This New Spy Game is Hilarious

This New Spy Game is Hilarious

Deceive Inc. is a game where I can’t figure out if I’m spelling Deceive correctly.
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43 Responses

  1. Gekko says:

    This game is so chaotic, its amazing

  2. Bale says:

    Smii7y spoke the assassin’s creed voiceline 6:13 then later jumped from like 3 stories to kick someone in the face 25:20. A true ezio

  3. Vortex says:

    SMii7Y went from being a hitman to being a spy

  4. BoxBoyLewis says:

    Eli: *Murderers a guy in cold blood*
    SMii7Y: *proceeds to pull a Ezio*

  5. TheGrimPaipear says:

    The spy has already breached our defences…
    He could be in this very room…
    He could be you, he could be me, he could even be…

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    A chaotic game for a chaotic group…this is peak content XD need more of this 100%

  7. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The Ezio line was exactly what went through my head just before Smii7y said it. That and the stone grinding sound fx when he slid into the key card door made me pause the video to contain my laughter.

  8. Drawn Dreary says:

    First few seconds and it’s already chaos. Incredible

  9. Julian Heng says:

    Didn’t think Smii7y would actually go thru with tutorials, he usually just wings it lol

  10. Mikkel says:

    I want streamer groups to play this against each other
    Like SMii7Y, Grizzy, Blarg and Puffer VS
    H2ODelirious, Cartoonz, Deadsquirrel and (just for the lols) Jihi. VS
    Terroriser, Nogla, Vanoss and Wildcat

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