This Movie Has Every Stereotype

This Movie Has Every Stereotype

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69 Responses

  1. Laser Cat says:

    Ugh, THIS guy is back?

  2. Kate McCain says:

    the fact that Emma Roberts had already been in multiple seasons of American Horror Story when this came out. I’m-

  3. Nutella says:

    Drew and this lady has really good chemistry. Almost like their married. Not shipping anything

  4. Crazy Cat Lady says:

    I feel like Emma’s line should have been something along the lines of “ There’s a reason they call it Little Italy. No one ever makes it big”

  5. olive says:

    the fact this film was 2 years ago, and not when both actors were starting out baffles me

  6. Isabella M says:

    “If Hayden Christian-San brought me some pizza, there’d be two different sausages I’d be suckin’ on” god tier

  7. Megan Calhoun says:

    “I like to move it move it is not the anthem of high people”🤣I’m lmao rn

  8. Sabrina Giancecchi says:

    I’m speaking for all Italians when I say we don’t claim this movie.

  9. Cailyn Rushin says:

    Hayden’s character would be played by Noah centineo if it was made today

  10. Kaitlyn Boggess says:

    a movie called “pizza my heart” has the exact same plot from 2005. is this some kind of weird genre now?? lol

  11. Preston Long says:

    Hayden Christensen is so Italian in this movie that he sounds like Yogi Bear, and I don’t even think Yogi Bear is Italian

  12. Floriana Cutrignelli says:

    Nothing pissed me off more in this movie than how they pronounced “Stupido”

  13. Arushi Garg says:

    when drew asked us to think of an ethnicity, I thought of Indian because I am an Indian. I thought that was a big stretch for there to be an Indian in the movie but cant believe I was wrong.

  14. Ooglie Booglie says:

    Drew: “Everyone gets high, and goes bat shit insane and-
    Me: “Destroys the Jedi Order then fighting your best friend, and then forcing the rest of the galaxy into an empire run by my sleep paralysis demon, and his creepy grandpa.”
    Drew: “Dance around the room.”
    Me: Yeah, that works too

  15. Huda Zavery says:

    I live in Toronto and I met Emma Roberts while she was filming Little Italy. And as I talked to her and took a photo with her, I looked around the set and there was just pizza everywhere. Everywhere. The place reeked of pizza sauce. I didn’t understand why there was so much pizza. Now I know

  16. Γιάννης Πατσής says:

    Even though the movie is trash it had the best dad joke ever
    “Hey will the pizza be long”
    “No… your pizza will be round”

  17. Phoebe Rose says:

    Also two of the “Italians” are actually Greek actors

  18. iPaused says:

    Is Toronto’s Little Italy actually like this? Everything in this movie seems like it was supposed to be set in the US.

  19. Shatzy Shell says:

    “I have the high ground, Nicky”

    Still reeling from that one.

  20. Inriek _ says:

    As an italian, I’m actually surprised that they never eat pasta

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