This Minecraft Mod Will Change The World…

This Minecraft Mod Will Change The World…

This Minecraft Mod Will Change The World… this has never been done before.

This was one of the most incredible projects I have ever worked on.

Twitter: @Dream
Instagram: @DreamWasTaken
Snapchat: @Dream

In this video, we coded a Minecraft mod that live translates languages through a voice chat above your character in Minecraft. It has fairly good accuracy and can translate most languages around the world. This mod allows you to play Minecraft, make jokes, and have fun with people that can’t even speak your language.

Live voice translation has been being worked on by Google and other companies, and they provide API’s for it. Google glass , apple glasses, and other similar products have been talked about for years with mentions of live-translating interactions in real life. We thought about taking that, and applying it to gaming.

I truly believe that this is the near future for all online games with voice chat, with being able to play and communicate with anyone from anywhere, breaking down the language barrier. I also believe that this is a cool glimpse into the future in real life. If a bunch of kids can do it at home in one of the biggest games in the world, a bunch of engineers and geniuses can make it happen in real life.

In this video there were plenty of languages, and I was able to laugh and joke with all of them. When testing this mod, I played with friends of mine that spoke different languages, and we were having so much fun playing together and laughing about how crazy it was that we could communicate with each other.

This has been being worked on for a while and I’m so happy to finally share it with everyone. There are some bugs still, and in this version a couple of the notable bugs were: Minecraft words being incorrectly translated, names being incorrectly translated, and your last word not showing up sometimes.

Whenever this mod’s bugs are fixed and it’s features are added, I plan on releasing this to the public for free, and with open source so anyone can make any additions they want with ease. Depending on what API is used for transcribing/translations and how many people are being translated, it can be costly, so although the mod will be free from me, using it might require setup on your end.

I am releasing an SMP, the “United SMP”, which is going to feature creators from all around the world. Equal representation from the languages that are on it, with a mock EU-style committee to make decisions so there is not one owner. This will be launching hopefully later this month, and has 60 creators to start with, 10 of which will be English speaking, 50 of which will be from 5 other languages. Most of these people are people I never would have been able to collaborate with, or make jokes with, or share with my fans, so I am so excited to share our community with the world. There will be more details on my twitter about this, and I will be live streaming the server in the future.

thank you guys for watching and supporting the channel to make stuff like this possible.

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37 Responses

  1. Vgolden says:

    I can’t believe Dream and his friends learned entire languages and changed their vocal cords for the video, true dedication

    • Firefly miesumae says:

      Yea 😂

    • tomnotfounddz says:


    • Ahmed Mushtaq says:

      I thought it was a translator

    • parks_plays says:

      @Unbleed incorrect the vocal CORDS are the strings that vibrate inside your throat. When vibrated at the correct frequency they make what is known as a note. When multiple specific notes are combined together by multiple people vibrating their vocal CORDS at specific frequencies that results in a CHORD. Please refrain from correcting people on topics that you have no expertise in. Glad I could teach you something and have a great day!

    • Sayan Chhetri says:

      ​@Prfxwhat do you call when you speak 5 language and my vocal are same

  2. Daniel-Chase Pruitt says:

    Russian, Hindi, German, Spanish, Japanese, and English. This is so damn incredible, I’m honestly so impressed with where this can go. Not only bridging the gaps between languages, but educating SO many people about other languages and cultures!!! It’s honestly beautiful hearing everyone speak so freely in native/first languages, and to be able to understand each other. SO cool.

  3. morrigan. says:

    This video makes me feel so strangely warm. It’s very unusual to hear your native language where you don’t expect to hear it. I sincerely hope that this mod will really be popular in large circles and will be able to unite the community of different countries. Dream has done a great and important job. Thank you so much king, we love you <3

  4. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    This idea is magnific, I have always thought similar things. For me there should be no borders with content and languages

  5. Abibia B. says:

    My multilingual brain was fried while listening to all 6 languages I speak at the same time. Never thought this was possible. Thank you for your dedication.

  6. Amber Salas says:

    It’s so weird to hear your own language in a video but it’s also really cool to see so many people with a different language be able to talk with each other so freely. 😀

    • Сергей Кадочников says:

      ​@Don’t Read My Profile Photo Im, like, 98% sure that if I go to your profile I will find nothing but rickroll. Still gonna do it though

    • 𝒁𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒉 ♡ says:

      @Злой голубь Саня why did you get so hostile lol
      I was also wondering what was going on with George’s voice because I know how he sounds. Yet they still played it up like it was him so I was even more confused. So I checked the comments for answers to see if anyone knew exactly what was going on.

      At first I thought they edited their voices in post with an AI, but then I realized they were speaking normally and not how a robot would speak, so that wasn’t it. Then I thought maybe George had someone playing on his account to pretend to be him (since i dont think he knows spanish or SapNap knows Japanese), but then that would be quite the hassle. So i came to the comments for answers…

      Not everything is as simple as you’re saying it is. Some people just think more critically and divergently than others. 🤷🏾

    • MBI Studio says:

      @fox pro at Minecraft la fel 🙂

    • aaatttser says:

      it’s so weird to hear your enemy that destroyed your house language

  7. Green_shamrockz says:

    As someone who speaks Spanish and English, those translations were funny. But honestly this is a really cool addition to minecraft bc even when the translator isn’t perfect you can still communicate which is so cool!

    • Joselito 76 says:

      Yeah some of the translations weren’t very accurate but as long as you can communicate this mod is huge

  8. Таисия Кулаксизова says:

    Вау, это так круто, что дрим теперь может играть с людьми со всего мира=)

  9. Star the Kid says:

    The women joke from Tommy, the colorblind jokes from George, the casual “muffin” from BBH and the DNF joke just kills me. These guys are so funny and I hope we see them again

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