard they work. Market value means that you can pay someone a fraction of the value of what they did, simply because there are other people who can also do that work.

      Billionaires aren’t people who work harder than everyone else, billionaires are the leeches sucking up the difference between the market value of the labor and the actual value of the work that labor accomplished.

  11. Danielle Waibel says:

    As a preteen, I was homeless with my mom in Ohio. While we lived in a shelter and I was still young, most of the people we encountered there were there simply because they didn’t care what was happening in their lives. I don’t think sending kids to Disney for a day is wise, the money that is spent to send a kid and their parent to Disney can be spent to fund other more outreach programs like the women’s house you mentioned in the Video. Yes, the kids need enrichment, but there are better ways to enrich the kids lives instead of spending $100 to send them to Disney

    • David says:

      I think that is a big part of the issue. I’m sure there are plenty of people there that ended up there because of misfortune but there are also a lot there, like you’re saying, that are just there because they don’t care. They don’t want to have a job, they don’t want to take care of themselves and that could be for a variety of different reasons. I totally agree that sending them to Disney is a waste of resources. There are plenty of enriching activities that can be done, but there are also a lot of actually helpful things that that money could be going towards instead of into Disney’s cash reserves.

    • Danielle Waibel says:

      +David right, because if the goal is to get them off of the streets, how is taking them to Disney helping that?

    • LexofGotham says:

      It’s not the kids fault that their parents are dealing with homelessness, why shouldn’t they get to have some fun? This is the same broken logic that condemns low income people for buying occasional luxuries when they are poor and therefore supposed to live in abject misery. Bringing a little happiness to someone might just be the motivating factor that helps them pull themselves out of the gutter. It can’t all be about basic necessities or else what’s the point? Why return to a life of stress and unhappiness when you have that already? People need to feel human, and need to remember that not everything is awful. ESPECIALLY the kids.

    • Danielle Waibel says:

      +LexofGotham I know that. I’m just saying instead of paying that much money for one day, there are a lot of cheaper things that it could go towards. A new hair cut, a game, or a new article of clothing instead of a donated one. Probably one of the most fun things that I did while I was in the shelter was go to a huge thrift store and they gave us $40 for my mom and I to get whatever we wanted. It was so much fun and I was able to get things that I wanted and could use for more than just one day. It was a fun experience and cost a lot less. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be spending over $100 for one day

    • LexofGotham says:

      +Danielle Waibel Well, I say why not both? I can see the value in small fun things, but I think a day for those kids to be in another world and not have to worry about things, to just get to be kids going to Disneyland like tons of kids want to, has its value too.

  12. Mary Leon says:

    I work as an outreach worker, and my job is about to be dissolved. The hardest part is thinking of all the people who are in the process of getting housed having to navigate it on their own, because it’s not easy. We use the housing first model and I have seen people get housed, get clean, and be self sustaining. It’s beautiful, it’s unfortunate that I won’t be apart of that anymore.

  13. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel says:

    Homelessness is huge in Orange county. We used to feed the homeless in Santa Ana but the county shut us down because they wanted to build a shelter for the homeless. However, there is a huge battle going on because none of the cities want to open the shelter.

  14. Cappital Q says:

    Hay phill, I would love to see an early morning show on how bad the mental health care system is in our country. If you don’t think its a problem just look up some of the horror stories that come from the mental heath facilities. Most people who has been to one has a story.

    • anah withthedreads says:


    • Andrea B says:

      My parents are social workers. My mom knew families with troubled kids who had to call the police on their kids to get help. There was no mental health care available, so the kid (8, 9, 10 year old even) would flip out, and the parents would have to call the police to haul the kid away for a night. That’s crazy.

  15. Mj Fimbres says:

    I moved to a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment in studio city Los Angeles in 2015, rent was $1500. That same apartment today is $2300.

    • Nickibeebs says:

      Mj Fimbres just like the whole state of Florida. Florida is expensive, especially in Orlando and south Florida. The only difference is that we don’t have a lot of homeless people camping outside like California does.

    • Soapy Papoose says:

      $2300 a month is a beach front mansion where I live. So I glad I will never put up with such an insane cost of living.

    • Nickibeebs says:

      Soapy Papoose where is that ?

    • Ashley m says:

      Mj Fimbres leave la

    • Milad Chow says:

      Do you know what would lower housing cost? Importing illigal immigrants from mexico. How? you see the diverse people would allow earning of virtue points from liberals, which would lower rent cost somehow using liberal math. Don’t worry, the extra taxes would pay off when the children of these immigrants become educated and obtain lower middle class jobs and receive welfare for their many children.

  16. AMONAVIS! says:

    I hate when people think homelessness is just a matter of personal responsibility. It’s really a failure by their parents, the government, the education system, the healthcare system. It’s an extremely nuanced issue.

    • Brando says:


      You are getting emotional and appealing to the minority. For the majority, it’s mostly a choice and bigger government won’t help.

    • Nickibeebs says:

      AMONAVIS! Oh look using insults to get their point across!! It’s not helping btw.

    • AMONAVIS! says:

      +Nickibeebs oh, I’m sorry. Here, you are being irrational in thinking that a complex issue like homelessness is merely a result of people being too lazy.

    • J Bravado says:

      There’s that dependency mentality again. Sure you’re parents might be pieces of shit, the government might suck, the healthcare system might be expensive but you have the freedom of choice. The freedom of choosing to be above your parents influence, the choice to work for yourself and gain as much knowledge to succeed. The choice to make better decisions for your body. This is coming from someone who lived on Skid Row for 3 months. That mentality that you’re a victim of you surroundings is toxic and once you figure out that , you’ll finally find freedom to be happy.

    • Nickibeebs says:

      AMONAVIS! It’s not only a result of being lazy ? But addiction too. Some people simply choose to be homeless because they don’t want responsibilities? They was to be free.

  17. RockBandRS says:

    I live in PA, which is one of the most expensive states to live in. But, at least in my area, homelessness isn’t an issue. A lot of younger people are simply staying with their parents and helping with or just fully paying the bills. It’s no secret that it was easier to buy a house in the past, so a lot of people in my age group and older, aka 25-30+ are staying in houses their parents already own. Because that’s a giant cost they can’t afford. If that weren’t the case, I’d have friends I personally know that’d be homeless. My sister’s a nurse making over $30/hr and she graduated college in 2015. She’s only just now been able to save enough money to the point she’s able to buy an apartment without having any financial worry. It’s kind of ridiculous.

  18. DesolatorMagic says:

    There is no problem called “homelessness” in my problem. I’ve never heard of a homeless person around here that doesn’t have severe mental problems or alcohol or drug addictions. THOSE are the problems that need to be addressed. All this nonsense about easy access to jobs and free housing etc does NOTHING about mental problems or addiction.

    • Jk channel says:

      Nice try hypocrite! Homelessness rates are generally higher in blue states which doesnt say much considering Democrats these days are nothing but Communists

    • Tripsy Madd says:

      What about people like me who are homeless due to injury outside of work? Two broken hands, I think a shelter is the only thing that can help me until I heal. Yes, we need to focus on addiction and mental illness, but there are Soo many reasons people are on the street that individual case management is really what needs to happen..

    • Evan Gregory says:

      +modernwarrior24 did you really just call thousands of peoples lives not worth it? Really? Just wow.

    • C -J says:

      +modernwarrior24 Sometimes when you in a bad environment that stuff is very common and hard to get away from. And it’s harder for people who already addicted to stop because it’s thrown in their face constantly. I believe giving them a more stabilized life away from the temptations would solve the problem.

    • corinne k. says:

      +modernwarrior24 I agree with you. We shouldn’t need to give the homeless the moneyor homes that we EARNED. They need to find their root of the problem (substance abuse, not having a job…etc) and fix it. If the government gave away our money to the homeless, the economy would collapse. This is because once people get something for free, they won’t work hard for it. If you have mental health issues the gov should send you to an asylum.

  19. xxdewxx9 says:

    General Jeff is a reminder that there’s good in the world. No matter what you’re going through, remember that there’s always at least one person that cares. There’s Jeff’s everywhere, although finding them isn’t always easy. Keep your head up, and thank you Phil for covering this story

  20. Leland says:

    im currently homeless in portland oregon, in the library on the computer watching this. i felt compared to add my two cents in… i moved 3,000 miles away from pennsylvania to start a new life to get out of a negative space. i just got tired of living next to drug dealers, junkies, crime and voilence and fake people over all with no jobs to speak of etc etc. i needed a better life for myself and wanted to chase my dreams of being a film maker and a musician… i wanted to go to L.A. but hear its such a toxic place i thought of the next city which is portland. been homeless for 5 months and yeah at times it does suck. you get sideways glances, hear derogatory terms underneath their breath, people avoid you at all costs because they think you might attack them or some reason, if you dont have any job or money coming in. simple necessities such as a shower is hard to come buy, i have to sneak on the max line just to get one and hope i dont get fined without a ticket. it does wear you down and make you feel belittled and alienated. they see my bookbag full of necessities to live and they just think im this junkie alcoholic with hepatitis A thats never going to accomplish anything in life. standing in foodlines and the people going to the stores across the street look at you like some caged animal at a zoo, taking pictures and showing there friends or family. like im less than a person all because i cant afford some type of housing no matter how many resources i go to. most of them have a waiting list of 1-2 years. i was working two jobs, one part time and one full and still cant afford it and even i did, idont have enough credit or they need a clean background in which i just dont have. most jobs here ar 12 bucks an hour but its expensive here. so to honestly afford a place you need atleast 15-16 bucks an hour and even with all of my prior work experience from 2011-present its not enough sometimes and you do feel like giving up, i think thats why one of the reasons its so bad up here is that people just slowly givin up. i came here to follow my dreams and i do love it here, but yeah sometimes it is hard and you just gotta keep your head up and keep grinding even when the going gets tough. if anyone is interested i do make vlogs on *Ryoichi TV* on youtube where i talk about all of this. thank you for taking the time to read this.

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