This is why we believe… (w/ GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot)

This is why we believe… (w/ GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot)

Sam and Colby took Minecraft youtubers GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot from the Dream SMP ghost hunting overnight at Ireland’s Alcatraz, aka Spike Island. The Shadow figures and evidence captured at this haunted, scary prison is what made George and Wilbur believe just a little bit more..

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Asst Editor: Benjamin Cook
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This is why we believe… (w/ GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot) | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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31 Responses

  1. Sam and Colby says:

    Huge thanks to George and Wilbur for coming out! Who do you think was more scared haha? ALSO we just dropped NEW MERCH out today!

    • sean stretton says:

      Been missing you guys love your content been so long since your last video can not wait to see more %100 a believer have a lot of stories know a lot about this stuff haha but anyways keep up the good work hope to see Amanda again in a future video stay cool and stay alive :p

    • katie bauer says:

      Ghostbur finding ghosts

    • Gunner Miller says:

      If you like this you should check out the CWG Podcast on YouTube!

    • ghost _leader says:

      When will be another video

    • The noodle cup 🍜 says:

      Hey Sam and Colby, have you guys ever visited the Cecil hotel? It’s supposed to be one of the most haunted hotels in LA. I think you guys should check it out.

  2. GeorgeNotFound says:

    this was actually such a crazy experience and epic video!

  3. Xavier says:

    Colby- “Do you guys believe in ghosts”. Wilber- “pff no”. The prison- “so you have chosen death”

  4. Cyanide says:

    This the best collab I’ve ever seen. I’m a massive fan of Wilbur and George, as well as the DreamSMP, but I also want to be a ghost hunter! The best of both worlds.

  5. Maddie LK says:

    George: “We’re not scared…”
    Colby” practically hugging and hiding behind the wall.

  6. The Impossible Girl says:

    George hiding behind Wilbur and Colby: we’re not scared…
    The ghost: sure buddy sure.

  7. Babiegurl is L.S. says:

    Wilbur being scared: 51:47 49:03 40:21 25:54

    Playing with kids toys/George and Wilbur running down halls/seven minutes in hell: 47:02 – 52:10

    scales: 1:15 – 1:36 and 59:03 – 59:20

    Bonus/why does he look scary bruh: 2:25 and did u hav to tho: 2:12

  8. Mikaley Romero says:

    When they asked the spirits to turn on the flashlights if they didn’t want to talk, it makes sense that a guard would say they didn’t want to talk to them because it was a silent prison

  9. _bored_jay_ says:

    Will:”we’re not scared of you!”
    Also will: *grasps that flashlight tightly*

  10. Lyv says:

    i love when they’re more scared of the spiders than the ghosts 😂😂

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