This Speedrunner was convinced he could beat me in a race

This Speedrunner was convinced he could beat me in a race

THANKS @Linkus7 for the Breath of the Wild Lockout Race 🙂

You should watch me live on Twitch:


Edited by: Devine_CMD

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44 Responses

  1. Linkus7 says:

    This was such an intense and fun race, I hope you all will enjoy! If you guys are interested in more Speedrunning content you can check out my channel as well! ^^

  2. Mr. Stuff Doer says:

    As someone who’s 100% this game twice, the idea that someone could memorize Korok locations terrifies me.

    • Dassherr says:

      Yeah it took me so fricken long to get all the koroks to 100% and I still don’t rlly know any of the locations lol

    • David Foley says:

      I mean this is the same speedrunner that was the first to do the super swim in wind waker when people thought it was humanly impossible so I believe it!

    • Xal says:

      @Chip_7372 He just only played Wand of Gamelon, a zelda game through and through

    • Sealess Sea Dog says:

      bro he’s got the wikipedia in his brain

    • Leonel says:

      He knows the Koroks, shrines, equipment, order of shit to get puzzles and how to get to all those locations in record time (literally)

  3. Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s says:

    “This speed runner was convinced he could beat me in a real life bingo match.”
    “Alright guys let’s get started I think I’m gonna go for the bottom horizontal row we just have to kill 1 person and commit arson.”

  4. mercury a2000 says:

    Smallant is just so good at the specific skills needed to do lockouts and map randomizers. Even if he’s not as good at the game itself (as seen by the korok race.) He just routes so much better that it doesn’t matter.

    • 90Legos says:

      He knows enough about the games too to win without doing many tricks

    • Fingr'z B'Grubbin' says:

      @Ent yes, his ability to think on the spot and make a plan as he goes. That’s his advantage over his opponents.

    • mercury a2000 says:

      @ChuckNormis218 That’s routing. They try and get a headstart on that stuff for late game, but it puts them behind on the board and gives him time to focus on only a couple hard tasks.

    • CrampedTurtle says:

      @ChuckNormis218 I think that just has to do with the fact that smant does a lot more lockout bingos so he’s able to quickly route things better

    • Ent says:

      he just has giga brain

  5. Kale1300 says:

    We all know what happens when someone says they could beat smallant in a race.
    We actually get to find out, and it’s very entertaining

    • TCG657 says:

      @J Blazer LMAOO

    • Kale1300 says:

      @Beach Baki now that’s a video I want to see

    • J Blazer says:

      @Beach Baki  “Ok ok, so you need legs to run, right? That’s easy. We’re gonna sneak into his house tonight and take those. What else? ‘Get nine hours of rest.’ Ok, I’m gonna lay five mattress on top of one another, we’re gonna get that done in about 40 minutes.”

    • Beach Baki says:

      “This “Ukraine bolt” guy challenged me to a real life race”

  6. traingirl323 says:

    I love that Tanner always edits the other person’s perspective in. It really adds so much to these type of videos.

    Edit: Guys, I know he didn’t edit this video personally. Please stop trying to “gotcha” me in the replies with “oh but tanner didn’t edit this!”. I’m referring to this channel as a whole, regardless of editor. The other perspective is always added in.

    • mehh says:

      He didnt edit this

    • Xal says:

      @Ben Bevan Just because you won’t doesn’t mean others won’t, editing in the other person during these challenges, not only shows their humor and personality, but how they play the game differently and their mindset during races, which entices people to check the other persons channel out, and potentially watch this run to see the different tricks they used and to also look at the rest of their content. Like how Linkus7 and Gymnast86 had a WW rando race, they put eachothers pov in just like this and now I watch both of them

    • traingirl323 says:

      @Ben Bevan I mean, I very much doubt that he would add it in without the other creator’s permission…

    • Ben Bevan says:

      Having both perspectives means I’ll never want to watch the other content creators video, so it’s almost like stealing views for engagement. IDK…

    • DarkGrundi says:

      @traingirl323 he actually edits a lot himself, kinda surprising this was edited by somebody else.

  7. Axe Warlord says:

    I still find it so incredible that people are able to put the effort into speedrunning 100% of a game

    • Axeeco says:

      Who wouldve guessed that in our current era one could become a professional procrastinator and make a career from it by streaming

  8. CloudPerson says:

    Man, smallant can lockout any game. I’m just waiting until he lockouts the original Zelda game

  9. AussieDragoon says:

    Ant’s goal is to go through the speedrunner community and systematically destroy their confidence through Bingo.

  10. NestOfThought says:

    I’m convinced that smallant has an insanely good sense of direction and routing. Like his strategy and internal GPS when it comes to lockout bingo is just insane

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