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  1. 7SgsmSHOT says:

    The lvl of dedication this man has 🔥 nothing but respect my G

  2. storytimemashups says:

    This guys a legend. Thats all i have to say.

    • VrennexX says:

      I could cut myself to see how much blood I could lose before I die… And I don’t think people would cheer me on for that…

    • DatKiwi says:

      @VrennexX come on this is the world we’re talking about, there’s a lot of sick people that would enjoy watching you bleed out-

    • VrennexX says:

      @DatKiwi But it wouldn’t be tolerated on T V or a big social platform…

    • DatKiwi says:

      @VrennexX TV’s of course they won’t tolerated it, also I’m pretty sure they said he was a trained Daredevil so as long as he has a medical team with him he’s fine. Oh and people could sneak some very gory stuff on big social platforms. Idk how to put things into words :p

      Sorry if I sound like a douche T_T

  3. Adrenaline and Epiphany says:

    The only reason he was able to hold his breath anywhere near that long is because of how tiny his tank is, and how high up in the tank his chest is. He’s feeling almost no water pressure at all. Think about how different it feels to hold your breath just barely under the surface of a pool vs trying to sit at the bottom

    • VonVon Hussein says:

      I wish we could all see how many dislikes this comment has lmao

    • Sya Cak says:

      Nah. Even if all that what u said. even normal human stay in that small glass pool wont even hold for a minutes.
      To me. this guy has determination.

    • Ivan Mectin says:

      @Adrenaline and Epiphany Oh my god shut the fuck up
      If some exoerienced “driver” (diver im guessing?) wants to beat the record let them beat it.
      For you to sit there saying “well, 17 minutes isnt THAT impressive because..”
      Just fuck off. Absolutely nobody cares what you think.

    • Ivan Mectin says:

      @Adrenaline and Epiphany “ahem it’s simply an objective analysis” oh my god shut the fuck up.

    • Nate Green says:

      “Think about it” holding your breathe means you no longer breathing that means you no longer using your lungs to inhale that means you no longer using your body to breathe. Being deeper underwater or on level had nothing to do woth his breathe hold haha. It’s about conservation of his energy. Trying to stay calm to reduce the amount of oxygen.

  4. CANADA GAMING says:

    I can spend my entire life under water, just put a glass of water over my head.

  5. ŚÀVÀĢÈ ĶÌÑĞ says:

    The definition of never give up….

    He has my respect 🎯

  6. Kyle Builds says:

    This man can hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes while I can’t even do it for 10 seconds

  7. God Elemender says:

    “This man spent 7 days underwater and you won’t guess what happened to him”
    He almost drowned
    “He nearly drowned”
    My goodness that’s shocking, you can see the surprise in my eyes

  8. Xeth says:

    24 minutes 37.36 seconds is currently the world record for holding breath underwater.

  9. D Bongoloid says:

    “Professional daredevil”

    My guy, David Blaine is a street magician…

  10. Jace Eppens says:

    Imagine being called “Professional Daredevil” so badass!

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