This Monster Has No Phone Case

This Monster Has No Phone Case

Thank god that Rekha noticed Trapp had no case on his phone. If she hadn’t, who knows how long this negligence would have gone on.


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Rekha Shankar
Mike Trapp
Avery Monsen

Director – Sam Geer
Writer – Mike Trapp
Producer – Bridgett Greenberg
Production Coordinator – Jessica Clemons
Editor –  Sam Geer

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90 Responses

  1. aNdI'm JavErT says:

    My phone doesn’t have a case….

  2. Waver 72 says:

    ”Crack walnuts with it” 😂😂😂😂

  3. Veridian says:

    He must’ve ditched his phone case since it had Pat’s blood on it

  4. Michael Jay - Value Investing says:

    Drops friend’s phone, blames friend.

    Yep, seems legit.

  5. Justin Y. says:

    He’s playing with the devil. He’s crazy!

  6. Veridian says:

    I heard Katie uses powder to protect her phone from scratches

  7. GingerPirate says:

    I can understand. It’s an Iphone. One little drop, and boom, it’s dead.

  8. Jasmine Wadsworth says:

    Schools don’t talk enough about phone protection.

  9. UnPhayzable says:

    “Welcome to the Salty Spittoon! How tough are ya?”
    “I have a phone.”
    ” *Without a case* ”
    “C-c-come on in”

  10. UnPhayzable says:

    Riding off of a cliff with a bike and doing back flips is nothing compared to using a phone without a screen protector and a case

    • Jordi Gutierrez says:

      Playing Russian roulette with 5 bullets isn’t NEARLY as dangerous as using an all glass phone without a screen protector and a case.

    • Weeaboo says:


    • Thomas The Dank Engine says:

      Had my phone for 2 years and never had a case or screen protector and I have dropped it and it has no visible damage or scratches I don’t know how people break there phone so easily

    • Ethan Rey says:

      I have a screen protector for my phone but not a case and it makes not much of a difference

    • Jordi Gutierrez says:

      Thomas The Dank Engine um I have tiny brown boy born in the jungle hands and my big ass phone doesn’t allow me to have as good of a vicegrip on my phone so I need a case. I definitely don’t trust myself enough to not crack my phone

  11. 2ShyShy says:

    Mike doesn’t have a phone case because his last one has Pat’s blood on it.

  12. SoUncivilizedDaily says:

    *s o u n c i v i l i z e d*

    *-I don’t know why I have 4306 s u b s!-*

  13. Amit Nahari says:

    The protective services guy is an amazing actor

  14. TrickWithAKnife says:

    I’m on Trapp’s side. I didn’t pay $800 for something that looks like cheap plastic.
    Just don’t drop your phone like *such a clutz idiot.*

  15. Capt Zoom says:

    That’s got me thinking why don’t they make phones that don’t need cases that can withstand all that crap they know we’re going to do it anyways oh that’s right they want us to spend more money

    • helter skelter124 says:

      Capt Zoom
      Well, money is pretty cool.

    • Pheonixelin says:

      Why sell a phone that doesn’t need a case when u can make a ton of money off cases. U buy the phone. And then u buy the case. And if u don’t get a case it’s still a win for the company because when u break it, you’ll probably end up buying the new model as soon as it comes out.

    • Random Konong says:

      Capt Zoom It’s called a Nokia 2.1 , 3.1, 5.1, 6.1 and 7 Plus.

    • Drakan R says:

      cue flashbacks to nokia memes

    • Ubayla says:

      They do. The Galaxy S Actives are always water-resistant up to x meters, with a steel body and gorilla glass screen and rubber padding at weak points. They’re super durable.

  16. Annie Mz says:

    Lately there’s something very wrong with, me i find CollegeHumor videos funny

  17. Annie Mz says:

    There’s a Legend that once upon a time, in the era of flipflop phones they survived years without cases.

    • Annie Mz says:

      Daniel Duncan remember Infrared ?😂

    • Daniel Duncan says:

      As someone who had several different flip phones back in their day, I say you should be grateful to have what you have today. What you have today, the “smart” phones are leaps and bounds better than anything and everything that was around back then, they are even better than the computers that were available back then. They have more processing power, better graphics cards, more RAM, more everything… And it all fits in your pocket. The only drawback to “smart” phones is that they don’t have adequate storage, I hear people complaining all the time about how Hearthstone is just too big and is only getting bigger every few months, due to regular expansions.

    • Dillon August says:


    • raul esquivel rubinstein says:


    • Pvshka says:

      Annie Mz a full minute to transfer a single picture. God forbid you even thought of transferring a sound clip. Also, flip-flop phones 😀

  18. B_D_W_S'_Animation_ says:

    My phone has a plastic digitizer so I drop it all the time with no case and I get no breakes !
    Some times cheapness pays !

    • Yarib says:

      B_D_W_S’_Animation_ if it’s an iphone it will shatter anyway because iphone screens are engineered with curved corners so the screen cracks even if it doesn’t hit the ground head on. All in an effort to increase $100+ phone repair sales

    • Half-Life Scientist says:

      B_D_W_S’_Animation_ The fuck’s a plastic digitizer?

    • Jay G says:

      Half-Life Scientist The digitizer is what produces images on a phone screen, to put it simply/crudely.

      It’s what’s under the glass screen, and is why some people can crack the glass screen and still see everything just fine and others crack the screen and now have a black rectangle where their Instagram used to be (the digitizer was also damaged when the screen was.)

      Having a plastic digitizer means that it’s less likely to take damage should something happen to the phone, so you don’t have to be as cautious with it.

  19. Diego Sanchez says:

    I’m like this with my friends, I’ve seen too many shattered iPhone displays (android user w/ thicc case and glass screen protector). No matter how careful you are, you cannot be everything/proof.

    • Abyss Knight says:

      Diego Sanchez in my experience, it’s the people who have causes the usually break their phone. This video is a good example, case users are very careless while no case users are really good at keepingbtheir phone safe, but the only mistake they make is that they allow it to get into the hands of someone else. If a no case user has a plbroken phone there is a good chance someone (most likely a friend or family member) was careless and broke it.

    • Diego Sanchez says:

      Abyss Knight I agree, non case users are much more careful, but you cannot be omniproof.

    • Abyss Knight says:

      Diego Sanchez yeah but that can be An unnecessary precaution for many people. It’s kinda like having your kid wear a helmet and protective pads where ever they go, if your kid can walk just fine then it’s pretty unnecessary and inconvenient.

  20. Kermit on weed says:

    What about a screen protector?

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