This Sphere is in Vanilla Minecraft

This Sphere is in Vanilla Minecraft

Spheres in Minecraft: Possible or not? In this video, I push vanilla minecraft to it’s limits to see if i can make a real sphere in Minecraft with no mods !!

Check out “This Circle is in Vanilla Minecraft” here:
A lot of you guys like Dream SMP and Hermitcraft, so check out this video about both by my friend ani!

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Video: Mysticat / MysticatLive
Resource Pack: Vanilla Tweaks
Shaders: Sildur’s Enhanced Default

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43 Responses

  1. Mysticat says:

    Why not Subscribe and learn how you’re using chests wrong? 😀

  2. ShortHax says:

    You can practically hear Mysticat’s computer groan in agony

  3. Extreme Emerald Gacha says:

    Mojang: there are no circles in Minecraft. Stop breaking the law

    Mysticat: It’s even funnier the second time

  4. Creide says:

    I love seeing the step by step and having commentary to match your thought process, it makes it seem so much more casual and kind of funny too

    I also like that you walk through each command to help us understand what’s going on rather than just saying “use this command” so that we can actually learn how these inputs work

  5. Zyphon says:

    7:42 It’s the Magic Schoolbus!

  6. Jemzo Maclain says:

    “minecraft is a game with no rules to break”

    Mysticat: “challenge accepted”

  7. TheTerrain says:

    Minecraft’s most wanted criminal is back at it again!

  8. Dam says:

    This man actually outdid himself 😳 he’s unstoppable

  9. Ayundaru says:

    Teacher: coding can’t hurt you

  10. JediPlays0309 says:

    Woaaah! congrats on trending! I Love how calm these videos are it’s really soothing and interesting!

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