This Ruined My Life

This Ruined My Life


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Produced by Spencer Bernard
Cinematography by ChrisBstation  @ChrisBstation  

Ryland  @Rylandvlogs @RylandAdams
Rylands Podcast  @thesipwithrylandadamsandli5476
Morgan @morgansvlogs @MorganAdams1

In this special birthday video I paid bakers $1000 each to bake my face! I also give updates on life and spend some very interesting quality time with my family. Enjoy!!

Rosanna Pansino – I PAID Bakeries $800 EACH to BAKE MY FACE!

Trixie Mattel – I ordered life-size Trixie cakes from 3 LA bakeries | Blind Reaction

Music by Free Arlo – 2 far gone –
Music by LYRE – WANNABES –
Music by Lillian Hepler – Baddie –
Music by LYRE – CRY WOLF –
Music by Jennifer Zhang – Love You Like Me –
Music by Elli Moore – Romeo –

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32 Responses

  1. shane says:

    *1st Cake* 13:14
    *2nd Cake* 20:36
    *3rd Cake* 30:18
    *The Finale Cakes* 39:55
    Hope you enjoy my birthday party!! I’ve missed making videos like this so much! We all had so much fun! Hopefully you enjoy it!! 🙂 Also, *WHICH CAKE WAS YOUR FAVORITE??*

  2. Amanda Tomkins says:

    Shane and Ryland were being VERY generous cause those cakes are terribly awful lmaoooo

    • FourEyedCai says:

      he’s just not trying to get canceled again

    • Nessa says:

      @FourEyedCaihe’s just being nice you can tell he doesn’t love them and he understands that making a cake is hard let alone making a cake that looks like a person as he and ryland said jn the video

    • Amanda Tomkins says:

      no I totally agree it is very hard but fucking like omg they could’ve been WAY better for $500+ like come on lmaoo

    • TØM says:

      ​@Amanda TomkinsThere’s no way a bake is gonna be able to make a cake that’s EXACTLY like the person 🤣 those cakes were close but they weren’t great per say. The prices were a lot tho…

    • Flamion says:

      The Morgan cake 😰

  3. Melissa Holman says:

    I’m so glad to hear that y’all won’t be really showing your kids on the internet. It can be such a toxic place, as we all know. Definitely no place for kids. People are evil and mean, and kids deserve their privacy. Could you imagine growing up with a camera in your face and your life being shown to the whole world? I would have been mortified!

    • Shania 🩷 says:

      i completely agree! so many social media influencers/youtubers don’t even give their children the option as the minute they have kids, there’s already birth pictures uploaded & it goes from there. kind of makes me sad because i’m sure so many of these kids grow up & wish things were different for them, you know?

    • Michaela Hixenbaugh says:

      I hope they follow through with that. A lot of youtubers say they won’t and then completely turn their channel into kid content because it makes a lot of money and it’s easy. I will respect them a lot if they don’t. I think its fine to show the babies and introduce them, just don’t shove a camera in their face constantly for content.

    • DrPepper 333 says:

      This is very common in the philippines. That is why I hate most of family vlogs in the ph.

  4. Coco Ono says:

    This has convinced me that I will NEVER ask anyone to recreate my face for a cake.

  5. Heather says:

    I’m more disturbed that the $1000 cakes were just styrofoam heads! What a rip off! They should be made of all cake 😂

  6. Olivia Houston says:

    The fact that you can tell how happy he is through his videos. You truly deserve the world Shane. I was dying laughing watching this video 😂😂 and HBD!! 🎉

  7. Shelley Aundrews says:

    Awww when Vicki said to grandma “look what you did to Shane” the way she said “I didn’t want too….. they made me do it” was so sweet! 😊 bless her xxx

  8. Lauren O says:

    Imagine if a baker did the absolute least and made a sheet cake with your photo printed on it like they do at the grocery store

  9. Gmags212 says:

    I know we already saw Morgan’s new haircut in her last video but everyone looks SO amazing! Ryland’s overall gorg!! Shane has a new glow to him and Chris is now smiling and being himself. Not to mention the adam’s whole beautiful family! So happy for everyone!!! And happy birthday shane! ❤️

  10. Tangerina says:

    At least the first two were pretty big cakes, like fully edible. The last Shane and Ryland cakes had nice artistry but I’d be very dissappointed to have half the cake be styrofoam on top of a basic sheet cake lmao.

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