this PISSES ME OFF more than anything

this PISSES ME OFF more than anything

OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);

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  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    HEY YOUTUBE – HOWBOW DOING SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THESE FCUKING SCAMMERS IN THE COMMENTS. seriously. first 20 comments were spam. i mean i know youtube has a lot on their plate right now ( #Adpocalypse ) but this seems like a low hanging fruit of a problem that they should fix. thank you and sorry for the outburst. carry on

  2. Pickle Boy1134 says:

    This video is amazing it has such a good theme, Casey, you have earned yourself another sub. It’s amazing seeing huge youtubers encourage small ones. And yes you have inspired me. Thanks man❤️ I’m willing to help out any small YouTuber with a sub just comment down here

  3. Yahav Tzur says:

    was waiting for him to shoutout this kids youtube channel

  4. Diane Smith says:

    Casey, please wear a helmet if you’re going to stay alive long enough to give kids advice!

  5. Rick Canty says:

    Casey Neistat: *Wears tie and backwards hat

  6. Motorcycles Tobacco and Alcohol says:

    That helmet thing really lasted long haha

  7. Elena Milo says:

    The same thing happened to me. I used to run a channel, but the bullying at school got really really bad once I started high school. The harassment online and in person became so bad, police came into subject. I run this channel now with a couple random videos in secret, but I’m scared to start vlogging again and making videos I like, where I talk and share stuff I love. I’m just terrified the harassment will get really bad again, and I don’t know how to deal with that. I don’t know how to persevere when I feel unsafe every day at school…
    For now, I’ll just watch your videos. You constantly inspire me, thank you for all the amazing content you’ve made Casey.

  8. Sarah Gardner says:

    Remember when Casey did his whole spiel about wearing a helmet to set a good example for kids? That was nice.

  9. MysteriousMarcos says:

    I don’t get why people make fun of other people

  10. Welshy says:

    Me and Karlie should date, im 6’7” Someone set us up on a date!

  11. Luke Covington says:

    You know shits about to get real when Casey busts out the colorful paper and jumbo sharpies.

  12. Nikolai Novikov says:

    I have gotten teased for years. Friends and family alike. There are some people who say they believe in me, but they subscribed out of pity I found out later on. I will never give up, but it’s a hard knock life man.

  13. Cykah says:

    Great, now everyone thinks this is a time to promote their own channel

  14. Pecco says:

    I’m 12, I make YouTube videos. Kids at school Make fun of me for doing it. Most of them are wannabe Jealous kids. I don’t Mind it and don’t make it a big deal for me. I think what I’m doing is great

  15. Greg Jackson says:

    I teach martial arts, and one of my more dedicated young students was doing his push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups at recess. He was teased by kids that he could, and would have easily beat in a physical confrontation if he wasn’t the disciplined young man he is. When the teasing failed to break his spirit, they told a teacher on him. He was accused of being a “show off” by this woman, and was forced to stop his extra, voluntary workouts. Rather than sacrifice his love of Jiu Jitsu, he now stays inside during recess and completes his work outs alone. Thanks Casey for pointing out the envy that unfortunately discourages some young people. Envy disguised as disdain. I’ll make sure that he sees this video if he hasn’t already. Cheers, Casey

  16. Kevin Machi says:

    8:33 Akward…

  17. mr._mowgli says:

    Thumbs up if you think Casey should give the 12 year old a shout out. That’ll shut up the kids at school.

  18. NoobyDo says:

    I’ll keep doing YouTube. No matter what anybody says.. One day I’ll show them that I can!!

  19. skiifox says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then

    you win.

    Mahatma Gandhi

  20. PianoNest says:

    Let me share you my story, hopefully someone is inspired after reading this. I started this channel less than 3 years ago. The first year, I told no one, NO ONE, about it, while consistently uploading contents. Last year when my family & friends know about my channel, it’s already at 90k subscribers. So there’s one way to avoid getting teased. TELL NO ONE about your channel while you consistently uploading contents, and one day they will find out about your channel by them self, meaning you are quite famous already. Remember a quote by Frank Ocean: “Work Hard in Silence Let Your Success be Your Noise”

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