THIS SERIES IS OVER 🗣️ Stephen A. on the Lakers after Ja Morant’s injury in Game 1 | First Take

THIS SERIES IS OVER 🗣️ Stephen A. on the Lakers after Ja Morant’s injury in Game 1 | First Take

THIS SERIES IS OVER 🗣️ Stephen A. on the Lakers after Ja Morant’s injury in Game 1 | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins react to the Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 1 win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

0:00 Impact of Ja Morant’s injury
4:17 Kendrick Perkins’ thoughts on Game 1
8:24 Stephen A. holds the Grizzlies accountable

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48 Responses

  1. Wizzle James says:

    That chasedown block at 38 years was mind blowing 🤯🤯 the media funny switching up now for Lakers

    • World Wind says:

      @Jordan Goat I’m a celtics🍀 just appreciate greatness that’s all I never said he’s the goat

    • Jordan Goat says:

      bro your so call goat is not the goat to most people. The lakers beat memphis a team that’s really a 6th seed not a 2 seed. Wait till they play a real team like nuggets, Denver, and they clippers who have beat them 11 straight times.

    • Arch Footballman says:

      @Charles T. Facts most can’t run that fast especially at 38 and most would not waste their energy LeBron is not like most not only block it look how he is elevated then turns around many times and score from the block shoot sounds like hating to me cause many times those block shots would have been 2 points minus his hustle play.

    • Wizzle James says:

      @Moe Fit I don’t care I’m a celtics

    • Wizzle James says:

      @Jonathan lol🤣🤣

  2. Clutch Space says:

    I’m remember when Ja was a rookie and Russ was his comp and when they played each other the one piece of advice Russ gave him was to “stop trying to dunk on everybody” and now I see why

  3. Carlos Solomon says:

    The bottom 4 teams in the west looks more dangerous than the top 3
    This might be the best first round playoff ever

    • Oma Idolor says:

      @Jameel Shabazz They can’t beat the LAKERS but they definitely came back 3-1 against Clippers

    • Brandon Massey says:

      @Jameel Shabazz Chill out, bro. The Nuggets could very well beat all of those teams, you’re not a fortune teller. Sit down.

    • Jameel Shabazz says:

      @Gnome Chomsky keep it a buck, the Nuggets aren’t beating the Clippers, Lakers, Warriors, or Suns in a 7 game series off any of them are fully healthy

    • Gnome Chomsky says:

      The disrespect of the Nuggets is insane

    • shepardice says:

      ​@Jameel Shabazz To be fair to Sacramento, they beat the Warriors with some of their best scorers and shooters except Fox having bad games. Based off of game 1 I think it should be a close series. Depends on whose adjustments work better.

  4. lakersfan 24 says:

    I hope the Lakers don’t let up. They always do.

    • doc 2 says:

      that is why they need to make AR the #1 option. Lebron makes a lot of bad decisions. Same with DLo. AR creates better than all of them and i trust his jumper way more than most of them too. Lebron’s jumper has been bad.

    • kenneth stanley says:

      That’s the concerned I have for Lakers. They do let up at times and winning the first game doesn’t mean the series is over. The Lakers can win it all if they can stay focus and they can get contributions from the likes of Rui ,Reaves and everybody else.

    • LeUltra6FinalLosses says:

      @Phatch thanks to free throws

    • Phatch says:

      @Zach Albence Adams was out last year your point?

    • Zach Albence says:

      @Phatch Adam’s and Clarke both out

  5. Jackie Tran says:

    Blame it on injuries, etc but those role players did their thing!! Respect to Rui and Reaves💯

    • Sonteral Martin says:

      They can help to give LBJ all the glory when they win and it’s everyone else but LBJ after every loss. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Malcolm Rayborn says:

      @Rocket League Highlights Reel wipe your mouth when your done

    • Bruce Scott says:

      Jackie Tran …Do you think the Lakers will succeed, if the shoe was on the other foot? Four Grizzlies are out. Three of the latter out, indefinitely!!!

  6. Jessy-Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    This man lebron hit us with another “I knew he was gonna be a stud from the first time he saw him practice” this man is always capping

  7. Savon Wells says:

    this one of the best takes Kendrick and Stephen A ever did together every point was on the money and valid

  8. TBlack Music says:

    It’s good win, but they can’t take their foot off the gas yet… Jackson plays a little better without Ja cuz of all the touches and their backup PG is solid. Steal another one on their court and then you might be able to steal their spirit…

    • Sean Lin says:

      My concern as of now with this Lakers Grizzles series is as follows:

      Picture the two teams as if they’re race cars,

      With the Grizzles, even though they have a few main guys out (Steven Adams, Brandon Clark and now Ja Morant) I still think the rest of the guys can give the lakers some problems.

      Lakers on the other hand, when everyone’s healthy and balling, that car be zooming. However, they cannot afford to lose ANYONE to injuries. Because if say AD gets Injured and isn’t able to come back for a long while, then the Lakers are SCREWED, probably more so than Memphis.

      But nonetheless, strong start for the Lakers. Keep that foot on the gas.

      PS: Lakers are my dark horse team.

    • ronsej8 says:

      molly really said austin rivers 😂

    • Oma Idolor says:

      The more rest Bron and AD get the better

    • king says:

      Boy its over wit , dillon brooks finna take more shots and miss everything 😂😂 bron finna kill yall

    • AyoDione Gaming says:

      Factz this grizzlies team is really good even without ja. Tyus jones is no scrub, he and the grizzlies held it down when ja went out this season don’t sleep.


    The fact that perk even mentioned Dillion Brooks with Mitchell and Brunson is crazy…😂

    • Kimani Ajamu says:

      And even Jordan Poole. Like there’s something wrong with this man.

    • Slayy says:

      @N8 C they basically putting him there cause he was running his mouth

    • Jairus Dennis says:

      Completely lost me 😂

    • Chymeisnow says:

      @Unholy ShamanI think he was trying to say he doesn’t know if brooks is on the level of a Brunson last year. He said Dillon brooks isn’t on the same level as Donovan Mitchell/devin booker. Either way idk why he’s even on TV mentioning Dillon brooks in the same sentence as devin booker or Donovan Mitchell

    • Unholy Shaman says:

      Yeah either hes saying Brooks isn’t on those guys level or he was talking about Bane

  10. Jujuan says:

    In the words of Ja “ if you switched up stay on that side “ ✍🏾

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