This Machine makes me WEIGHTLESS!!

This Machine makes me WEIGHTLESS!!

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1st track is called “Colours” by “Haints”
Spotify –
Bandcamp –

2nd track is called “Lost Me Again” by “Droids Osaka”

3rd track is by “Max Armfield ” and is called “The Guns Are Coming”

4th track is called”Modernise” by “Slow Readers Club”

5th track is called “Giraffes on Stilts” by “Project Revise”
YOUTUBE: Project Revise – Giraffes On Stilts [OFFICIAL VIDEO] – YouTube

6th track is called “Stomy Weather” by “Look Mum No Computer”

7th track is called “Transmit Recive” by “The Wilba Project”

The Last track is by “Max Armfield” and is called “You Lost Me”

In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to as all music on this channel is from viewers.

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30 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    This was a huge build, so proud i did it single handed pretty much, next video see me test it out side going all the way over, can i do it upside down though…..Subscribe so you don’t miss it and thanks for watching and supporting me all these years.

    • Kenneth Burden says:

      You are hands down one of the best engineers I’ve ever seen!

    • Georgi Hristov says:

      You should build an exoskeleton to use instead of the jcb

    • Chris Chris says:

      I always go through the same process with your videos, where I’m reminded how insane you are towards the end of them. Would absolutely love to try that swing though, I remember a playground one that did something similar.

    • Gavin G says:

      you and tim hunkin need to do a colabbb why he is still kick’n

    • czrobot czrobot says:

      @colinfurze One improvement will be nice to see: You should put the ring bearing also on your side: 21:16. With that, you can freely rotate and look around.

  2. Kevin Talbot says:

    your fab skills are amazing, especially considering it’s all self taught! Better than 99% of professional fabricators

  3. Jullia Capybara says:

    I have no idea how this man gets so much done! hardest working youutuber and insanely talented, a British treasure!

  4. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Can we just appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into these projects that have little to no real value other than for the pure entertainment??? Massive appreciation for what Colin does!!

  5. Joseph Soliman says:

    Can we take a second and give Colin props for spotlighting awesome talented bands/artists with his background/montage music? For my money, better than any other channel out there.

  6. Spencer McIntosh says:

    You just have to be shocked and astounded by how much Colin packs into each video. Most other creators would have this as a 6-part series!

  7. Project Revise says:

    Thank you Colin for featuring our silly song “Giraffes On Stilts” in today’s video!

    Today’s video is equally as outrageous, crazy and awesome as ever! Amazing stuff 🔥🔥🔥

    • Six Toes says:

      I thought it was “Get your ass on stilts”…..

    • Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA says:

      Great song:

    • Catlike says:

      @Project Revise maybe. If you need a rarerer wildlife event, I suggest flying cats with bandanas.

      I spent 10 minutes making that up, 10 minutes of valuable “staring into the void-time”.

    • Moondog 1970 says:

      Best song in todays vid, and the music in Furzies uploads is usually bangin’, so much appreciation from me 🤟

    • HarryKain says:

      As soon as I heard the lyrics, I went and asked an ai to generate an image of giraffes on stilts, I just had too see if it was as good as I imagined. 😂

  8. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    LOVING the new workshop. Already loving the size of space! THE THINGS YOU WILL CREATE! MUAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! I love this stuff.

  9. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Whistling and humming intesifies.

    “And we all lift, and we’re all adrift
    Together, together
    Through the cold mist, ’til we’re weightless
    Together, together!”

  10. schmeliot says:

    Colin with a larger shop and more resources is an absolute powerhouse maker. It’s easy to forget sometimes that he’s a full on engineer and has a ton of technical knowledge!

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