This man does it again! #chocolate #satisfying #asmr #shorts #diy #baking #decoration #art #artist

This man does it again! #chocolate #satisfying #asmr #shorts #diy #baking #decoration #art #artist

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23 Responses

  1. justkluzz says:

    “Officer this isn’t a cigar, this is chocolate!”

  2. Ella Waters says:

    “Is that chocolate or silicone we need to clear that up first.” That kills me!!😆😆

  3. TheMom SHAR says:

    Amaury Guichon is literally the best chocolateir in the entire world. He is absolutely incredible to watch!

    • TheMom SHAR says:

      @smartman 2796 yup I did! I love that he shared his talent with the “students” and they got better as time went on. The chocolate statues they created were absolutely incredible! Great show for sure.

    • smartman 2796 says:

      Yes I love his work! Did you watch his Netflix show?

  4. Brandon Reedy says:

    “But you are getting a little friendly with that there bud” 😂

  5. Oudewater says:

    “Are you making a or a out of all of this stuff” 😂

  6. Andrew Miller says:

    Amary Guichon (I think that’s how you spell his name) is a master of his craft. Has a show on Netflix and everything about making art from chocolate.

  7. Sophie Bell says:

    This Guy has a chocolate cooking Show on Netflix. What He does to chocolate are miracles *-*

  8. Arianna Star says:

    everytime he sees a straw: *“another cigar shape”*

  9. Samantha Hardison says:

    I don’t like reaction channels but at least this guy talks and puts some effort in 😊

  10. Imagination_nub says:

    This reminds me of 3rd class of middle school. My back then best friend made cigarettes out of paper. We were standing by the fence of the schoolyard so that everyone could see us acting like we’re smoking and some people actually stopped to tell us to stop smoking. It was fucking hilarious. I miss that legend of a dude.

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