This Marina Joyce Situation Has Gotten Out Of Control! I hate this whole thing.

This Marina Joyce Situation Has Gotten Out Of Control! I hate this whole thing.

Happy Wednesday Nation! 2 notes about the first story 1. I informed Marina of what I was going to be included in this video before upload and she is aware and says those sources are lying. 2. There will be a video out later tonight where I interviewed Marina Joyce on Skype.
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China Tiger Attack Kills Mom Who Tried To Save Her:

Georgia Rules that “Upskirt Photos” Aren’t Illegal:

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20 Responses

  1. Hamish Bryant says:

    fuck tips, pay your servers proper wages no one wants to do math after a

  2. IIIAceZIII says:

    Who in the fuck is Marina Joyce?

  3. Terakahn says:

    You stopped using all caps in your titles. How come?

  4. Jwaxenbaum602 says:

    Phil this drama stuff is ridiculous. Please stick to real news

  5. Jarethification says:

    I don’t know if it’s a slow news day, but can we get less YouTube drama and
    more news that is worth hearing. Yes arguably the drama is news but I
    really don’t care and I’m sure many other people don’t as well, obviously I
    hope for the best regarding this girl’s wellbeing but neither of us benefit
    from me hearing the story, also I know making a statement like “news that
    is worth hearing” isn’t exactly clear. As of recent I’ve noticed this
    channel feels like buzzfeed, obviously you can talk about what you want,
    maybe this is a sign of me changing. I started watching when I was 14,
    now I’m 22, I still enjoy your personality I just want less “waitress fired
    for racist tweet” and more “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Funds Help Uncover

  6. John DeCampos says:

    who’s this girl who got fired over a tweet? who give a shit about this?
    more youtube drama?!?! who the fuck is meghan Olson?! is this news? come on

  7. Albert Calinescu says:

    I don’t understand this “tipping” business…
    Waiters have their salary, it is not my job to pay them.
    I don’t like the food / find something wrong with it ? i move to another
    Waiter doesn’t like his salary ? get a job at another restaurant.

    I understand the pizza boy and waiter handle my food… but they didn’t
    cook it!
    If i like the food, i should tip the cook/chef, not the guy who brings it
    to my table !!!
    Why the F! should i tip him ?

  8. pokyto says:

    so taking a picture of underwear under the skirt is wrong, but taking
    picture at a beach with people that wear barely anything is ok…. so

  9. Meat Master says:

    Pizza rolls and lemonade is great

  10. GaiR BaeR says:

    When i saw the video i thought it was pretty creepy but i was thinking what
    if she was legitamtly asking for help…like you know “I forgot my lines”
    or “where do i stand” “im not doing very good at this need help”, ect.
    Curiosity compelled me further and I skimmed through a few videos noticing
    a clear exhilaration of deterioration of just her general character. That’s
    why I said earlier she looks like me on one of my off days. I’m not that
    mental but I have episodes of complete euphoria or you really fucking bad
    anxiety. I’m believed to have borderline personality disorder but it’s to
    soon to tell. I get probably worse than her sometimes. I’ve done some
    rather interesting things. :b So mental illness or drug addiction, or
    mental illness for drugs made a lot more sense.

    ISIS, guys….really -_- That’s somehow more retarded then thinking
    kidnappers are stupid enough to leave in so many obvious mistakes. Yeah
    FUCKING ISIS they are total scrubs at kidnapping people. *smh

  11. Kitty O says:

    Pffft! The Sun isn’t a news outlet, it’s a jizz rag.

  12. Ken Wilson says:

    Regarding the Georgia decision: should the interpretation of law be
    objective or subjective? There are a lot of examples in the US where courts
    have sought not just to apply the exact word of the law, but to glean the
    intent and state of mind of the author in order to apply it to a totally
    new scenario that didn’t exist at the time of writing (The 2nd Amendment
    and All Writs Act are two good examples). As this is standard practice for
    the highest court in the land it should probably have been used by the
    Georgia appeals court as well. Overturning the conviction was wrong.

  13. silvertoungue65 says:

    for fucks sake. if the girl says she’s fine, she’s fine. if she wanted help
    she would ask for it. she clearly doesn’t. so shut the fuck out about it
    and leave the situation alone. she’s not a fucking child and she’s not

  14. polahard says:

    Phil, I think they ought to give her father a spiked bat and let him beat
    the snot out of the dude in the “public” place, and then have him say he
    didn’t mean to hurt him, but just want to “beat the snot out of him”, and
    that isn’t covered by the law. That should make them even, right?

  15. Marina Hernandez says:

    Its funny what people consider “news” these days

  16. theepicmalfunction says:

    gimme that shirt

  17. Jonathan Camaya says:

    Philip DePapa Franku

  18. ZechsMerquise73 says:

    Phillip, put your hands together with your fingers crossing in your next
    video if you’re not okay.

  19. Hannah R. says:

    Hi yes I would like your shirt please. That is all.

  20. rawskillet says:

    Brandon Lee Georgia GOT IT “cocks gun”