This Nutcracker Knockoff Is a Nightmare

This Nutcracker Knockoff Is a Nightmare

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48 Responses

  1. @Danny-Gonzalez says:

    Did you drink enough water today? Shoutout to air up for sponsoring this video! Try scent-based taste right now, you can’t miss all these holiday deals:

  2. @yourboySJN says:

    I can’t believe someone would rip off a nutcracker, as we all know Danny Gonzalez is the creator of all nutcrackers.

  3. @katthepickle1587 says:

    As a ballet dancer, I would like to set the record straight on the true story lmao:
    -Normal Nutcrackers have no voice-overs or signing or talking, just dance
    -In most modern renditions the main character is Clara, but in the original that was made in Germany the character was Marie, not Mary
    -The little boy who breaks the Nutcracker is her brother Fritz, who is jealous that their godfather gave the doll to Clara

    -The little boy is his assistant
    -They are mice, not rats
    -He is not in charge of the mice, but he is responsible for shrinking Clara (Marie) (She shrinks that’s why the mice are huge)
    -No freaking idea why his assistant becomes the Nutcracker (only some renditions view Clara’s love interest as the Nutcracker)
    -I am not sure if you cut this part out but the reason the Nutcracker takes Clara is because in most versions she throws her shoe at the Mouse King’s head, helping the Nutcracker defeat him, so it is her reward and she is an honored guest
    -The Sugar Plum Fairy is the queen of the Land of the Sugar Plum Fairy and all the dances performed are to honor Clara for defeating the mouse king, who was the Land of the Sugar Plum Faries enemy
    -It was in fact Dosseylmeyer who sent her there because he is her spooky godfather
    I appreciate your enthusiasm so much and I do love your personal rendition of it though, it made me laugh a lot, so thank you so much!

    Edit: After finishing the video it appears that most of the misinformation came from that freaky movie Danny watched next, so I blame that movie haha

    • @19raven says:

      Thank god, someone else who knows what’s up. I used to dance and I love Danny’s videos but him misunderstanding the plot was killing me inside lmao

    • @sarahgiebink says:

      omg thank u for this, as a fellow (former) ballet dancer i was so bothered for no reason

    • @LysolMyFace says:

      This makes a lot more sense but I still find it a little confusing just in why the plot is done that way, Is the defeat of the mouse really that early? Then the rest is all celebrating and showing off the magical sugar plum fairy world?
      My only knowledge of the Nutcracker is the Barbie one, which I feel like makes a better plot that someone would want to follow because the resolution of defeating the mouse/rat king comes at the end.

    • @samantha7549 says:

      As a fellow ballet dancer, I hate that he chose Balanchine’s version when there are many other better versions, like sir Peter Wright’s

    • @PARTYPONY says:

      I know this because of the Barbie version of the nutcracker, thank you. 🩷🩷🩷

  4. @brooklynnhunter6223 says:

    I grew up on the best version of this movie; Barbie, the Nutcracker. I watch it every year. Last year I went to see the actual ballet for the first time and was so confused that the rats were defeated in like five minutes at the beginning, then it was just a giant dance party for the last hour. I was expecting more plot and action

  5. @seabeebug says:

    I have to say as someone who performed in the nutcracker ballet for years as a child, Danny Gonzales liveblogging it from the perspective of a 20s year old comedian who has absolutely no idea what the plot is about was a level of entertainment I was not expecting to experience

  6. @Yeetings says:

    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen Danny dress up in the most scary nutcracker costume of all time, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.

  7. @magsandcheese9405 says:

    Love the fact that the air up water bottle is shaped like the kind you attach to hamster cages, makes me want to tape one to my wall and return to simpler times

  8. @beek.4860 says:

    This movie has it all. Nathan Lane as Albert Einstein. Child labor. Dancing Nazi rats. Christmas. Thank you, Danny, for once again bringing us the height of cinema.

  9. @taehyungborahae_2767 says:

    I always had a memory since I was like 5 or 6 years old that my siblings were watching some sort of Nutcracker film, and it terrified the absolute SHIT out of me. Literally all I remembered was some rat-man gnawing at the doors of an elevator. AND THEN YOU PLAYED THE CLIP AT 1:29 AND THE TRAUMA FLOODED BACK 😭
    Holy shit I cannot believe it was this movie, I’m literally just finding this out like 11 years later 💀This movie fucking deserved that 0% rating, it literally scarred me 😂

  10. @sophwhossoph says:

    the fact that dannny doesn’t understand that the nutcracker is literally a ballet and the plot shouldn’t be the main point is cracking me up. like I know there is a plot but no one goes to see the NUTCRACKER for it’s plot. you’re going for the ballet and the beauty of it.

    • @tiredmochi4326 says:

      Its funny how a barbie movie somehow managed to not only have nice dancing and a better plot compared to whatever the heck this is though.

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