This Is Your Brain On Extreme Weather

This Is Your Brain On Extreme Weather

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20 Responses

  1. ilovetheusers says:

    The video did tell me what I know to be true! Most humans are f*****g
    stupid, look for patterns and find them where they do not exist.

  2. Zach Cox says:

    Actually …. The video DID tell me what I wanted to hear … We are all
    creatures of our ‘hard-wired’ mentation patterns … And “Confirmation
    Bias” is right there banging away at us constantly. We all have to make an
    extra effort and actually expend more ‘noodle-juice’ to get past this
    built-in thing. Our species did not evolve naturally to think
    scientifically we have to try to do this. And — The punch line is —
    If we are to persist as a species we must win the battle against our
    evolutionary excess baggage.

  3. Matthew Barto says:

    I only use one source to get all my information – the National Weather
    Service. I don’t listen to any news channels and used to love The Weather
    Channel – but not anymore. The NWS is the primary source for all US
    meteorological information.

  4. A banana says:

    The truth is, average global temperature is set to rise within the next 100
    years if we continue to add carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It might
    only be 1 or 2 degrees C, but that amount of energy is still enough to
    cause frequent extreme weather events. Trust me on this, I’m a banana.

  5. Josh B says:

    One of the many reasons I never watch tv

  6. PaulScript says:

    That last part BLEW MY MIND. lol

  7. Daniel Sierra says:

    Thought this video was going to tell me how my brain was fried from extreme
    weather. Turns out that my brain is just fine being here in Florida.

  8. Tiago Zortea says:

    This video would be better if mentioned what is the solution. Which is
    unbiased serious and peer reviewed statistical analysis of observed data.
    And even peer review can be biased, but that doesn’t have a good solution.

  9. Christina Huang says:

    climate change is definitely happening. dont try to deny it!

  10. SpeedplayerA says:

    I’m watching a youtube video with someone watching a youtube video inside
    it. Vid-ception. 

  11. sdeichemed says:

    I see what you did there 

  12. theScholarlyWalrus says:

    The colours of the computer screens is the hemospectrum from homestuck!

  13. undead890 says:

    I know in many places in the U.S., there has been blizzards aplenty,
    HOWEVER, in California central valley, which normally gets quite cold in
    the winter, has been over the past few weeks warm and sunny, some days
    going up over 70 degrees, during a month where it shouldn’t even go above
    50 degrees and be overcast and/or raining, so yeah, weather here has been
    quite unusual.

  14. izychicken says:

    Yay Minnesota, where there’s like a 130 degree difference throughout the

  15. Rauron says:

    Nope, didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. I’m here for education and new
    perspectives, not the same old obvious “don’t always trust media!” and
    “confirmation bias exists!” shit I was hearing a decade ago. This video
    doesn’t teach anything about the planet we live on; it just condescends
    towards those who would probably be too dumb to subscribe anyway.

  16. BioniclesaurKing4t2 says:

    Washington, D.C.’s summer highs peak higher than Miami’s. Think on that
    for a minute.

  17. Seti m says:

    I agree 200% about the media being drama lamas

  18. jkhdfkjashdfk says:

    This confirmed what I already knew. Man-made climate change is utter

  19. david getsout says:

    People who are trying to change the world for the sake of the environment
    are doing it wrong. Two words. A sentence. An essay. A thousand essays
    cannot clarify the complexity of our effects on this plantet or outline
    exactly what has to be done. Its understood that how we operate is going to
    have to change any wrong step may demolish our established societies much
    care must be taken but in a minimal amount of time. We will never be able
    to conrol nature but if we find a way to control our harmful influences on
    the planet nature will survive and so will we.