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  1. cubing nesse says:

    He kinda looks like chandler and it’s also the kind of thing he would do

  2. Raúl Menéndez says:

    Thats David one of the many Davids that does magic.

    Seriously, theres a lot of magicians name David…

  3. Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran says:

    Man, I’ve been watching David Blaine for forever. He used to come on TV back in the late 90s early 2000s. It was before that one guy, what’s his name Criss Angel? Everyone thought he was such hot shit. I thought he was ridiculous. David Blaine is where it was at. He was kind of quiet, mysterious, did all kinds of weird tricks and street magic that hadn’t been seen before. He brought a dead chicken back to life in some remote village, for Pete’s sake. I don’t know, probably with the help of demons. Or camera tricks and Hollywood lies. Either way it was good entertainment. Criss Angel was just too flashy to me. he came out maybe a year or two after David Blaine and I could not stand the man. But he out shined Blaine so not too many people has heard of him. But yeah David Blaine I’m a big fan.

  4. Masterchefs1 says:

    Title: This man was frozen in ice for 3 days and he survived!!
    Stunt: He survived 3 days inside a ice jail
    The stunt is amazing, but he wasn’t frozen in ice, that’s just clickbaiting hardd

  5. Raheni Mendis says:

    David Blaine, is know for his amazing stunts and impossible tricks, last year he flew w a ballon to the sky to check how far he can go and stuff, he is an amazing person. I watched the Ballon stunt live, he sometimes helps me think the impossible is actually possible, David Blaine forever, let’s not forget him getting frogs from his lungs

  6. Shane LaCross says:

    “His name is David blane” like he doesn’t have 65 world record broken

  7. aiz toh says:

    the fact that he didn’t lean on the ice for the whole 3 days is amazing even with all that symptoms and effects

  8. Mr. Khan says:

    Inside a block of ice is exactly like inside an igloo in north pole. The hard thing was he stood straight 3 days without food

  9. Hanz Castro • 1827 years ago says:

    Ah yes david, the one who could hold his breath for 17 minutes, ate some weird shit and almost died 5 times

  10. Meme Boi says:

    Him: Survives under ice for 3 days
    Aang: **Survives for 100 years**

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